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Comment 01 Jan 2020

This. Any time there is a man behind the curtain making a final decision it is poor optics at best and ripe for corruption.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

This. The "Wizard of Oz man behind the curtain" booth reviews need to be drastically changed. The way it is now has poor optics at best and is rife for bias/corruption.

Comment 30 Dec 2019


Enough said.

Comment 29 Dec 2019


This says it all:

Veteran NFL official and collegiate officiating administrator Terry McAulay led the chorus on Twitter of those second-guessing the officials for overturning the Ohio State touchdown. “There is absolutely no way replay should have reversed,” he said. “’Indisputable video evidence’ is simply not there.”

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith agreed, texting Yahoo Sports that McAulay was “100% correct.” He added: “Unreal!! And feel free to share how pissed I am.” [Smith said he didn’t ask for an explanation.]

Comment 29 Dec 2019

This. The better team did not win and the players know it. LSU will whip the Tigers.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

How do the refs not call face mask on Young (his helmet was almost ripped off) and multiple holds throughout the game on the Clemson O line?

For those of you who never played a competitive sport let me tell you something, the players know. And tonight the Bucks were the better team.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Okay enough of this BS:

1) Dobbins catch was a TD. He had control when he broke the plane.

2) Targeting rule has got to change. Lawrence lowered his head causing the contact. If that's the way we are going to play from here on I'm teaching my QB's to lower their helmet into the defender to draw the flag.

3) Fuller play was a fumble. He took 3 steps for Christ Sake.

4) Roughing the kicker was really running into the kicker. Our player pulled up.

Bottom line Bucks outplayed them and should have won the game.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Refs keeping Clemson in the game. Bucks need to stay the course and we win.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

^ This. I think this will be a see-saw match with the lead changing hands multiple times capped off by a OSU field goal with 2:00 minutes to play. D steps up and shuts down Clemson's final drive, intercepting Lawrence and punching the Bucks ticket to the big showdown with LSU in New Orleans.

Comment 09 Dec 2019


At the end of the day, this will make winning the Natty even sweeter. Question is, which reporter are they going to insert for the Deer in The Headlights interview (ala Mark May in 2015) post-game after we win?