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Comment 28 Mar 2019
Groupies have hold on this team. If you arent in that group you dont get the ball in position to score. Proly see aherens leave next kid is a pure shooter scores 29 next game gets 2 shots. Groupies clearly were holding the ball awsy from.him clearly. Ever see michst or duke or purdues coaches meet a player at half court when they errent getting it to the shooter? Yep but not at ohio state coach wouldnt dare rip anyone here because as they proved with urban meyer our administration wont back up our coaches why we dont have urban any longer.
Comment 07 Mar 2019
We have one shooter yet when he is in the game all he does is set picks for players that have cleary proven they cannot shoot and will never be able to shoot. How do you go off for 29 then next game get 2 fucking shots. Who really runs this team this shit is pathetic. Hey here is a game plan for you lets have the 4 guys that are a total of 8 percent from the field running their asses off setting picks for our 1 shooter instead of him running his ass off for players that cant shoot. Boom!
Comment 12 Feb 2019
Hmm funny how dumbo sweenie waited till after signing day to mention they accidentaly put peds in the players food for 4 years. Lol tress got 5 year ban over tats ncaa is a fuvking farce joke. Lol he really is an idiot like 2 years ago he bragged seven of our players have been to 7 bowl games lol hmm ley me do the math. And now he said wr might have accidentally put them on peds seriously.
Comment 27 Jan 2019
Yea sure talk to the powers that be in the bigten he will soon learn. Just urban meyer learned. 5 years ago urban complained to the bigten office about the bigten terrible officiating. Since that time ohio state averaged over 100 penalities a year. Ranking most in the bigten almost every year and this most in the entire country of all college football teams with over 1000 yards in penalities. So coach will find out who controls the out come of the bigten. It clearly isnt decided by the players! Theres your BOOOM. BIGTEN REFS SUCK WORST IN YHE ENTIRE WORLD
Comment 23 Jan 2019
Having refed. The real problem is most refs shouldnt be allowed on THE field. They are just plain ass bad,but never really get penalized for being bad. Having refed with terrible refs it is the worst feeling in the world when you know the guy you are with sucks and it tends to get you out of position so bad calls are made. Answer make it more difficult to get your license. Instead of giving an open book test. Make them watch plays at full speed and field level myst pass these tests. Instead of just handing out these nobs to buds of buds.
Comment 12 Dec 2018
People like yourself puts toooooo much into losses A loss is A loss 12 wins are 12 wins conference championships are conference championship stop playing secpn ,s excuse game on any given day in the bigten anyone could beat you noone can say that about the sec ir acc so stop trying to compare it like we all play the same calaiber of schools and coaches bigten has proven it in the last several years it is clearly tougher conference
Comment 12 Dec 2018
The ohio state university should dump the worthless pc of shit bigten let them sink to tge bottom with their shitty refs. Ohio state clearly has a target on our backs not only from the shitty refs but from lay down delany so piss on this shitty conference become independent pick the teams we want to play, so we dont have to go places like shitty iowa and prudue and get 12 or 13 flags thrown against us so shitty 7-5 teams look good. Then use it as an excuse to leave us out of playoff screw the bigten and its hacks
Comment 10 Dec 2018
Hmm never ceases to amaze me how supposed secpn procrastinators are sooo smart as to who is always the best (anyone other than ohio state) but arent smart enough to be able to do the right thing also. Blaming their enormous amount of viewership on cable cutters instead of their clear sec biased and their other liberal adjendas lol yea wevare all fools right good thing they have disney to dump millions on secpn lol havent watched anything secpn lol
Comment 06 Dec 2018
Hmm lots of people miss a huge point here. Watching Urban in the press conference after the Drakster threw him under the bus. It was clear to me that Coach Meyer would not be back after this year. I told my wife that day he would not be back. Regardless of headaches or whatever. He clearly should not be responsible for 2 physco idiots that could care less about anyone or anything except about themselves. Clearly from court filings the determination was they both are at fault. So when the Drakster clearly did not back Coach up in anyway shape or form clearly being the weasel Drakester is Urban had his mind made at the point. Anyone knows that feeling working for people thst dont bavk u up kmow what im talking about so I say urban decided im out of here before other stupid people do stupid shit that im not responsble for and blame me so im out! Boom!
