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I am a 1966 and 1976 graduate of The Ohio State University. I have been a season ticket holder for football since my freshman year in college. I am a retired teacher and love to travel.


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Comment 3 hours ago

I agree that none of us were at daily practices and have no idea what happened there.  I think Urban wanted a quarterback who could also run the read option,  Burrow is more of your typical pro-type where the pass is probably as important or at least as important as the run.  It was just Urban's way of playing football.  But, congrats to Joe---he went from a third string quarterback at OSU to a Heisman winner to soon being the number 1 pick in the NFL draft.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 15 hours ago

Well written post--covered all bases.  Let me just remind people of one of our incoming freshman as well.  Julian Fleming was not only the best receiver in the country, he was also voted the number 1 high school player in America.  I really expect him to have an immediate impact in any way that Day uses him. GO BUCKS!

Comment 06 Apr 2020

Although this guy was mainly a backup quarterback and never had the job as a starter until an injury,  I think Cardale Jones deserves some praise as well.  In his career he was 11-0 as the starting quarterback for the Bucks.  And all he did following the game injury to J T was finish off Michigan in a tight game--beat Wisconsin in the championship game--beat Alabama in the national semi--finals and defeated Oregon in the championship game. Not a bad career for a backup.   GO BUCKS!

Comment 01 Apr 2020

Bengals---Burrow obviously number 1 pick--in spite ESPN's best efforts to get him traded to another team for 2 or 3 draft picks.  But somehow, some way, the Bengals have to be concerned about their defensive backfield.  A report the other night said that the Bengals have 7 linebackers on their roster currently and 3 cornerbacks!  And 2 of the 3 corners have never started an NFL game.  I would think that just might be a concern for them  

Comment 01 Apr 2020

I might be wrong, but last year Wesson did the same thing and whoever evaluates these would--be NBA players sent him a list of what he must work on.  And---especially the weight situation---he did just that.  Now,if they send him another list of things to work on and we assume he will take the advice and work on them, Then, he may be NBA--ready if he returns for his senior season.  I see two aspects of his game that needs to improve---and I am no expert and do not pretend to be.  He has got to eliminate those fouls he makes with his upper body.  He chest bumps a lot and gets called for it.  A foul is a foul whether you use your hands or use your chest.  He also does need periods of rest during a game.  At the beginning of the year, he only got short breaks in the first half.  And it showed in his performance on the court,  Coach finally realized that and started to give him more rest breaks.  The bottom line is that if he does what the NBA tells him he needs to do, and corrects his flaws, he may end up being a steal for some NBA  team.  Good luck--and really what a great family the Wessons are.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 28 Mar 2020

The more I think about that idea, I think it has some merit---as long as they are all night games.  Being a baseball fan as well, it is abusive heat sitting in Cincinnati or Cleveland for a day game in the middle of summer.  But, a night game is usually tolerable and obviously more enjoyable.  Everybody is having to adjust to different things.  Why not college football for a year?  A year of summer/fall college football is better than a year of no football.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 28 Mar 2020

There are many ways to adjust a schedule to play every game.  Now in Big Ten Country it could mean lots of bitter cold situations.  This year OSU had 2 plus weeks between the Championship Game in Indy and the Clemson.  And if you were not OSU or Wisconsin, add another week as well because you had that extra week because you did not make the Championship Game.  So, realistically, OSU could start the season around October 1 and play an entire schedule  without much interruption.  I know there would be no bye weeks for anybody--and no long period of time between when a team's regular season ended and when their post season started,  And the poor networks might not have 3 or more weeks to hype their games,  And a late December game in most Big Ten cities might be brutal.  But it can be done..GO BUCKS!  Beat B G in September--in the SHOE

Comment 27 Mar 2020

Can anyone imagine what the U S economy would look like if this thing is not contained in a couple of months and lasted to and thru football season?  It would be a total disaster for the United  States.  Worse case for NFL football.  They are going ahead with the draft in April.  The season is called off.  Then this time next year is better,  Do they hold another draft and each team adds 8 or so new players on top of that?  How about our Buckeye football players?  We are smashing the recruiting race right now for 2021. What about this year's incoming freshmen?  Will there still be an 85 man roster or would they expand next year's roster to 100.  In all reality, there are lots of situations that seem impossible to even imagine.  In closing, on a personal note---I was not impressed with the Bucks opening up with B G But now the way things are going, the OSU--BG game is our biggest game on our schedule!  Can't wait until we are talking season opener and all this virus stuff is just a bad memory.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 22 Mar 2020

