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Comment 18 Apr 2019

35 years gets you 3 sentences from Uncle Gene? I guess one sentence per national championship is the going rate for non-revenue sports these days. Pete is a great coach and a better person. All the best to him 

“Pete Hanson’s Buckeye career embodied our mantra of ‘The People. The Tradition. The Excellence.’ He’s found success on the court and molded young men off of it, preparing them for life after college," Gene Smith said in a statement. "Pete leaves a lasting legacy at The Ohio State University.”

Comment 27 Mar 2019

To be fair, he was a JUCO only because the coach at the school where he signed in high school (Paul Hewitt at George Mason) got fired. He went JUCO as an academic qualifier so he could play a year there and then go D1 without having to sit for a year. He wasn't JUCO because of grades or talent. He just made a choice that not every kids makes. Good for him, I say. Good luck going forward, C.J.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

I promise you that the money top kids like Joey Bosa and Cardale jones bring in far exceeds the value of anything provided in return. I'm assuming that this new initiative will be for all 30+ sports. It's a great benefit for the rowing team and the men's golf team. For football and men's basketball? There isn't enough you can give those kids for all that they bring in to the rest of the department and the university. 

Comment 27 Mar 2019

I cringed when Ty Tucker was honored with the new tennis facility. Does he deserve it? Heck yes. Probably deserves more than that. Let the guy retire, though. You can name it Buckeye Tennis Center now and rename it once Tucker hangs it up.

As for Uncle Gene, this great naming opportunity comes a mere 192 days after his suspension for unsavory behavior ended. For all the things Ohio State does well, avoiding being tone deaf just isn't on the list. 

Comment 08 Mar 2019

There would be a police record on weed had he been arrested for possession. There wouldn't be a police record if he merely failed a drug test. 

Remember that he was suspended for a game last year and Holtmann specifically called it a "time-management" issue. When you have 3 players (Marc Loving, Kam Williams and Kaleb Wesson) suspended in 3 separate seasons for an indefinite time that turns out to be 3 games, and it all happens around this part of the season, and there's no explanation other than a violation of unspecified team rules, that leads to failed drug testing. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

I could not agree with this more. They know what's happening and they have recent precedent for it. Marc Loving and Kam Williams were suspended around the same time of the season for undisclosed reasons and missed 3 games. 

Marc Loving (2/4/2015: Missed Purdue, Rutgers and Penn State) - Sophomore forward Marc Loving did not travel with the Ohio State men's basketball team to Purdue. Loving has temporarily lost the privilege to wear the scarlet and gray," a statement read

Kam Williams (2/4/2018: Missed Illinois, Purdue and Iowa) - Hours before the Ohio State Buckeyes were set to take on the Illinois FIghting Illini on the hardwood, an announcement came out that redshirt senior guard Kam Williams was suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules.

Kaleb Wesson (3/1/2019: Missed Purdue. Will miss Northwester and ???) - Ohio State announced on Friday that sophomore center Kaleb Wesson has been suspended for a violation of Ohio State Athletics Department policy. Ohio State did not announce how long Wesson will be suspended but did say the center will return this season.

Comment 14 Feb 2019

I wonder about Gene's motives here. The following is such an odd thing for him to say because Georgia's director of football compliance (Matt Hibbs) was Ohio State's football compliance person before Justin Kume. If anyone knew Georgia's current guy, it would have been Gene, the other folks in Compliance, and the football administrators. 

"It helped, Smith said, that Justin Kume – Ohio State’s associate athletic director for football compliance – already knew Georgia’s director of football compliance."



Comment 07 Feb 2019

They needed someone in sports information to sit down with this kid. The more he talks about the transfer as a way to further his athletic development, the worse his case looks in terms of leaving Georgia over racial harassment. Although I think the NCAA will decide in his favor to avoid the PR issues, he was harassed after during the 5th game. He continued to play through the SEC championship game so it's not like he was so damaged that he had to drop out of school on the spot. 

Comment 28 Jan 2019

There's really not much to it. He's not in great shape, gets tired when he's on defense and stands up. They teach that in 6th grade. Stand up/stop moving feet and you'll reach, lean and grab. When they have their 8-hour segment in the summer, this kid needs to skip skill instruction and spend all of it with the strength-and-conditioning staff. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I get that he wants to eventually play so this decision isn't all that crazy. Running his mouth the way he did is not a good look for him but that won't matter once he's gone. Finally, I guess this means Ohio State is feeling comfortable about the chances for the NCAA waiver to be approved to allow Fields to play right away.