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My 1st Buckeye game was in 1985 at Northwestern.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1985 Bears,2002 Buckeyes,2010,13,15 Blackhawks,2015 Buckeyes,2016 Cubs!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Secondary for DBU-Gamble,Jenkins/Bell,Doss!!
  • NFL TEAM: Bears
  • NHL TEAM: Blackhawks
  • MLB TEAM: Cubs

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Comment 26 Dec 2018

Shit creek buck,I really agree with all points made. I’m a weirdo conspiracy guy and believe that Barry Sanders would’ve broken Wally’s record if he wasn’t dead. That’s how much class Barry had imo. He and Walter ran behind shitty lines for over 1/2 of career. I know there was friction between Barry & Lions front office also,before I forget lol. And the comparison to Walter,I was telling my buddies same thing and we(Bears) should move up in draft to whatever pick to take Zeke 3 years ago?almost! I still tell them that lol. And really I might draw criticism here but,Ms. Thompson I believe put Sex Slave as occupation on police report when this allegedly took place. Firstly,someone want to tell this chick it’s (police report)kinda fuckin important. Secondly,if true,I would say sex slavery is more violent per say than regular sex. In closing,I TRY not to judge anyone,it’s not like there were Greg Hardy type evidence. He should of never played another down in NFL,yet..there he was,fuckin disgusting!!! I hate the NFL for A LOT of reasons but will always love Da Bears & the Browns!! I started loving the Browns in mid 80’s,the secondary, since I was DB were awesome! Hanford Dixon,Big Frank Minnifield,Felix Wright... I don’t have Packer kind of hatred for Broncos,but damn near(fuckin Elway)! Don’t forget about Broadway Bernie and some Webster Slaughter shit lol. Don’t you dare say Ernest Byner. Worst team ever though the Dolphins(72,85). Fuck them...til I die!!! Go Bucks/do it for Coach!!! 70-17-show them they need to expand playoff!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 23 Dec 2018

I couldn’t agree MORE Homey,and let him hang on for 3 years at the end of his career...just like Emmitt. Hell,I just hope SOMEONE breaks it but Zeke doin it would be 1,000 times better!!! Wait..I know Emmitt told my beloved Walter he wanted Emmitt to break his record. I say BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 17 Dec 2018

It doesn’t take a wizard to figure out that defense wins championships,great point. A lot of talk was about if Haskins would’ve started in 16 or ‘17 we might have won. Our defense is fuckin embarrassing,even saying DBU makes me nauseous. Realistically no team since 14-15 has had a title shot except for 15-16 team because Zeke. But even that defense wasn’t as solid as title team. 

Comment 15 Dec 2018

Right 203, we’re a young defense. It definitely showed that this year,liked our 4th quarter defense for the most part(PU &PSU being exception-fuck Maryland too,shit. I would hope w/new HC,everyone is being evaluated. I would love to see Mitchell out there..REGULARLY,so hopefully they feel he’s ready to be given chance! AND..can’t fuckin wait to watch him on kickoffs in a few weeks!!!!!!! Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!

Comment 03 Dec 2018

I’m AJ Hawk years old,don’t remember Kern but Dwayne is the best QB I’ve seen in my life as a Buckeye fan. Schlister would be 1st I remember. Hail The Hand Cannon#7!!!!!!! Seems like a pretty humble kid with just enough swagger to be respectful. I would almost bet we score 50 come 1-1-2019,as Dwayne breaks MORE records...Go Buckeyes!!!!

Comment 02 Dec 2018

I love this humble and accountable attitude. I really feel the same way as I have since ‘15-16 season. We really let title opportunities slip through our hands with 1 or 2 hiccups every season. It’s time to get Rose Bowl win and then refocus and try to remedy this in 2019-20 season!!! Go Buckeyes on New Years Day!!!!!!!!!

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Probably this Fuckin Ann Arbor whore down at bottom of comments who literally wrote word for word 1/2 of my comment then copied cause I couldn’t go for 3’s comment like a fuckin CHILD would. Although if you look at my voting record I’m 1-1,and both were by accident. I just don’t believe in DV someone’s opinion,thought that was why we were all on here.

Comment 24 Nov 2018

LMAO-does he still have eligibility? So Chad is an ass clown like Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman-got it! A very entertaining piece there,FUCK these ttun BITCHES!!!! Make *ichigan OUR BichIGAN!!! I will say 34-31 Buckeyes as we shock the football world! I really wish West Virginia could’ve held on last night. But,regardless of playoffs,let’s kick these guy’s asses..AGAIN!!!!

Comment 19 Nov 2018

Better times imo,even if I’M the one he’s slugging upside the head. He,Bob Knight,Ditka can make good men into GREAT men. Wait Herbie Brooks,can’t forget Herbie. Woody also served our country,said “speaking at commencement was his biggest honor.” EVERYONE makes emotional decisions sometimes..

Comment 11 Nov 2018

I would guess when the Scarlet & Grey honor your father,inspired day on the gridiron for White. My prayers go out to William and the family & their fight against ALS! As ‘ol Easy Company would say”Hang Tough”! Happy Veterans Day to all who have served in military-the REAL heroes,God Bless you & your families. Beat Maryland & then bring on ttun!!!!

Comment 01 Nov 2018

Just win a fuckin game in dominating fashion already. I don’t care if their O has been hot lately,f-n tackle,cover somebody. They are 2-6,let’s make them 2-7 with a Ditka like 70-2 outcome. My college coach would always say reckless abandon under control,I’d always say so..reckless abandon. No,he’d say all pissed off and on&on lol. I was pissed off every GAME day I played football as soon as I woke up drooling all over myself.