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Comment 18 Sep 2018

The linebackers made false steps more times than I care to count.  It almost seemed at times that they were told to not worry about the running back and read the QB only. With 2 LBs in the box, I would think they would be reading the opposite back. Like the article pointed out, that one false step cost Ohio State the longest play from scrimmage given up in history.

I’m excited about Haskins play so far, and while I don’t want our QB to have more carries than our RB’s, I truly think he is going to need to carry the ball a few more times. It didn’t appear that TCU ever respected his ability to pull it and run. I remember several times before his TD run where I thought he could have pulled and gained positive yards. I would think 6-7 times would keep defenses a little more disciplined and help the RB’s. 

Comment 13 Nov 2017

 Southeastern Ohio football at its finest. 

As a football coach of a small school in southeast Ohio, I take this comment as being an "arrogant douchebag".

Comment 20 Sep 2017

Yeah, we are from the Athens area, but hope to get there early too! Totally lucked into these free seats. My ability and love to talk Buckeye football with anybody that will listen finally paid off! Have fun!

Comment 20 Sep 2017

Also, just FYI he's had his first taste of beer (my grandpa saw to that) and he hates that team up north! 

Comment 20 Sep 2017

Thanks guys all good suggestions! He's so excited. He asks every day if we can fast forward the next X amount of days. I thought maybe he could be outside the stadium when the team walks in to high five them. I haven't been to a game in a couple years. I assume they still do that. I'm really hoping we luck into seeing Brutus somewhere. I can't wait to see his face when he steps inside the shoe.  He asked the other day if it was just like our high school field with bleachers all the way around (small D7 high school with bleachers on one side). I just told him, "yeah, sorta". 

Comment 12 Sep 2017

Same old, same old on offense.  Not running the ball. Going 5 wide on 3rd down in the redzone.  The common denominator is either JT or Urban.  Take your pick.  What ever happened to the Power Zone Read? You know, the play with an H-back (fullback) that leads through?  Run the ball vertically.  Quit trying to run east and west and get north and south.  JT is not Braxton Miller.  He is a capable runner, not a dynamic runner.  There is no way he should have more carries than our TB's.  To add to it,  JT is not running hard.  Stepping out of bounds, and going down early is not what needs done.  If you are a running QB you're going to get tackled.  He doesn't appear to be trying to break tackles and gain extra yards.  Obviously don't take unnecessary hits, but you don't want your TB's doing that either. I'm going to assume that JT has been coached this way, or he is just afraid of injury in which case he definitely needs replaced.

Defensively, I expected to give up some passing yards with the young secondary.  How many times did they let a guy from the backfield get behind the LB's?  The number one rule of LB play when it comes to pass coverage (especially in man coverage) is that you don't let a Back cross your face.  

This loss is disappointing.  I still love the Buckeyes.  I still have high hopes for the season, but they have some issues that need addressed for sure.

Comment 16 Aug 2016

As a D7 high school football coach, I've seen my share of bad calls...lol.  The most glaring ones were 2 years ago when in 2 separate games we were trailing by single digits in the 4th quarter.  In both games we forced a fumble on defense and during the return there was a "inadvertent whistle".  Both times the whistle happened during the return.  Both returns went for go ahead TD's, but because of the inadvertent whistle, they awarded the ball back to the offense to replay the down. We lost both games.

In the second of those 2 games, there was only 2 minutes left.  After the inadvertent whistle play, the opposing offense replayed the down and committed a false start penalty.  The officials remarked the ball and wound the clock, giving the offense a new 25 second clock.  They continued to false start until they ran the clock out.

Another game (almost 10 years ago) we were on defense and was winning the game.  It was 3rd and 7 and our D tackle got a great jump on the snap.  At the snap of the ball, the back judge threw a flag towards the line of scrimmage. We sacked the QB for a loss of 5.  I thought they were going to call offsides, but was mad because the back judge can't see if anybody is actually offsides.  The white hat waived the flag off and said we were going to replay the down.  There was no whistle.  Our head coach told the white hat that "it is either a penalty on them, a penalty on us, or it's 4th down".  They replayed the down, picked up a 1st down and eventually scored.  We won the game, but I thought our head coach was going to jail!

Comment 10 Jun 2016

I was able to attend the Ohio State High School Coach's Clinic this spring with the rest of my high school staff.  A lot of things stood out to me at the practice we were allowed to attend.  Austin Mack seemed to be open on every single play.  Barrett also seemed to have a connection with him.  He's still a freshmen, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit to see big things from him this fall.  This team may be young, but wow are they talented!

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I seriously can't believe all the people that are saying if you want 8 teams, that you are a sore loser.  The Buckeyes didn't handle their business this year,so they aren't in. That is plain and simple. I would still like it expanded to 8 teams.  First of all, who is the genius that said lets have 4 teams, when we have 5 power conferences? Somebody is always going to be upset.  Let's make it mandatory to have 9 conference games.  2 non conference games. That's still 15 games.  8 teams get in.  The 5 conference champs and 3 at large.  Still have the committee to rank them.  Let's make sure we keep the regular season relevant.  The top four get a first round home game.  

Comment 18 Aug 2015

Lots of good points here! 

The Confederate flag has different meanings to different people.  That is why is such a touchy subject.  NOTHING should fly over the American flag.  I don't see a reason to fly the Confederate flag at any government building.  I don't like the fact that one crazy person shooting other people triggered a sudden outrage over the flag.  It makes it seem fake.  I understand that to some people it is a symbol of their "southern heritage".

Like many people have said, this stuff hasn't gone away yet because segregation was happening not long ago.  My Granny, still to this day will occasionally say the "N" word.  It embarrasses her when she does.  She had a "mammy" as a child.  She talks very fondly of this black woman.  She talks of how much she loved and adored her, but still that word slips out, even when referring to her.  I truly don't think she is racist.  She was born in Alabama, and that is how she was raised.  There are a bunch of people who were raised when segregation was the norm.  As the number of these people dwindle, so will that way of thinking.

Maybe then we can move on to getting rid of terms like "African American".  Let's all just be Americans.

Comment 15 Jun 2015

Are you guys forgetting about the red witch showing up at Castle Black?  I'm not worried about Jon... (trying to convince myself)

Comment 02 Jun 2015

To borrow a line from Ricky Bobby, "If you don't like Game of Thrones then F@$% you!"  I was chuckling to myself about Bosa's new header when I read the line about bringing Shane Morris' broken corpse back. I'll now spend the rest of the morning trying to clean Monster Absolute Zero from the depths of my keyboard.  Well played Big Bear, and well played DJ!