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Comment 10 Jun 2020

I have said before about this particular game is what I remember that the fast majority of his tackles was 5-10 yards downfield. I’m just saying it wasn’t like he was plugging holes and stepping up into the backfield and making these tackles. The defense was not good and Spiel’s was running all over the place....

Comment 30 May 2020

I agree ‘83 - Tressel took us to the promised land and delivered us from evil. The day they hired that guy things did a 180. I grew up with the agony of John Cooper and all those Ttun losses. Tress brought us 1 Natty and played for 2 more and whipped _ichigan’s ass. Urban was a great coach a better coach. Took Tresses boys and went undefeated and may have won a natty that year if it wasn’t for a stupid ass decision not to take a self imposed bowl ban with a 6-6 team. Urban’s perfect record against that team up north has added to what Tress started and made it great being a Buckeye fan. Then throw in Urb’s recruiting and it’s been a glorious time. As well he brought us a natty. I do believe the way things turned out it was for the best. Urban the better coach and recruiter - Tressel more beloved because of the way he turned around Cooper’s inability to beat Ttun. One thing I  keep hearing from players and people is that OSU wants it more in “The Game” if you was around here during the Cooper years you would want to win that damn game too.....

Comment 09 May 2020

At the end of the day if it’s not the NCAA then it would just be another 4 letter word? Someone has to run things - set rules etc. People can complain about the NCAA and if they move away from them then it will just be someone else to complain about...

Comment 07 May 2020

Ya know I could give a shit less about the university of Oregon if they decide they can play the game safely for the student athlete but they can’t have fans. Obviously the governor is not concerned about having fans.  If it’s played with no fans and then next year it’s played with fans here in Ohio Stadium then tough shit. The TV numbers will be up if fans can’t attend. It is what it is......

Comment 05 May 2020

So to answer the question if the season is cancelled....

Fields is gone way gone - sad but true - to only see that guy in a OSU uniform for 1 year sucks.

Wade, Davis and Myers and Olave all gone..... 

Comment 28 Apr 2020

I would love to see Thad take another shot at it. I completely agree that the last few years of his tenure here was not the greatest. I do think his health was a factor. Also think his assistant coaches was a drop off in those later years which obviously is on him. His unwillingness to step into those unprotected waters of recruiting stung him as he was on some high level recruits only to see the Adidas bagmen come in and pull them away.....

Comment 25 Apr 2020

Looks like the GM up there has been watching the Buckeyes whip Ttun ass....lol

Comment 25 Apr 2020

Yes Ttun 9 draft picks - 2 in rounds 1-3 ..... Ohio State 7..... now ttun with 7 rounds 4-7 and OSU 1.... Of course the dude that does the Michigan Podcast will say there is not a talent gap because of the number of guys they send to the NFL combine but this draft should tell the goofball the difference in the talent - the talent gap is very clear! And it will be worse next year....