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Comment 10 Feb 2020

^^^^ I’m sure they are “kicking” the same way Sparty did Ttun with the RichRod/Brady Hoke shit show....

Comment 29 Jan 2020

Just think Moustakas is destined for 1st base. When? What year? Senzel destined for 2nd base again When? Moustakas played basically the same number of games that Votto did last year and hit 35hr’s and 87rbi’s while Joey went 15 & 47.....that’s a big difference especially when you look at all the 1 run games the Reds lost....

Comment 29 Jan 2020

You all crack me up. “Complaining” about Votto - no - but thinking that management may be looking at the overall production they get out of Joey the last 4 years of his deal is something they have to be thinking. We are talking age 36-39. It looks like we have to many OF’s - but I still think they have to be thinking about different lineups,matchups etc. They gave Votto a lifetime achievement contract and everyone knew the backend would not be what the front end has been. 

Comment 29 Jan 2020

I grew up with the Reds in the 70’s - Rose,Bench,Morgan,Perez....I wanted the Reds to sign Castellanos but when they signed the guy from Japan I thought that was it. At least they are trying and just not sitting back. Definitely need to upgrade at SS. I read all the comments but 1 thing I think the Reds need to do is to figure out some options at first base, Votto “has” been great but last year he was really down and thinking well he will bounce back compared to he is on the decline to me is foolish. His contract to me is gonna be a killer the next few years. I hope he turns it around but I’m not counting on it. And no way I trade Senzel. To much talent and versatile. Senzel to 3rd Suarez to first or Senzel to 2nd and Moustakas to first. And of course he can play center....

Comment 27 Jan 2020

For me it was watching Kobe win back to back NBA titles in ‘09 and ‘10 without Shaq. Kobe was the 2nd best player I ever seen behind MJ. Told my son and his 2 friends that last week!  And that 1 all star game he had when he went off.....

Comment 24 Jan 2020

This team has no shooters at all! Closet thing is Washington and that’s it. Yea Kaleb Wesson is shooting over 40% from 3 but is that where we want him? Hell no. A.Wesson and Kyle Young are not shooters at all. K. Young effort is great but he has to that’s what he brings to the table. But shooting and having a scorer is not on this team. Muhammad has really turned out to be a big disappointment. Carton and Liddell are talented but they are freshman. Jallow would of never helped this group he can’t shoot a lick as well. The success with the first team of Holtmann’s was mostly due to Diop (shooter/scorer) and Tate (scorer-not the greatest shooter but could get to the rim and score)...Walker is not a good shooter - just a team without any good wing players at all - and that’s where this roster is flawed and has been and recently it has really showed. Sueing and M. Brown will be the first real wings players to come in here under Holtmann next year so hopefully things will begin to turn around.  

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Kansas is one of those programs (USC,Arizona etc) that needs slapped down sooner then later - by the NCAA in the Adidas scandal - Bill Self along with Sean Miller.... I agree the guy standing over the K.St. player is what started the whole thing....

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Well the Giants might do that to keep Young from the Redskins if Cincy drafts Young #1.... but I guess the Redskins could then trade out to someone wanting Burrow and that screws the Bengals plan????

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Hoak is not transferring- Fields gets hurt he’s playing - don’t see Day wanting to go with a true freshman at QB......

Comment 14 Jan 2020

“but man our linebacker play was SO much better than in 2018” - lol - that ain’t saying much! Anyhow OSU has been killing it with the secondary kids the last few years along with the defensive line but out LB play????  I’ve said it before we have to get better at the linebacker position. Hopefully Washington is the guy to get that done. Some of the guys we’ve recruited we need to develop some stud linebackers....- move Browning to the outside bring him off the edge a bunch (his future to me in the NFL is a 3-4 scheme outside linebacker, and hope that Mitchell can develop in the middle into a starter).... 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

As I read the comments it’s interesting to me to read that we were shocked at Lawrence running. QB’s had success running against us this year! We just don’t run into a bunch of dual threat guys especially ones who run real well. “Dabo saved that ace up his sleeve for this game” - no, it’s coaching he/they took advantage of a weakness of ours. “Hated to see our linebackers regress this game” - huh - it’s clearly been the weak part of this defense all year and Clemson exploited it with Lawrence running but most of all throwing to the running back out of the backfield- Etienne killed us -  linebacker responsibilities.... I watched highlights of the Mich game the Wisconsin champ. game and the Clemson game and one thing stood out to me - a ton of the big plays by those teams was against our LB’s and Fuller the safety - to me Fuller struggled big time especially tackling the last 3 games....the thing is our D as a whole played good enough to win the Clemson game if our offense would of just executed (and the officiating didn’t suck).....

Comment 12 Jan 2020

We just like to throw stuff out there. This team while playing well early had a couple major flaws. 1) wing scoring and wing defense (Holtmann has not got that into the program yet hopefully next year Sueing and incoming freshman Brown can begin to change that. 2) Shooting - it was pretty clear that if Washington wasn’t “on” our perimeter shooting was not going to be very good. Walker is not a good 3 point shooter. Muhammad has in all reality been a big disappointment as a 2 guard. His shooting is woefully inconsistent wavering on poor. For me when I seen how much the big boy (Kaleb Wesson) was hovering around the 3 point line I knew early on that this would not be good for this team. He in no way is a freaking “NBA” player - I’m sure he could go overseas and make a buck but if he were to come back we would be one scholarship over. Anyhow while coach has gotten his teams to overachieve for the most part this roster is still flawed and he is going to need another year or 2 of recruiting to have a little more consistent team. The last year or two of Matta is still rearing it’s ugly head. 

Comment 10 Jan 2020

Not me I’m past it. Reality is OSU is done. For me as much as hated the officiating I also look at Dobbins needed to hold on to the first touchdown pass. Then Dobbins needed to catch the screen pass (what a great freakin call by Ryan Day). Proctor make a tackle and Olave run your route son the one you scored on minutes earlier..... let it go we aren’t playing anymore....