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Comment 14 Aug 2017
Not a fan of these. If I bought them they would serve me no purpose because I wouldn't run or workout in them. I'm not a huge fan of all the white up top. The bottoms are better than the brown on the last ones though. I'll keep the money and get my discounted shoes for distance running and Spartan races.
Comment 13 Jun 2017
Green lake is a good place to get some outdoors in. Lots of fit people there and not bad to look at. You can run, kayak, play sand volleyball. All kinds of outdoors. There are some good restaurants close by as well.
Comment 10 Jan 2017
I'm on your side. He was no where near the defender guarding Renfro. You can't just grab the offensive guy and pull him to the ground and then ask for offensive pi.
Comment 30 Dec 2016
This team looks like shit. The same thing I said after watching them and Washington play. Both teams looked like jv teams and tonight is proving that.
Comment 23 Oct 2016
I was holding my 1.5 year old son. I was quite calm considering I was able to call every play we ran from my couch. It got comical watching the plays being called. I didn't throw my son or do anything over the top. Just went to bed.
Comment 14 Oct 2016
As I stated above it's up to his healing ability. I'm now 35 and still have a cannon arm. I coached after my playing days and could throw a football around 67 yards. I obviously couldn't do that right off the injury. I played receiver in college so the most challenging thing for me was to catch a ball across my body. That lasted about a week then the pain went completely away. My only issue now is sleeping.
Comment 13 Oct 2016
This is not correct. I did both my shoulders the same season playing college football. Right shoulder grade 3 and missed a full week of practice and no surgery. My left right before they playoffs started and did another grade 3 which cost me another week. It depends on how much he can take the pain. If he can take it then he's back quick. Surgery is purely cosmetic with ac joint injuries.