Comment 04 Dec 2018
Having watched the bigten refs hang 13 flags on ohio state the last 4 years. It is clear noone in the bigten likes what urban has done at ohio state. And it is clear from the bullshit calls you see against ohio state that noone else gets laughable calls just like this past weekend. Against northwestern. Northwestern ball carrier runnong down sideline we on defense get call for low block when our defender is trying to stop ball carrier i mean come on how is that even posdible. Its just one ofvthe many shitty calls noone on earth gets. Also the 2 games we lost past 2 years iowa and purdue ckearly shady officiating was a big part of those losses. So you know what piss on the bigten lay down delany he is just as bad as the drakester and dumbass gene smith knowing when he got on the cfp committee he would have to excuse himself from voting on ohio state what a dumbass. And their lack of support for coach meyer. It truly is a sad day in the bigten and at the ohio state univerdityState university with the lack of leadership we have pathetic weak people that call themselves leaders gross
Comment 24 Oct 2018
Or maybe he watched the tape saw 6 calls either missed or were wrong that set the table for 28 of his points hmm maybe he saw there was no face mask that kept a drive alive or maybe he saw on the 2 long td runs clearly jolding that sprong both or maybe he saw roughing the kicker was blocked into the kicker or maybe he saw the fumble was spoted 7 yards to far for first dowm hmmm just saying maybe he made an informed decision after watching the film?
Comment 23 Oct 2018
Hmm basic difference between score of purdue game was refs reset the table 4 or 5 times for purdue which the refs didnt do for ohio state missed hold calls on long td runs obivious. So to scott frost we had 12 flags couple were picked up same as last year on iowa, with a different offuciating crew in the next game we had only 2 flags so dont expect same benefit as iowa and purdue got bigyen refs are the worst on the country they continually make game changing bad calls missed calls. No way do teams go from 12 flags one week to 2 the next week. Hence this is the explaination where shitty 7-5 teams are able to supposed dominate championship caliber teams. Theres your Boom bigten in over your head refs
Comment 25 Aug 2018
you are exactly right, but when you have an educated idiot president capatain drake that cant happen. Captain drake must go he is to educated to understand that his not more trained to handle situations like this than the tens of thoudands of police persons,lawyers,and prosecutors we have in this country drake must go
Comment 25 Aug 2018
hmm where to start. this article is perfect example of what happens when you get educated idiots involved. like the problem with leaving the decison up to capatain Drake another educated idiot. point making the ohio state university bigger than what it is in yhe realm of being just a college in the united states of america. where we already have over 30 thousand laws on the books to handle every conceiveable law breaking situation imaganable. so instead of allowing some of the tens of thousands of police persons lawyers prosecutors to decide if laws were broken our educated idiot decides he is going to be judge jury and excutioner. and just like this article writer for some unexplainable reason you all think just like Captain Drake seem to think you are more qualified to be judge jury and excutioner some how. how is that even posible were you all trained in law enforcement? it seems it is just your opinion thats why we have laws so we dont penalize people on just some educated idiots opinion. that my friends is exactly what hsppened here to coach meyer. we have a process in this country it has worked use it dont make up shit as we go to apease a few liberal turds
Comment 04 Aug 2018
Hmm seems like a lot of brain power to say shes a physco bitch with a drinking problem and her hubby is also a drunk and gene smith never does his job and always throws someone under the bus and still is here. There now that wasnt so hard was it. I did it at no cost
Comment 24 Jun 2018

hmm remember a bamer player how did that go saboton to them he knew better than the law knew, what was it again a player with a stolen gun in a stolen car with drugs? cant remember how that went lol, anyway didn't miss a game let alone get kicked off the team lol just saying

Comment 03 May 2018

I believe the major difference is at Ohio State Coach is more honest going in with his recruits, that everyone has to compete for their spot and playing time. I think coach satan sugar coats it guarantees this that and the other, then when recruits sees its different than what he told them they are ready to bolt. just sayin

Comment 19 Mar 2018
Terrible refing has change to game something i do not reconize horrible calls blantant missed calls and calls that didnt happen this why so many ugly losses i hate tjis game now they call college basketball