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Comment 3 hours ago

And you do have to remember that some of these kids went from OSU right to Atlanta for the Rivals event, and may be going right to the Opening next week (not sure if you get invited to both or one or the other but still).

Some of these kids haven't been home yet 

Comment 4 hours ago

Yea but both are top 100 players and Miller will have an entire year in the system before McCord.

2021 rankings are much more likely to change than 2020 rankings (although both sets will).

It's fine to just say you meant you think McCord will be starting when he's a rFR or true sophomore over Miller.  But your delivery can use some work 

Comment 6 hours ago

In this photo, Bresee looks in much better shape than those I see of him at other times.  He looks a bit out of shape in a lot of his photos, but he looks like a thick dude here

Comment 7 hours ago

I have toned down a bit from when I was 25 or so.  I am 34 now.

I would say compared to the 11w group here I am a 6.5 or 7.  Compared to my friends who went to OSU, I know more about the football program/recruiting than any of them

Comment 24 Jun 2019

Zeke and Bijan are of very similar size.  I think Zeke was 225 when he left, but probably in the 205 range when he got to OSU.  

Comment 24 Jun 2019

Think they have a full table of hats for when the guys get there, and think he just grabbed those 3.  I'm not sure of that but there was a tweet with hundreds of hats on tables 

Comment 24 Jun 2019

Well...you had 6 guys on your list, so are you 5/6 or 6/6?

Oh, really right now you are only 2/6, as the other may be silents but haven't gone public 

Comment 24 Jun 2019

That should work.

Embed tweet, copy it, hit the twitter "embed a tweet" above on the posting screen, then when you preview it it should work 

Comment 24 Jun 2019

As we are after official visits, of course they are going to say the visit went well etc.  It probably did.  I think if Robinson goes back home, looks at depth charts and the other players in the past couple of recruiting classes, he is going to see 2 schools fully capable of getting to the playoffs in his 3-4 years there.  The depth charts at his position look similar as well.

Comment 24 Jun 2019

I would love Adams and one of the APB you mentioned.  I think Adams has the potential to be a damn good college RB when he adds 15-20 pounds on his frame.

I would be thrilled with that haul honestly.  My dream scenario is Robinson and Adams

Comment 24 Jun 2019


Gee Scott: 48 receptions, 654 yards, 6 TDs as a junior, 35 receptions, 778 yards and 9 TDs as a sophomore

Julian Fleming: 78 receptions, 1524 yards, 22 TDs as a junior, 69 receptions, 1462 yards, and 20 TDs as a sophomore

Jaxon Smith-Njigba: 97 receptions, 1828 yards, 20 TDs as a junior, 83 receptions, 1328 yards and 9 TDs as a sophomore

I'm a broken record in saying this, but I think Smith-Njigba is still being underrated on the services (and this is after a huge jump in the rankings recently).  Guy had 1800 yards and 20 TDs last season against the best Texas has to offer.  Those are the best numbers of any of our 3 WRs, and he did it against better competition.  I think he may end up being a slot guy (like Hill) and being extremely productive in that role.

Just thought I'd help break up the day until we get some more booms 

And at the conclusion of the game it is a: WHY NOT ALL 3?

Comment 23 Jun 2019

Give me like an 8 commit video...6 minutes long of promoting Day and how genuine he is as a person, which is what OSU is turning into.  It is a great education with top of the line football potential to win national titles, and opportunities both during and after your football career.  There are not many schools who have that combination 

Comment 23 Jun 2019

Potentially, but he had only been to OSU for a few hours previously, so OSU had to kill this visit (I had no doubts they would).

Hope we can bring him into the fold as he could help Jack Miller with some of the Zona boys in this class and in the future (wouldn't mind a bigger pipeline in that state going forward)

Comment 23 Jun 2019

No chance is a stretch.  The chances certainly aren’t high for sure

What if 2-3 guys leave Clemson’s class? What if OSU gets ricks Evans and Bijan? No one can predict 6 months down the road with 17 year olds 

Comment 22 Jun 2019

So you don't care about spring game stats or the game, yet you said he didn't impress you in the spring game?

Then you say that Teague did impress you IN THE SAME SPRING GAME?