There is no way in hell college football this year will ever play a game with no fans allowed.  If the season is trashed, that would mean no games period.  Maybe the NFL, NBA or Major league baseball would do that.  They are pros and getting paid.  College football is amateur guys and not getting paid.  Simple, if the schools are open this fall, football will be played as usual.  If they are closed, no football.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 21 Mar 2020

Ryan and staff stand alone as far as recruiting is concerned.  PSU does a decent job as well.  I think Michigan deserves lots of credit for their recruiting as well.  But, the difference is that the Michigan coaching staff seems like they just can't develop them once they are there.  And to me, that is the biggest difference between the Michigan coaching staff and the Buckeyes coaching staff.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 19 Mar 2020

If anybody thinks that the Bucks have "serious"  problems because lack of Spring practice, just look around the Big Ten or any college program.  Everybody has serious problems.  It is just not us!  And I will take my chance with our "serious" problems than any one else in the league has.,  The Bucks will be fine and as good as advertised.  Just look at our September schedule.  Only challenge we have is at Oregon.  Then when we hit October, we will be sailing right along and talking playoffs again.  And for goodness sake, trust Coach Day.  We will be primed to destroy anybody we play.  GO BUCKS!  

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Arguably Brady WAS the best quarterback that has ever played in the NFL!  And I emphasize WAS!   If he continues to decline like he did last season,  then buyer be aware.  He might be a big disappointment.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

I guess a 16 team tournament would have been better than no tournament at all. HOWEVER, part of the fun of March Madness is watching an 8 or 9 seed get hot and become Cinderella as the tournament advances.  Or how about 2 years ago, a 16th seed knocked off number 1 Virginia in round 1.  A feat that had never been done before in the history of the tournament.  These are the things that make March Madness the great event that it is.  And that is what I will miss most about this March!

Comment 10 Mar 2020

Spring "game" is usually held to get newer players used to playing in front of a big crowd.  Most have not done that before.  Also, it is a great recruiting tool for prospective players to see what Ohio Stadium and crowd is all about.  Outside of that, not too much is very serious or really not all that entertaining as well.  Still far out before any decision will be made to play or not to play.  OSU took the lead in closing classes and having students learn from computers.  So, I don't think the administration will hesitate to postpone the game or move it indoors and no spectators allowed.  I think we have to trust our university in this situation and support their decision--no matter if we like it or not.   

Comment 10 Mar 2020

One of the first things has happened regarding the Big Ten Tournament.  BTN televises the first 3 days and their reporters will not be going there.  Any pregame, halftime, or post game shows will be done back in their studio in Chicago.  Precautionary or stupid?  You be the judge.  GO BUCKS!  Beat Purdue!

Comment 07 Mar 2020

All advice on here has been good advice.  If you do not mind the walk, the parking lots close to Music Hall  are usually open and have empty spaces.  That is really a short walk to where the parade starts anyway.  But, it is a good mile or so from the stadium.  Those lots are also close to the trolley line that stops right at the stadium.  The crowd is a real deal.  First, it is a working weekday and people who have to be at work in the morning have taken lots of parking spaces.  Second, there are probably as many people there for the parade only and do not go to the game.  That creates another parking situation.  I would suggest that you plan on hunting for your parking place a good two hours before the parade.  Getting out of Cincy should not be a real problem,  But getting there can be a headache.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

Listening to Coach Day in his last press conference, he said he is very aware of the importance of keeping up with the portal.  He said it was a sign of the times.  So, I am sure he knows the kind of player he wants and needs.  Speculate all you want.  But, I have absolute confidence in everything this guy does.  So if he wants a player in the portal, he will find a way to get him.  Trust him to bring in a quality guy if he sees what he needs.    GO BUCKS!

Comment 06 Mar 2020

MSU is a tough out at home anytime anybody plays there.  But, a senior day game is a true adventure there. The seniors kiss the floor after they are introduced.  And this year a very special Spartan will graduate in Winston.   Bucks have to be at their very best to even be in this game.  In my opinion, that is a big reason why the Illinois game was such a huge win.  We must go toe to toe with that atmosphere and just see what happens.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 04 Mar 2020

Not to undercut the potential danger of this virus, but really there may be more fans killed, injured, etc driving to these sporting events in their cars than those who "risk the danger of attending them"  I doubt very much that the threat of this virus affects the attendance at our Spring game,  GO BUCKS!