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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Winning my first wrestling match at age of 10.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns and Bengals
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • SOCCER TEAM: Ohio State

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Comment 11 Feb 2019

Exactly, by the definition, they were the tOSU grads and are therefore traitors.   Mattison and Washington aren’t the grads of TSUN.  So, it’s a meh for them to come in.  We’ll see how the professional Mattison really is this fall.  

Comment 12 Jan 2019

Kaleb Romero belongs to 174 more.  165 is costing him the strength and stamina.  I can see the difference with him in these weights.  He may have to move up and fight with Ethan Smith and Te'Shan Campbell or stay put and try his luck next year at 174 with Rocky Jordan, Ethan Smith, and possible incoming freshman Carson Kharchla.  Tough situation for Kaleb now.  Or Kaleb has to take up heavy cardio work to improve stamina while keeping the weight to 165.

Comment 09 Aug 2018

Ahh.  It all started with adultery.  Dumb move by Zach.  Never cheat on your spouse because it always ends badly.   Zach should have known better.  It cost his marriage and a job.  NEVER CHEAT - just go for separation, annulment, or divorce. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Now, if it can be proven that it was all Courtney then it is done and Urban should be reinstated.  Leave Courtney alone.  She has enough on her plate.  

Comment 28 Jun 2018

We wouldn’t made to NC anyway despite that Hamby drop because we lost to Penn State at the same season. 

I would have handed him a beer and said so “you dropped the ball, we still have 2002 and 2015 NC anyway.”

Comment 25 Jun 2018

From Google search,  Alexsa Dietrich is a Buckeye transfer from U. of Alabama.  She was on the Alabama spirit squad as a freshman.  Her mother, Sandi, is the Ohio State alumni and is originally from Columbus as well.  Her brother is on USF baseball team that reached 2018 NCAA tournament.

She is on 8th chemotherapy so far and will have four more to go.  Tough road.  Hopefully, she gets out without any relapse for rest of her life.

Comment 05 Jun 2018

I guess he tried to beat the Coach Tressel’s wisdom words “Nothing comes good after 10 pm”

Anyway, from what I see from this video, it seem that he is too wasted to realize that the policeman’s arm is still inside when he tried to close the door.  

I laugh at the image of his large body stumbling around terrifying the people.  I have seen that far too many times.  Often, we had to drag out the large bodies out. It was a sweaty work for sure. 

Comment 27 Aug 2017

Kyle Snyder is first wrestler in history to win 3 world championships while in college.  

Kyle Snyder is the youngest American to win the world championship at age of 19.

Kyle Snyder is the youngest American to win Olympic gold at age of 20.

Kyle Snyder may be the first wrestler and possibly the only one in the history of centuries to win 4 world championships during the college.  He has to win one more next year.

Congratulations to Kyle for his incredible win against the Russian Tank who lost only one in his senior international career (to Kyle!).