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Comment 01 Sep 2019

the offense was outscored over the final 3 quarters - and fields plays offense. yet, you aren't concerned about anything?

how about: 

- from the snap, he focuses on one receiver and doesn't look over the field for a seconary option.

- any time he had any pressure, he looked uncomfortable

-when he takes the snap - he tends to stand in place which leaves him much too close (around 3 yards) to the line and the pressure. most qbs take the snap and back up a little bit.

- multiple times he should have thrown the ball away yesteday  and didn't

his athleticism and talent is evident. but he better straighten out some of this sooner rather than later.

Comment 01 Sep 2019

easy - it's football. anyone who takes it too serious has personal issues. plus, it helps to be a realist. i'm a  long-time bucks fan (over 40 years) and i want them to do well every year - but i see this team could struggle against good competition. fields looks talented but with a lot to learn. line was up and down yesterday and i still don't think borland looks as effective as the other LBs. the read option wasn't run very well yesterday and dobbins struggled to find room to run for much of the 2nd/3rd quarters. it'll be interesting to see how the team does against another team of equal ability.

it might not be pretty at times this year; BUT - it's only a game.

Comment 01 Sep 2019

the one thing i took from fields is this: when he had time and guys were wide open, he seemed comfortable. when he had any pressure and his primary receiver was covered - he looked confused/rattled......and it was against florida atlantic. this better get worked out or we'll have 3 losses this year.

the one thing i took from the defense - they're fast.....REAL fast. i think they'll be fine but i have to believe browning and mitchell will play more instead of werner/borland.