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Comment 28 Feb 2012

Right now, this team lacks heart and determination.  That goes along with a lack of coaching.  Don't get me wrong, Matta and his staff trys to do a good job.  However, A) If at this point of the season you have no bench, and have no confidense in your bench, that's on coachs for not using practice time to get the rest of the players ready, and B) If they are not ready, then they aren't as good as advertised, and again that's on the coaches for not making the right decisions on players.  This team is tired, and it shows by their laziness at the end of games.  Other teams look fresher from the 5 minute to go mark on, while we are sucking wind.  If no one steps up to the plate, holds his teamates accountable from here on out, and puts them on his shoulders for what could be a long ride, then this team won't make it out of the 2nd round of the tournament.  They have to remember, when they are pointing the finger at the others, there are at least 3 fingers pointing back.  Look yourselves in the mirror, leave the egos back at the dorm, play for and with each other, and this team can still reach its dreams.  That goes for each player and coach.  No one is unaccountable.