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I am a 1966 and 1976 graduate of The Ohio State University. I have been a season ticket holder for football since my freshman year in college. I am a retired teacher and love to travel.


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Comment 12 hours ago

In Cincinnati---posted earlier about the plaque on the place they worked.  Great info---did not know that.  Thanks for the post

Comment 19 Jan 2020

Monday!  The Bucks and Titans both know it is a done deal.  I bet he is making plane reservations right now since the Titans have been eliminated from the playoffs,

Comment 19 Jan 2020

Living in Cincinnati, I can definitely tell you it is not one of the music capitals of the world.  However, at one time it was a great hub for artists to record here.  Why?  I have no clue.  But to this day, off I-71 close to downtown, there is a building that looks like an old abandoned shack still standing with a plaque honoring the artists who recorded there.  It is not meant to be a site seeing attraction.  It is not open to the public.  And I bet the majority of Cincinnati does not know it even exists.  But it is there.  

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Hell yes---Fire Holtman and all the problems are solved.  That guy is pathetic.  He knows nothing about basketball.  Is that your feeling?  Then you better wake up because Holtman is a very good basketball coach and he still has a few players that were left over from the past regime.  I mean he did coach us to wins over Kentucky, Villanova, and North Carolina this year.  But that must have been luck because he knows nothing about coaching,  GO Bucks!

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Nothing as vintage as the material on here.  But, I have a program for every Ohio State game that I have attended.  And I have not missed very many games home or away since 1962,  The real downer for me was that I was serving in the Army the year they won the National Championship with Kern and the boys and missed the entire season,  My wife and I woke up lots of Germans listening to AFN and the Rose Bowl that year.  Also, in Dallas when we played TCU, they did not print programs for that game.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 16 Jan 2020

The Bengals were not happy with either of our Buckeyes.  They supposedly told Price and Michael Jordan it is time to crap or get off the pot.  Jordan finished strong.  Price may be lucky to make the practice squad this year.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

No way in Hell does that happen.  Bengals need fans to come to their games.  Burrow will accomplish that.  Who gives a fuck what Carolina wants?  

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Hey Tex,

    Welcome aboard!  Went to Dallas twice to watch the Bucks play USC in the Cotton Bowl and TCU in 2018.  Really was treated nicely down there.  Jerry World is a must for any football fan.  Lots of Buckeyes at both games.  But, everyone in Dallas from stadium workers to hotel personnel were tremendous.  You will have a great experience on this site.  Lots of pissing and moaning if we lose or even come close to losing.  But, Buckeye fans are rabid and very knowledgeable about our team.  Have a great time on here,  Lou

Comment 14 Jan 2020

So soon we forget that Haskins was a record setting quarterback at OSU.  Would Joe have done the same at OSU?  The only thing we can do is speculate----maybe or maybe not.  As good as Haskins was, we still had a dual threat at running back as well.  So, I guess what I am saying is that Joe would not have been a one-man show at OSU.  Urban was a guy who treasured his running backs as well.  OSU was and is a completely different system than LSU ..  So, I want to congratulate Joe.  But I never want to forget what Haskins did for us as well.  GO BUCKS and WELCOME TO THE BENGALS JOE

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Muhammed is a decent defender and can drain a 3 now and then.  Washington might be a problem, who knows?  Last year he shot almost everytime he had the ball--and missed quite a few.  Against Wisconsin, he took a bad shot in the first half and was yanked and never saw the court the rest of the game.  And Young is trying his best to play.  Sort of difficult when his belly was opened up about two weeks ago, But, there is definitely something going on with that team.  You just don;t beat the crap out of the TarHeels on their home court and stay stride for stride with a young, but talented Kentucky team and win as well.  Then against a very average Indiana team, they score 20 points in the second half.  There is no reason why we don't blast the Huskers this week--no matter what 5 is on the court.  But, who knows if that will happen?  I think Holtman has done a great job restoring credibility to this program.. Maybe it is just a slump and we will snap out of it.  Or maybe there are serious internal problems that we know nothing about.  In either situation, it is time to get it going.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 11 Jan 2020

I think Young, A Wesson, and at times Caleb plays very excellent defense.  Our guards have lots to learn about defense,  As a team OSU rarely gives up over 65 points a game.  That should be good enough to be a consistent winner.  But, damn they need some scorers.  20 freaking points in the second half is pathetic!

