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Comment 19 Nov 2019

I maintain that if urban called that time out in '16 instead of rushing the fg that got blocked, PSU would have lost that game and probably finished the season with a few more losses. Their recruiting would've dipped and Franklin would have had a shorter leash. Today, Franklin would not be the PSU coach. They should just be happy it happened as it made their program's resurgence.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

I read this quote and it just felt classless to me. Nothing against the op, i'm sure the intent was to start a discussion but it came off more churlish.

"Did that nickname come about when they did such an amazing job of opening up rushing lanes for Melvin Gordon in the 2014 B1G title game? Or was that in 2017 when they allowed Jonathan Taylor to gallop for a monstrous 41 yards?" 

They are well known for being O-Line U. They do a phenomenal job of developing O-Linemen and put many into the NFL. We also know most of the WISC oline was injured in 2014. Go read the article from ESPN about the CCG, its quite interesting. 

(Now I beat a dead horse) Any team has its ups and downs and any unit in any game may not perform for a variety of reasons but it shouldn't take away from the whole.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

Day can recruit. He's been great around the media. He had a couple of great coaching hires. He's had a great track record of QB development. I just hope the dude can win when it counts. I'm not quite sold yet, there was something about Meyer that you knew those guys would get up to play those big games and I never once felt like an underdogs because of it. Should be a fun season

Comment 14 Sep 2018

You are silly. Are we just comparing running backs or should we go thru every position. This should be fun.

Comment 13 Sep 2018

I grew up in Flint. Jokes can be funny and all - no down votes or anything but consider that it had its two weeks of spotlight in the national media and then all the coverage and aid just disappeared. Its still going on and won't be 'fixed' until 2020. Lot of people, lot of kids were affected and a few died due to legionnaires linked to the water. I could understand some sensitivity to the subject. Just remember, even though it's a state we like to hate due to a football rivalry the people above and below the ohio/michigan border are the same. If it happened in say Columbus I am sure it would hit closer to home.

I digress, back to Football and making a statement Saturday!