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Comment 37 minutes ago

Not trying to takes sides but if Browning doesn’t get juked out of his shoes the play before that TD run never happens.  How is it all Werner’s fault?

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Hate that I have to agree.  Their whiteout is crazy, puts our blackout to shame. 

Also, I tuned in to see that team because I didn’t think there was anyway they were as bad as what I’ve been hearing.  I think PSU is legit good but wow, um looks awful 

Comment 23 Sep 2019

Thanks, I forgot about Tyler Durbin.  He actually missed one vs. Rutgers and then another one vs. PSU.  I have tried really hard to wipe that game from my memory.  I forgot Das Boot took a season off and thought between him, Willoughby, and Haubeil all being 100% for their career it would have been higher then 202 (or 201?) consecutive PATs for OSU.  Plus Basil came before them and I'm sure he hit quite a few consecutive as well.

I still can't find the record for most consecutive PATs made by a team though.   

Comment 23 Sep 2019

Speaking of missing PATs, anyone know OSU's streak of consecutive made PATs before last weekend?  I tried to find this somewhere but couldn't.  I know Nuernberger was only about 20 away from the record (still annoyed he never got a shot at it) but was curious what the record is for most consecutive PATs by a team and how close OSU was to that record.  

Comment 10 Jun 2019

I'm not judging him for his outfit or style, but I am judging him a little for spending $200 on a pair of socks.  Someone needs to tell them they sell a 6 pack at Walmart for about $11.99. 

Also, asking for a friend, do you get a $4,000 suit for less if you buy shorts instead of pants?     

Comment 22 Apr 2019

6.5 is a lot.  Last year that would have put him 3rd on the team behind Chase Young (10.5) and Dre'Mont Jones (8.5).  The next closest was Nick Bosa (4.0).  Pete and Tuf were next up with 3.0 apiece.  

I don't know snap counts (I think he'll get more snaps than the two freshman did last year), but to compare with other ends from last year Cooper only had 2.5, Tyler Friday had 1, and Tyreke Smith had 0.  JJB has also made a name for himself this spring and will see the field at some point as well.