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Comment 24 Apr 2020

Welcome to the Brotherhood, Tegra!  Anyone take a look at Tegra's sophomore highlights tape??  Tegra is the epitome of Gabriel Iglesias' sixth level of "big."  The levels are 1) big 2) healthy 3) husky 4) fluffy 5) damn and 6) OH, HELL, NO!  I know #6 is what opposing players are gonna be saying when Tegra heads their way! (In case you couldn't tell, Tegra is in red, #77)

Comment 23 Apr 2020

First, Coach Coombs is booming Class of 2021--

Now, he's booming in players from 2022!

Looks like Coach Coombs, as a recruiter, is Number One!

'Cuz he be doing things no other coach has done!!

Wait for it...wait for it...wait for it....

Comment 15 Apr 2020

Seems like there are more posts on which city--Scottsdale or Tempe--had the best women, atmosphere, food, partying, etc. than the effect of Luther leaving.  That sort of sums up the importance of Luther on our team.  Good luck, kid.  Been real, but ya gotta peel...

Comment 15 Apr 2020

What is the criteria for "best football stadium in the Big Ten"?  The facilities?  The fans?  The atmosphere? The tailgating? The viewing ability?  The noise? The accessibility to the stadium? How about the food??

Not as blessed as most of you on this post as far as visiting numerous stadiums, but when my family and I (we had 7 seats together) went to the "blackout" vs. Michigan State last year, we were in the last row in the B section, under the C section, with numerous pillars and poles blocking our view of the field.  We could only see about 60% of the field (if that), and the noise level was immeasurable because it was practically non-existent, and we had to basically watch the game on the minuscule 14-inch screens (they seemed that small!) posted on the pillars which blocked our view.  Couldn't see the scoreboard OR the jumbotron!  Don't think the "outhouse" has that problem (was there once when I was about 14).

So...yes, being a grad from The Ohio State University, I LOVE Ohio Stadium, but some of the seating leaves a whole lot to be desired, and, oh, yes...it took about 45 minutes to get INTO the stadium after getting in line because there was ONE person checking tickets at an entrance that merged about 5,000 fans into a single gateway opening.   And the food is really, really bad! 

(P.S. Best fan food ever--Wells Fargo Center in Philly)

Comment 13 Apr 2020

Life without sports sometimes can seem uncommonly cruel,

And I don't wanna lose to scUM, even in a virtual duel!

So, since you Buckeye fans have nothing better to do--

Go to Twitter and vote Scarlet and Gray over Maize and Poo!!

Comment 01 Apr 2020

Ah, such sweet memories of watching this kid live at Ohio Stadium and shouting, "ZEEEEEEKKKKKE!" every time he got a nice run up the field.  But that 85-yard run through "the heart of the South" had many of us-- who couldn't make it to the game-- jumping up and down and screaming no matter where we were watching the game!

He joined the Brotherhood 8 years ago...how much longer does tOSU wait to land another one of his caliber?  What a player!