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Comment 14 Nov 2019

no doubt. that part at the end when he's talking about offense and "running plays off of plays" and when he said "if you're just running a bunch of plays - you're NOT running an offense" -  i loved all that.  i wouldn't trade coach Day for any other coach - including urban. i don't think anyone (and i include myself) knew what to fully expect coming into this season - but, at this point, it looks like OSU hit the jackpot by hiring Day.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

SO TRUE, novabuckeye!!!!!! i wish i could upvote your comment 10 times. urban was not longer the guy for the job - poor asst coaching hires and his RPO offense was gettting too stale and predictable.  i don't know if anyone noticed - but at halftime of the wisconsin game we were up 10-0. as the players were leaving the field, i could hear urban saying to the other commentators "ohio state needs to use more quarterback runs to loosen up the wiscy defense". and i just sat there thinking we are SO LUCKY to have coach day.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

HE DID HAVE A CHANCE. and the resultsN (so far)  weren't nearly  as good. he had poor asst coaches to shoulder some of the blame - but there is no getting around ryan day has brought urbans team to a level URBAN was NOT able to achieve. not to mention the team seems to be having more fun; playing more efficiently, and is more confident than any buckeye team i remember  in recent years. and i won't even discuss the 2 30 point blowout losses. 

also, i keep hearing about urbans "infrastructure" and how wonderful it was - that's all well and good, but urban wasn't able to use his own brilliant infrastructure to get us to the playoffs the last 3 years (and the year before that when he got us there he was blown out by 31)

urbans career is legendary, for sure. but the last few years he's shown to have had some issues. i'm not about to disrespect what ryan day is achieving by giving credit to urban for the success of the buckeyes now. we're lucky to have coach day.