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Comment 19 Sep 2013

It's too bad that the people that REALLY know Dennis Talbott KNOW that he did pay Pryor--along with a TON of other players. This piece is great aside from the light it tries to paint Dennis Talbott in.  The dude is scum. Plain & simple. He'd pimp his daughter out to his son to make a dollar--and that is the freaking truth. 

Again, those of us who know Dennis and sitting back with a smug chuckle knowing the truth.  If only my own eyes could tell me lies--then I might believe half of the shit written about ol' D. Jay Talbott. Haha...

Comment 21 Dec 2011

Geee...thanks for remaining "loyal" to Buckeye Nation, the players, etc...--we're SO lucky to have you bring this negative press and idiot moves. 

Unfortunately, there are WAY too many people who know Talbott directly and the crap he has pulled in the past.  Not "a guy, that knows a guy,that knows a guy who knows Talbott.""

Here is a follow up story for both 11W and 97.1 The Fan...
DT says that he's never been into buying memorabilia INCLUDING rings when asked directly on 97.1 The Fan radio show--THEN ask about Lydel Ross and his "family member" who stole his Championship Ring (as reported by 10TV News a couple years back.)  Wonder who could have really bought that ring and who the family member is.  He he is trying to clear his name and then continues to lie.  The line of people who have proven dirt on this dude wraps around the corner.  Ross may have been an alumni at the time--but a complete lie. 

Word to wise: when you burn bridges, keep a low profile.

I know he is lying...which is why it disgust me to the gills being an ACTUAL alumni--not someone who claims to be.  Seeing people like DT ruin the reputation of Ohio State football is something that every true fan/alumni must deal with and defend. It p!sses me off to no end that one dude can poison the water hole and leave a long lasting black eye on my school.  If I ever heard this dude recite Carmen Ohio! I might puke where I stand. 



Comment 08 Nov 2011

This is a GREAT journalistic piece--aside from the fact that Dennis is STILL lying.  Partly because many people, including myself, know for a fact that he has done many of the things he is accused of.
I have personally seen him pull this crap.
I am embarrassed to have him as a part of the Ohio State Buckeye fan base.  I'd much rather him root for the mighty Golden Flashes of Kent State--I mean, at least he went to school there for a term or two--even if he was kicked out.
Dude is a scumbag.

If you are reading this DT....PLEASE, GO AWAY.