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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014 National Championship Run. My girlfriend wasn't much for Buckeyes/didn't like them before me, I started changing that, and that season saw her turn into a Buckeye fan and has really come to enjoy watching them play in the falls.
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Comment 16 Aug 2017

Yeah, with cell phones, area code means little now. Have someone in AL call today w/ a NV number, no way I'd have expected that.

Comment 13 Aug 2017

Curious, how much of this would be allowed/not flagged on college level? Seemed like a lot of holding but I honestly am not proficient with the rules to be certain.

Comment 13 Aug 2017

Not really, I've been contributing in a generally positive way to the site since 2012. The guy I replied to had less than 100 helmet stickers and you can see in his history that he has a pattern. But yeah, I guess comprehension is a tricky concept.

Comment 13 Aug 2017

I never argued the legality of what happened.

If you're an alumni of the university, then you should have means to contact them and make them aware of that concern, but if not, then it doesn't really matter.

No I don't have a daughter, this kind of shit is just ridiculous. I've had friends who were raped, it is a horrible thing. Do I think the sentence for this case was lenient, yes. But I am in no way in a position to do a single thing about that. The system is in place, he was punished, now he can move on with his life. He isn't being given anything but a chance to walk on to a football team. If he earns it, so be it. Just like he'll interview for jobs, and if he earns them, so be it. But you can bet his reputation will precede him plenty and he's going to lose a ton of opportunities because of that as well. Personally, I have better shit to do with my life than worry about other people's lives to this extent. If you don't like the way the system handled him, then it is in your hands to be proactive about it. My hang up is that people like to live in the past and that does shit to change anything, do something about it or don't stand up and rail against it, you're just wasting time that way.

Comment 12 Aug 2017

If I can suggest anything, as a guy who missed a few trains in his life being "ready to go", don't. If you have a passion for it(As soon as you are 100% sure) then make the connection. Passion speaks louder than you realize. Even if you are not ready for the internship, the connection may be able to mentor you or direct you to someone who can mentor you. Mentors are priceless. Someone with experience will be able to advise you at a level you won't realize and help you avoid pot holes. Even if it doesn't lead to that, showing interest and following up will give credibility to giving you a shot. Seriously, you don't have to just off a building into the industry but if you are 100% sure you want that and have a passion for it, REACH OUT. At 32 I have finally found something I have passion for and I see a window, this time I have already jumped towards it instead of planning. You're young, you can overcome a ton of obstacles, the risk is worth it.

(Quick background, took over family business, starting my own 2nd business, have missed plenty of other passion projects that could have very seriously put me in a whole other world if I just acted sooner.)

Comment 12 Aug 2017

Be sure to inform us when she has that either framed or tattoo'd as a perpetual reminder. :D

Comment 10 Aug 2017

I honestly just can't even decide. Put simply, they are sort of components that all work together to make one hell of a team. And they all bring incredible assets to the table. That being said, I feel like Schiano is just the rock you need for a DC. I honestly didn't question our defense once last year and I have absolutely no concerns going into this year. Now Coombs and LJSR deserve a lot of credit for bringing in the talent for the defense and developing that talent. The defensive side of the ball is really, IMO, the difference maker. It opens up things more for the offense to try because they know they can rely on that defense.

As for offense, I am giving Warinner a big props for what that OLine did when we won the title. From the garbage I saw at the VTech game where I simply stated there was no way THAT team was going to get a title game or win to the monster it became by the end of the year. THAT turn around is legendary, garbage to god in a single season on a 3rd string QB at the helm. That line was beast and deserves the respect. Herman also gets a ton of credit in that same window as well, again a couple pieces working together to get the job done but I feel that Herman should get a bit more credit for that season, but Warinner was the first position coach I ever bothered to know the name of because of what he did. No granted, I didn't shed a tear when he was no longer our OC... But still.

