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Comment 30 Dec 2017

Urban ball is Tressel ball. Offense philosophy is play not to lose in big games.

Hopefully, it wil change next year

Comment 01 Dec 2017

My comment was not meant to be a knock on Carman. He's a great player and assume he is a fine young man until proven otherwise. I'm just suspect he may be someone who enjoys doing something different. Leaving the state and going to Clemson may be something that intrigues him. After all the social media issues and his outward lack of enthusian towards OSU, I just think he is headed out of state.

Again, that's not a knock on him as a player or person.

Comment 29 Nov 2017

I wil never understand the whole "committed". It really just means you are reserving a spot. If Emory Jones doesn't know by now they should just move on. Go all in on someone who wants to be at OSU. Emory Jones needs to show some respect to OSU and let them know if he is really committed or not.

Enough games. Time to be a leader.

Comment 27 Nov 2017

His body language showed no interest in being there.  It will be interesting to see if he transfers.