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Comment 07 Sep 2016

FYI, not that it will matter, they have expanded the stadium closing in the south endzone.  The stadium's capacity will reportedly be bumped from 82,112 to more than 90,000.  They are getting close, but I still don't think it will be in the same league.  I'll be at the game and will find out soon! 

Comment 05 Jul 2016

I'm in Oklahoma.  Don't underestimate the sooners.  They have a solid quarterback and good defense.  I do think they have some holes but don't underestimate them.  I have found that the estimations of the B1G and Ohio State tend to be way off base.  I say this because I listen to local sports radio as well as follow Ohio State and the B1G.  When they mention the B1G and/or Ohio State they are usually speaking without knowledge.  I say this because I am hearing a lot of the same thing coming the other way now with the Buckeyes coming to Norman this year. 

I am patiently waiting until August to see how the teams exit their camps.

Comment 19 Jun 2016

I humbly apologize for my failure.  I was in a hurry.  It was no excuse.  First attempt at Forum post = Failure!  Sorry.

Comment 20 Oct 2015

I thought that Meyer said something about the look that Penn State was giving us and how they were aligned that also made J.T. the better option for "this game".  Meyer is a great coach and great coaches make adjustments and figure out what works and then run with it.  It sounded to me like they realized that J.T. was going to have more success and so they went that route.   That is not to say that Rutgers or any other team will present the same opportunities.  And depending on the alignments and capabilities, I think Meyer is keeping his options open to use what works. 

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Beating Michigan, now a tier-two team, is the new norm.     - Ouch

Comment 03 Aug 2015

Being a Buckeye stuck in the middle of Sooner country, I hear about "The Kick" all the time.  It is always funny to me how they don't remember us coming down to Norman a few years later and beating then #2 Oklahoma 24-14. 

The temperature on the Owen Field turf reached 135-degrees before the game, but from the start, it was the Ohio State line that dominated. In the opening quarter, Buckeyes' junior quarterback Mike Tomczak completed his first two throws to run his string to 12 completions in a row to tie a school record. He then passed 16 yards to senior All-Big Ten tight end John Frank, Jewish but still playing on Yom Kippur, for a touchdown, and then the pair hooked up again from 15 yards out just four minutes into the second period, and with Rich Spangler's two extra points, Ohio State jumped out to a 14-0 lead.

The Sooners lost start sophomore running back Marcus Dupree, who had gained only 30 yards on six carries and had a costly turnover, with about nine minutes left until halftime when he bruised his knee. A bit later, freshman back Spencer Tillman scored on a 37-yard run, and Tim Lashar's extra point cut the Ohio State lead in half, 14-7.

The Buckeyes opened the second half and drove 57 yards down the field, capped by senior fullback Vaughn Broadnax's two-yard run, which put the visitors ahead 21-7. It stayed that way until late in the period, when Oklahoma junior quarterback Danny Bradley connected with freshman split end Derrick Shepard on a 22-yard touchdown pass, and Lasher's kick pulled the Sooners back to within seven, 21-14.

However, that was as close as Oklahoma was to get, and Spangler kicked a 21-yard field goal to increase the lead to 24-14 with 9:15 to play. It also closed out the scoring, and the Buckeyes pulled the upset. It was their 17th straight win in a road opener, and it also denied Switzer his milestone 100th victory.

Source: Jeff Linkowski

Payback is a .......

Comment 23 Jul 2015

First of all, if you are going to this next year when we are preparing to threepeat, please put out the reasons we won't article first.  It just flows better that way.

Secondly, E+R=O :   Repeating is not easy and Injuries reasons.  E+R=O.  It is what they teach, it is what they preach.  It is how we avoid any pitfalls relating to injuries and Events that are out of our control.  As far as complacency, The Grind, Urban Meyer, nuff said! 

For these reasons, I believe your reasons are null and void. 

Go Buckeyes!