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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Even though it is technically vacated, attending the 2011 Sugar Bowl to watch the Buckeyes beat Arkansas. It's one thing to be among thousands of Buckeye fans in Columbus, but it's a whole different experience to travel far away from the Shoe and be part of the 'migration' of Buckeyes, especially when we win!
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Comment 25 Mar 2017

San Diego is truly a great city. I think this is going to be home for the foreseeable future.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

One of my theories is that South Carolina is the furthest most Ohioans are willing to drive to reach a warm/beach/tropical place to visit. It becomes a bit too long to drive further south, and this allows families to save money rather than buy multiple flights.

I went to grad school in Charleston at MUSC and loved living there for a couple years. Now I'm lucky enough to call San Diego home. 

Comment 27 Dec 2016

I used Air BNB last year too and had a great experience. Staying at the same place for 2 nights and grand total of $118. Only a 10 minute Lyft/Uber to the stadium!

Comment 18 Dec 2016

Honestly it doesn't really bother me. I think it's kind of nice when the other team has the ball because it gives you an idea of their kickers range and what they might do in terms of field position. 

Does it add to the clutter, yes. Does it ruin college football , no. Also I could be wrong but I don't think it's just ESecPN that does it. 

Comment 14 Dec 2016

If you were considering flights to Las Vegas and driving from there then you could also check flights to LAX or San Diego. The drive is only and hour longer than coming from Vegas. Fortunately I live in San Diego and will be avoiding airfare. 

Or find a buddy or two to road trip it if you have the time. Much cheaper. Did that to the Sugar Bowl back in 2010 but that drive was about 10 hours shorter than Phoenix.  

Comment 08 Dec 2016

Overall it's a middle of nowhere drive. But there's a few scenic parts of the drive going through the mountains in Cali and some cool sand dunes in AZ if you take the I-8 instead of the I-10. Cheaper than flying and I don't mind driving.

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Great article, better man. He's such a class act, or should I say 'genius' act!

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Hmmm living in San Diego I don't find the drivers to be that bad, but maybe I have just become 'one of them.' I will say California drivers in general have a need for speed and don't hesitate to changes lanes quickly at high speeds. 

Either way I'll take my perfect weather and beach life over better drivers and a Columbus winter any day!

Comment 29 Jun 2016

I moved to San Diego last year from Toledo...best decision ever. My brother is coming to visit on Saturday so I have been think about where I will take him. 

I would echo a lot of the previous comments.

  • PB/Mission Beach (It's not football season but Draft in Mission Beach is the Buckeye bar with tons of beer on tap and good food too)
  • OB Pier 
  • Torrey Pines/Del Mar Beaches
  • The Cove in La Jolla has great restaurants, the seals are cool but a bit smelly, kayaking
  • Great breweries including Stone
  • The Zoo/Balboa Park and Safari Park (Escondido)
  • Coronado and Silver Strand State Beach
  • The Lighthouse in Point Loma is really cool and has amazing views. You can also climb down to the tidal pools there
  • Gaslamp District is great for nightlife
  • Lots of hiking...Potato Chip Rock and Mission Trails are nice
  • Phil's BBQ is a must

There's so much to do here!

Comment 29 Feb 2016

Regardless of your personal opinion about Lady Gaga (past or present, good or bad) you can't ignore that she is a talented artist and singer. But more importantly we, as a society, have been ignoring how we handle sexual abuse for far too long. 

It is one of the few, if not only, times we question and persecute the victim of a crime. It is something that needs to be addressed because far too often victims feel forced into silence. I applaud Lady Gaga for shedding light on this issue on such a large platform, and at the very least it has people talking. This forum is an example of that. 

It shouldn't matter if her performance was great or mediocre in your opinion, What should matter is that you heard the message in the lyrics she sang, and that our society recognizes the importance of the change we need and acts upon that. 

Comment 24 Jan 2016

Granted I wasn't on the jury and the documentary is bias....I still feel like it is obvious that there is a reasonable doubt in the case. If this system works correctly that should be enough to find him 'innocent'. Either way it is very intriguing!

Comment 04 Jan 2016

This is awesome! I was at the game and have not had a chance to watch the TV Broadcast so this is perfect!

Comment 15 Dec 2015

When I was in undergrad I ran into the sweater vest, Jim Tressel, at the Thompson library and got a pic with him. He was super cool about it. 

Also had a few run ins at a south campus dining facility with Koufas and Diebler, and on the women's basketball team I had a class with Jantel Lavender. She was pretty cool too, and probably bigger than everyone in our class haha.

Comment 15 Dec 2015

I agree with the Dirty Bird, Cock n Bull, the Blarney, and Bronze Boar. Just moved from Toledo to California and those are some of my favorite spots.

There's also a few good restaurants across the river at the docks for dinner. These are usually best during the summer when you can sit outside right by the river, but you never know the weather might be perfect in March.  

Comment 15 Dec 2015

Definitely agree with San Marcos if you like Mexican food and margaritas. They have some pretty strong margaritas and if you order the frozen ones you will get more booze in your drink!