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Comment 15 May 2020

I used to nothing Purdue.  But after moving to Indiana and seeing what the university is like, I am a huge fan.  Their engineering is top notch and you could do a lot worse.  As I watch what their president has done with the school it is hard not to be impressed.  He has actually decreased tuition since he started.  

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Agreed.  I hate that the taunting seems to happen more and more in sports.  It seems to happen more and more where you can't just make a play and celebrate and get ready for the next one (or better yet act like you've made a play before) but you have to be disrespectful towards someone else.  I have no problem with being competitive or even celebrating a big play, but why the need to be disrespectful?

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Not trying to takes sides but if Browning doesn’t get juked out of his shoes the play before that TD run never happens.  How is it all Werner’s fault?