Comment 11 Jan 2020

20 points in the second half is not going to get it done.  Indiana gave us every chance to win--especially their free throw shooting was dreadful.  Does Kaleb need more time to rest on the bench?  He is asked to play more minutes than he ever has and he looks fatigued on the court.  Andre Wesson was off to a great first half start.  Where was he after that?  Refuse to slam young players like D J--they are experiencing Big Ten road play for the first time.  They will learn and grow,  Look at the Big Ten standing and you will see the entire picture.  We are 13th and only Northwestern is behind us.  Not going to blame Holtman too much.  He does not suit up and shoot.  And that is where this team needs drastic improvement.  Good thing--they do play great defense.  But that intensity only holds up well if your team can score more than 20 points in a half.  Last point---Indiana is not a good team at all.  If that is true---what does also say about us,  

Comment 09 Jan 2020

In my opinion, Urban would never consider the Browns.  Just too many questions about how that franchise does business.  Only Urban knows for sure if he wants to return to coaching.  Unless he has hidden it, it appears that he has not even had an interview with any NFL team about coaching.  Now the latest gossip has him taking a high position in the offices of the Washington Redskins.  So, if he has his mind set in that direction, that may be a possibility for him.  But, really Urban was a hit on television this past season.  And there is very little pressure on him that would harm his health.  And I bet he is making a decent salary as well.  Whatever he chooses, let;s never forget what he accomplished here and how he elevated this program to the greatness it is now,  Thanks Coach.  GO BUCKS and GO UFM

Comment 09 Jan 2020
  1. If you watched the last minutes of the Titans--Pats game the other day, you got a good idea of what kind of coach Vrabel is right now,  He flat out beat them at their own game.  He and his staff were magnificent.  Also he and Finkes were the best defensive ends combo we ever have had at OSU.  However, we may have the best college coach in the nation.  And we better show him that we appreciate what we have.  And just as important, our current staff is racking in star recruits after star recruits.  Glad Vrabel would like to be the head guy at OSU.  But, we are doing very nicely right now.  Wish the Titans well in the playoffs.  But, Day ain't going anywhere soon.  And that is great for us.  GO BUCKS!
Comment 09 Jan 2020

Is it not obvious to anybody?  Under Harbaugh, Michigan has recruited some fine prospects.  But, they just do not develop them.very well.  I see a lot of their players come in as good players their freshman year and leave with the same skill sets as well.  In other words, lot of them are good as freshmen and do not improve one bit in three or four years.  Contrast that to OSU, we get good players as well.  But they become  better players as time goes on.  Just two examples---Olave and Wilson.  Olave started to to bloom at the end of his freshman year and Wilson started to improve greatly as last year went by.  And they will continue to get better here this year as well.  We develop players.  Michigan does not.

Comment 08 Jan 2020

Have you ever listened to Urban talk about the Michigan rivalry?  On BTN he explained that every practice from spring drills to weekly prep for each and every season game always ended in at least a 10 minute session geared to Michigan.  That is extensive work that he did getting the troops ready for that game.  No wonder our team was so good against them each and every year that he was the coach.  And I have the feeling Day does the same thing.  We were blessed with Urban and we are now blessed with Ryan.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 04 Jan 2020

Nico Collins developed into a top notch receiver at Michigan.  Can you think of any other player in the Harbaugh era that was really developed by the Harbaugh staff?  I can't!

Comment 04 Jan 2020

Excellent football player.  But, one thing for sure, he does need to hold on to the football. more.  It is too bad we did not get him to play for us.  Why?  Because he looks like lots of Michigan good players, not developed any since his first year.  there.  If he would have been a Buckeye, he be a top 10 draft pick this year,  

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Bengals need lots of things.  But their defensive team is average or slightly above average in the NFL.  Chase would look good on any team.  But, it is evident that the Bengals need a quarterback and lots of help on the offensive line. And they need some players who can put butts in the seats.  2018, they averaged 20,000 empty seats per game.  I don't have the stats from this year.  But it probably was worst than last year.  Chase is a special player.  But, it seems like Joe Burrow fills a much needed gap and if he plays in the NFL like he did this year, he has to be their number 1 pick.  Isn't it great that OSU had/has two players who both deserve the number 1 pick in the draft?  Says volumes for our recruiting.  GO BUCK!  GO CHASE!

Comment 03 Jan 2020

I agree if UFM is offered and takes the Cleveland job, his headaches would return big time.  But, how about Dallas?  Now that they have officially fired their coach, might they becoming after Urban?  That could be a place that Urban would seriously consider.  Urban and Zeke reunited.  And the money that Jerry Jones would throw at him could lure him there.  I know Jerry Jones can be a pain in the ass,  But, if anybody can handle Jones, it would be Urban.  Perfect fit?  It just could be! GO BUCKS!

Comment 01 Jan 2020

Could care less about either Michigan or Alabama.  But, this is amateur sports and sportsmanship should be a priority for these kids to learn.  Therefore, I definitely thought that St Nick should not have allowed his team to score that last touchdown.  If Crazy Jimmy would have done that to Alabama, I would have said the same thing.