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Comment 6 hours ago

I'd wonder what the coach is selling during the recruiting process vs. how things are once the kids actually get to campus. it's one thing for scrubs to transfer to lesser schools, but kids who play and contribute significantly to the program? Yeah, the coaches need to do a better job of retaining them. 

Comment 01 Apr 2020

I'm a bit concerned about a regular season of football with OSU's decision to stay online through the end of summer school. If they aren't having Physics 101 on campus because it's too risky, I don't see how they can let student-athletes come for summer conditioning. I'm assuming that camps are canceled, too. I think this will all come down with when presidents/chancellors feel comfortable from a liability perspective with letting people back on campus. 

Comment 14 Nov 2019

This was a pretty simple case. Did the lender meet the NCAA's definition of having a preexisting relationship with Chase? Probably not. That's a problem. How much was the loan? Figure that out and apply the penalty schedule. I'm guessing a good bit of OSU's time investigating this was making sure that they were comfortable that this was the only time Chase has engaged in this sort of behavior. 

The school filed on Tuesday and had a staff decision on Wednesday. They didn't even take this to the committee since they had enough precedent to make the call themselves. A real snoozer by NCAA standards.

Lots of clicks. Not a lot of real angst when you consider what really happened. 

Comment 05 Sep 2019

A great name from the past but would be better in development talking about the good old days on the banquet circuit. They need someone with a HR/headhunting background in this position if the true intent is to hustle up internships and job opportunities for the kids. He doesn't have any of that from playing in Cyprus and Switzerland. 

Comment 07 Aug 2019

When you're from Bell Buckle, Tennessee, it makes more state to be a hometown hero than head off to a different place. 3 hours to Knoxville vs nearly 7 to Columbus, get to play for Rick Barnes and be part of a great recruiting class? Can't blame the kid. Off to the next prospect for the Buckeyes! We'll find a good one. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

It was a surprise. They also took an asst. coach from the women's team at Notre Dame. She has no experience on the men's side of the game and now she's a full-time assistant in the NBA. Nice work if you can get it. I'm sure she and Scoonie will have limited roles based on the rest of the staff's experience. A learning opportunity for both.

Comment 25 Jul 2019

Lots of schools do the same thing. A Google search will reveal that Tennessee, Oregon and even Alabama/Clemson (gasp!) release lists of their self-reported violations. They are all inane and fan bases across the country can talk about how stupid the NCAA is.

So why do it, right? First, it's a fool's errand to think that any school reports all of its violations. They work through them up one side and down the other before they hit send on the NCAA portal to turn that stuff in. During that process, they can work their way out of reporting something because they found an interpretation that kinda, sorta makes sense, called a buddy at a different school or conference office and got some guidance, or simply say, "Yeah, we're not gonna report this one. Too risky." By turning in the stupid stuff, they build a record of being vigilant in case something happens down the road. 

Why is that important? In case the NCAA ever comes loaded for bear, the school can plug in the number of secondary violations it has reported over time to show that it monitors its operations. There's a place for aggravating and mitigating circumstances when the penalties are issued. One of the mitigating factors that you'll see in pretty much every public infractions report is, "An established history of self-reporting Level III or secondary violations."

It's a pain for the coaches, kids and staff to go through this. It gives reporters something to do during slow times and we get to go off on the NCAA because Little Johnny can't have an extra doughnut at a recruiting meal.