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Comment 02 Jan 2016

What was frustrating this year was after our loss to Sparty (which to this day still blows my mind) we drop to #8.  After slaying Blue we only go up one slot to 7. Our D was a top 3 D giving up 13.75 points per game and we end up in the Fiesta with one loss on a last second field goal. The committee by ranking us 7 says that we are the worst one loss team in America (not counting Houston). How could that committee sit there and say at the end of the regular season that Ohio State was any worse than Alabama, Sparty, Oklahoma, Iowa or a two loss Stanford with that defense? Does anyone believe that any BIG 12 team was better than Ohio State? That conference plays no D whatsoever. You have to expand to 8 teams...it covers all one loss teams and solves it on the field. Having said that, if we aren't pleased with a 12-1 season it's time to realign priorities in life.

Comment 01 Jan 2016

After watching those two playoff games last night...the committee got it wrong. This love affair with Okla was so predictable. Big 12 teams are not very good...no D in that conference for years. Sparty was living right all year and we contributed to it. Hopefully we can come out today and show the nation who the best team is in the BIG.

Comment 01 Jan 2016

Go Bucks!!  A number of years ago about the time that the movie was first released, the real Rudy was my company's guest speaker at our national sales meeting...a few hundred people at least. Our company was hosting a group of people from Japan...not many in the group but a table or two of people sitting up front near the stage. Rudy comes on and starts to tell his story (he's a horrible speaker and story teller BTW)  So as he gets started telling "The Rudy Story" he looks down to the group of people from Japan seated at the table near the stage and squints his eyes and says in a Japanese voice..."Oh rook... Japanese!!!"  The room was horrified. He was a total dickhead. The worst guest speaker that I have ever heard.

Buckeyes: 38 ND: 13

Comment 19 Dec 2015

Can't wait to watch Mitchell play. Those highlight videos are sick.  For those who say he isn't going to make a difference...he certainly isn't going to make the situation any worse.  The dude has some skills.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Just trying to run through scenarios...If Sparty beats Iowa...wouldn't Hawks stay ranked above Ohio St? They are undefeated and playing in BIG conf. championship game.  Now if Sparty destroys Iowa that's a different story, but if they squeak by...Thoughts?

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Unfortunately we are on the outside looking in this year. Defending National Champs with one loss by a FG to a top 5 team and all of a sudden Bama and OK are better than us. OK lost to TX. Bama lost to a mediocre Ole Miss.  Oh well....it is what it is. Playoff needs to be 8 teams.  Great year and just a thrill to watch that butt-kicking yesterday.  GO BUCKS!!

Comment 23 Nov 2015

The coaching staff as Woody used to say "CLUTCHED"

Comment 22 Nov 2015

He has earned the right. And he is right. He has guts and he said something that might be unpopular. Good will come from what he said and as Buckeyes we will benefit in the future. I am sure this wasn't the first time it was stated. And when you don't feel like people are listening you step up. He's a great kid and a competitor. Thanks for everything Zeke. You are a helluva young man.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

It was a helluva run and it had to end sometime. It will be interesting to see if they can rebound. I think it will be tough...it appears as though the locker room is in a bit of turmoil.  I think the players feel like they are expected to be 100% effective everyday...that their lives are always under the microscope. Be this, be that.  Work your tails off go to class get good grades stay out of trouble...be the best in the weight room etc etc.  Meanwhile the offensive coaching staff has sucked all year.  They are pissed. Not sure I blame them.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Normally I would say Zeke should keep comments in house. But when a situation festers for a long period of time and there is no change, frustration sets in and it is clear that he and many (including fan base) have been frustrated all year. Urban is a great coach...tough job to repeat this year. Maybe a bigger coaching job than last year. But here are some things that I think have contributed to this year: 1. Urban miscalculated on replacing Tom Herman. The Warinner/Beck combo fell flat on its face and they struggled all year to find the right formula. 2. The QB controversy festered all year and the problem really wasn't the QBs it was the situations that they were put in all year from a poor play calling perspective. This has been boiling all year and finally Zeke said it last night. 3. Urban/OCs never figured out that they had a Heisman Trophy winner in the backfield and didn't put a scheme together to ride that horse. The offensive personnel has been confused all year wondering what plan they are being asked to execute.

Finally, this should have been the best O Line that we have had in recent history and the staff spent all year playing pocket pool instead of playing Ohio State Football.  Urban said a few years back that our linebackers were not "Ohio Stateish" This year our offensive staff, Urban included were not Ohio Stateish. Yesterday was the worst coaching offensive coaching effort that I have witnessed in 30+ years. Not disappointed in the loss...it could only last so long...but disappointed in how the offensive staff laid down. That was pathetic. It's been pathetic all year...didn't get the ball to Miller all year, didn't stretch the field ever and didn't ride Zeke. They are getting paid millions and that isn't millionish. Give me a little I formation on occasion and GO BUCKS.