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Comment 16 Dec 2019

To be a head coach is a coordinator's dream,

So that's why Jeff Hafley bailed and left our great team.

Assistants don't stay long to coach our terrific Buckeyes,

For when we succeed, our coordinators say, "Bye, bye."

So lots of luck to him in the future to come,

As for the Bucks-- let's win the Natty and quickly move on!!

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Congrats to Chase, CBS Sports Player of the Year!

Through thick and thin, this player did persevere.

Everyone who's seen him play knows that he is great,

And all of Buckeye Nation is glad he played for Ohio State!

Go Bucks! Win the Natty! Yet another away for Chase's suitcase!

Comment 30 Nov 2019

When I saw Coach Day choked up, and almost in tears, during the on-field, after-the-game interview, I knew for sure that he is truly a Buckeye at heart now.  Even though he was born in New Hampshire, his allegiance will always be with the Ohio State Buckeyes.  What a wonderful legacy Urban left us, and what a wonderful successor he has given us.  Thank you, Coach Meyer, for bringing Coach Day to The Ohio State University!! Congratulations, Coach Day, on your first win of many versus TTUN!!

Comment 25 Nov 2019

Oh, definitely, yeah..."fumbles" is a four-letter word for The Best Damn Team in the Land"!  For all the positives that Justin and J.K. contributed, no "champion" was bestowed upon them because of the fumbles.  If this team wasn't so special and gifted, those three fumbles could've led to disaster.  Above all--hold on to the ball!!  GO BUCKS!

Comment 25 Nov 2019

"Eighteen of the players who helped Ohio State grind out a victory in its closest game of the season to date were not champions for their efforts this week."  This is your opening line.  I do believe the "NOT" after "were" and before "champions" is an error, is it "not"???

Comment 22 Nov 2019

The Ohio State Buckeyes will beat Penn State, as they should
Because no one is better prepared than the Buckeye Brotherhood!
We aren't just talented...and we aren't just good--
We are the proud possessors of the Buckeye Brotherhood!
We aren't the best because of Chase Young;
We aren't the best because of J.K;
We aren't the best because of Justin;
But WE ARE the best because of Coach Day!
So bring on the fight, Penn State, 'cause no matter what you do,
We're gonna leave Kitty Kat guts strewn all over the 'Shoe!!!

Comment 19 Nov 2019

To the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the winning of the Bucks;
They have trampled all the other teams, 'cause, boy, we make 'em suck.
We have loosed the lightning called Chase Young, so he will run amok--
Our team keeps marching on.

We have witnessed accurate passing from our super quarterback,
And we love our speedy Dobbins who's a rushing maniac.
From our offense to our defense, there is nothing we do lack.  
Our team keeps marching on.

The wins, they just keep piling up 'cause we are truly great.
And we know that this weekend--we will really crush Penn State,
Since being undefeated is going to be our fate,
Our team keeps marching on.

And we won't stop till our wins reach the number of fifteen
'Cause this is the best Buckeye team that I have ever seen.
And then next week, we'll be munching on some Hairball Wolverine.
Our team keeps marching on.

Be it Georgia or wimpy Clemson or even LSU,
It doesn't matter who we play 'cause they'll be losers, too!
And we will have the Natty trophy when this season's through.
Our team keeps marching on.

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! 
We are gonna sock it to ya!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Our team keeps marching on!