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Comment 11 Mar 2014

I was just curious if the individuals (AKA Punks) that started the whole "Scum Scrum" by surrounding Dontre Wilson  have voiced any regret for their part in the incident?

I think Marcus has handled it well and like a pro.

Comment 24 Jan 2014

I have read repeatedly on this and other websites the comments regarding the poor performance of our pass defense (as it applies to the second and third level, LB's and DB's).

As a veteran HS coach I can tell you all, while we did not have elite athletes at all of those positions the lack of productivity was most definitely not caused by a lack of talent. The type and number of athletes on the OSU team are plenty good enough to be productive. It was by and large coaching related.

I don't like "co" anything in football, but I realize egos and compensation packages get involved at that level so I'll let that go.

I am glad to hear Coach Ash is of a keep it "simple and aggressive" mindset. I can go the rest of my life without seeing another of our corners look back at the safety and "play the air guitar" as he calls the G-darn "banjo" coverage. It is a pro concept and we are not pro's, so just get rid of it. It is a scheme full of adjust on the fly and automatic reaction that creates "paralysis by analysis" and we all know what happens to a defender in doubt.

Hopefully we won't try to outthink ourselves this year and just let the god given talent play out.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

I have coached HS football for 18 years and I agree to a certain extent with Ramzy on this point. It is amazing how coaches make play calling more complex than necessary.

However it is also amazing how fans oversimplify it. I have been at many coaching clinics run by college head coaches including Jim Tressel and universally they note that "self scouting" is a big part of their game plan, so I am sure they look at their trends. before you slam the play calling make sure you look real close at the execution as the culprit first. (i.e. the play vs MSU on 4th down was one executed block from being a big gainer.)