Honestly I think someone I give a ton of credit to, Mickey Marotti. Anyone remember the last time they looked at our starters and players and went "Well he looks like he's in fucking terrible shape." For me the biggest memory I have is what we did to Oregon. This supposedly freakishly fast, high speed team that made people die because they weren't in shape... I remember some point in the 3rd quarter when they showed that QB gasping for breath and noticeably exhausted, while our defensive line is just sitting there ready to go. That testament honestly should terrify teams. You see these transformation pictures coming out and you see what he does there. And then you see what that is equating to on the field, offense, defense, everywhere. This team is fit on a different level. And I think that goes massively under noticed.

Comment 09 Aug 2017

I'd imagine sheer probability. Younger you are, the more chances of committing a crime you'd likely come across/be able to commit. There are also a lot of things that you adjust in evaluating as you get older, so I'd imagine risk:reward would change drastically. Then also factor of how hard it could be when caught to live a decent life in prison at an old age. Just ideas, no real "science" behind that other than talking w/ a lot of my elders and sort of tracking my own changes in thought process from teens, 20s, now into 30s. I definitely approach things much differently than I did 10 years ago.

Comment 09 Aug 2017

He is being given a walk on chance, not a scholarship. This is the same opportunity we afford to any person out there. Whether or not he deserves it is up to the AD/Coach. And plenty of people do other stupid shit that we consider bad, but they get to play football and there isn't a massive outcry against it.

Comment 09 Aug 2017

Unfortunately I feel the general society in no way understands criminal or drug addict problems and takes a very regressive attitude towards it. This post shows it pretty straight forward IMO. "Charged and convicted." That is where someone stops, they don't account for having served their punishment or are in the rehabilitation state of their mistake. At a certain point you have to let mistakes made by kids be MISTAKES MADE BY KIDS. Everyone fucks up, some do it worse. But if a person is going to just doom them to a life of being not good enough for that action, then it is only going to be bad for them and in turn society as well. I used to have pretty strong thoughts/sentiment towards drug addicts and criminals, then I took some time to develop some understanding and came to the realization I just really don't know enough(nor have the time to) about the events and outcomes to continue judging.

Dude made a horrible mistake, was charged, convicted, and is now moving on to the next stage of his life. He isn't on a scholarship, he was given a walk on chance. You wouldn't take that away from someone who made plenty of other unrelated mistakes as a kid, how does this relate to football? I mean fuck it, let's petition to remove him from school, how dare he try to get an education and make something of himself. *sigh* Just absolutely sick of this garbage.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

Or we can focus on having 1 starting QB and not a circus... Meanwhile we have a couple solid options in waiting. I genuinely cannot stand multiple QB systems.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

Yeah I may try and watch it a bit. I honestly thought it was the likes of a comedic thing...

Comment 31 Jul 2017

2017 recruiting title is the new september heisman program for ttun? Until its signed and done, I don't give a shit what they do. And even then, it is still proven on the field.

Comment 27 Jul 2017

Wait, this show is based in reality? I thought it'd be some stupid sports show that played w/ that concept, not actual reality on any level.

Comment 19 Jul 2017

TBH, at $10m I am willing to consider moving on with my life. Unless you are truly a all time sport wide candidate for taking records down(Urban/Saban level atm), there are just so many things you can experience. Admittedly, for a HC position to be able to not develop a bond with the team, that's challenging and would encourage me to stay longer than I should. But using my head as it is now, $10m and I'm simply just going to live the remainder of my simple life. See the world, take it all in. Learn all kinds of new stuff.

Comment 16 Jul 2017

Wouldn't that be a step down from WR Assistant at this point?

Comment 13 Jul 2017

I feel like he means like working his way up from the bottom, as in his situation. He was at a D1 elite program and came in likely with expectations. Now I suspect he's coming into this program with the heart/mind he has to work across the board. Basically he isn't walking into a program with a HS rating, but a college project. I didn't read it as a slight at his new school at all, personally. (And I don't particular care for this young man, so for me to not read anything into it...)