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Comment 01 Jan 2020
I sure wish they faced adversity like any other team and I don't mean in the playoffs. If everyone played high school teams and showed up healthy and ready to go if would be more balanced. Thing is watching so many unforced errors give a win to that team who clearly showed they were getting the snot kicked out of them...and zero red zone performance of course...depressing.
Comment 31 Dec 2019
It's okay Ryan Day is the professional. Good thing because I would have called him incompetent to his face and ask that this Ref team recuse themselves for 6 games next season, not that I care about the SEC but still...these guys called the iron bowl right? Like most things you follow the money long enough you find a problem. This doesn't even discuss the rest of the looney calls in this game nor Dabo's heart of a champion I knew we were going to win blathering speech at the end....right you just knew you were going to win as the country watched you get mauled in the first half...
Comment 30 Dec 2019
All that said I'll say the only team able to beat OSU this season was OSU. We haven't even got to Dobbins play where they whistle the play dead as he was halfway to the endzone with steam and nobody to stop him or breaking the plane of the endzone with the ball for no touchdown. For whatever reason we could not get in the endzone or this would have been a beatdown. Both the film and stats show total dominance over the Tigers. The second half starts the repercussions of bad referee injects but still...
Comment 29 Dec 2019
Everything but red zone efficiency rocked. The scoop 6 was outright theft no doubt and the targeting was a freaking travesty. In a nutshell the better team did not win as Clemson was pretty much manhandled. That said we kind of shot ourselves in the foot...our confidence in our team and coaches is strong and Olave was trying to make a play nobody should ever fault that. I think it was the only time this year we saw that. God bless Buckeyes and Nation!
Comment 26 Dec 2019
This kind of game comes down to turnovers, who can force them and who can capitalize. We have to execute flawlessly especially defensively. I believe the schedule we have had helps us be better prepared and obviously watching this defense force turnovers has been awesome. I just don't think playing mediocre ACC teams regardless of being able to force turnovers isn't the same. We know they can execute can they take a face punch and still perform? I dont6 think the Alabama team of last year nor ND is comparable to what they will face on Saturday.
Comment 10 Dec 2019

It is, you could make the argument that JF showed up with awesome skills but he is still working on those things.  CY will probably tell you that he had all the ingredients and the DC and coaches, read the article about LJs up and coming, DEVELOPED him into the slayer that he is complete with film study skills as well.  I can't help think anyone in these skill positions look at the culture (Day) and skill of the conditioning and line coaches.  The NFL factory that tOSU is and the consistent conference title and NATTY contender that we basically are and have to be seriously looking at this school...

Comment 10 Dec 2019

Transfer 1/2 to 3/4 of MT's yards and all his TDs TO #2 and it is JK ALL DAY!!!!

..no disrespect to MT but he will have his day no doubt if what he has done this year is any indicator..the next great RB of tOSU but Dobbins is a freaking alien monster...run all the way to the bank brother!!!  I'll enjoy watching you on Sundays!!!!

Comment 10 Dec 2019

28 straight wins and a national title...I think they can manage to play like they have been.  What they need is a punch in the mouth and foot on the neck and then just keep the pressure on.  Bucks need to be the bear in the Revenant movie "paw on head" and press down!  When they are losing they may not comeback since Yoda wil just anaconda the clock, keep it out of the offenses hands O-H!

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Worry about what we can change not what we can't...we can change the score against Clemson on the 28th until the 0:0 point let's go Bucks!!!