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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014 National Championship Run. My girlfriend wasn't much for Buckeyes/didn't like them before me, I started changing that, and that season saw her turn into a Buckeye fan and has really come to enjoy watching them play in the falls.
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Comment 18 Apr 2019

Yep, right here. I enjoyed Force Awakens, then I watched Last Jedi, and now I'm over Star Wars. 0 plans to pay to see this one. Rogue One was very good, I liked it a lot. Solo, honestly, I don't even remember half of it, but it just felt forced as hell. Maybe because I was so angry about Last Jedi, Solo was the next target and maybe it was better, but I have 0 desire to ever watch it again.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Honestly, I will miss Urban, but I wouldn't say it stings. #1: ttun got a historical ass whooping. #2: Rose Bowl check. #3: We got another title with him here. I look forward to Day's tenure here, I feel like we have a great coach stepping into the shoes.

(I do agree though that this tweet isn't a HUGE offense, its just stupid.)

Comment 31 Mar 2019

This was threatened upon me at one point about this time in my life. Honestly, probably for the best they didn't go that route. It would have most certainly put me down a bad path once I was an adult and free of that kind of control. Like many have said here, this is the age where boundaries get pushed. I was whipped plenty as a kid and beyond that at times(stuff that definitely wouldn't go well now) and I can certainly say those contributed in no positive way to who I am now. I still look back at those days and am disappointed in my father, who has since apologized for his behavior. An ass whoopin never stopped me from doing anything, it only made me feel worse when I made mistakes, and not a worse in a way that "taught me a lesson" at all. I cannot imagine sending me away from my family into an uber strict environment would have panned out good for me or my parents on any level.

Comment 01 Mar 2019

Someone not using a number pad then, what a noob.

Comment 20 Feb 2019

Didn't Grinch leave for a significantly better pay check? Withers I don't recall if he was fired or whatever, but he was a HC somewhere else wasn't he? And didn't Vrabel go coach in the NFL? Just curious why they'd have anything to say, seems like reasonable terms. (Wither being the one in question for me bc I don't recall what happened with him.)

Comment 20 Feb 2019

My phone notified me of an article about this last night, I clicked, found it slightly interesting. Does it effect anything at all in my life? Nope. Will I remember this in a week, probably not.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

Is this the first season of having 2 bye weeks again? I feel like we've only been getting 1, I must have missed something in a schedule shift? Or am I crazy as all hell?

Comment 04 Feb 2019

Really wish a retiring Urban would have drove that dagger into them.

Comment 01 Feb 2019

"Players improve" Yes indeed, but to what degree. Arnette has yet to blow me away in growth of his skills each year, its just painful. Is he better than the year before, yes. Is he impressive, not really. Admittedly he feels less like a liability than he did years before, but it still scares me when an offense goes towards him.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

I have a house, it is paid for. I have a business, it is the foundation to retiring at 50. Otherwise, I'm gone the first chance I get. Hate this weather around here.

Comment 28 Jan 2019

Warrinner (Sp?) was responsible for turning around the OLine in our champ year. The beginning of the season, it was going to be bad. By the end of the season, he had them performing at an insanely high level. I am going to give that man the credit he deserves, he was the first position coach I ever bothered to learn the name of. After that, meh.

Comment 28 Jan 2019

I have no hate for what he did. It is good when 1 loss is a "failure" of a season. And kicking ttun 7 years in a row in their nuts, even better. My only wish was had he scored again at the end of The Game this year, esp if he knew he was done. Never show mercy.

Comment 28 Jan 2019

I enjoy every Saturday in the fall when tOSU plays. So much so, I don't open for business and I basically shut out the world and enjoy the game played.

But tOSU is a powerhouse that hired a legendary coach. We saw first hand what he did to our guys in the title game. He got two while he was there. I entirely expected him to be able to own the B1G that was so soft and walk into the end of season with a fairly healthy high quality team. I was thinking 2 was realistic and a lot of losses handed to ttun.

Of course what happened is the B1G suddenly seemed to stop being a bunch of cupcakes and get better. By this last season, it really didn't feel like the same Urban Meyer team it did the first few years. I didn't feel like there was much fire or hunger on the team. The biggest fire I saw this season was The Game, and look at what happened. WHERE WAS THAT TEAM ALL YEAR?

Consider me "entitled" if you want because I set my expectation of a legendary coach in charge of a historic program higher than 1 championship. I'm sorry if I found Urban at tOSU comparable to Saban at Bama, or I felt he was better than Dabo at Clemson(Admittedly this guy is turning out to be a legend as well). If you'd like I can be like a ttun fan and settle for less than the best while paying top tier.