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Comment 02 Apr 2020

Apparently Lewis has a "handler", the same one who was the "handler" for Donell Harris from Miami last year who signed with A&M.

Yea having a handler isn't good most of the time 

Comment 02 Apr 2020

Always a challenge to keep all kids committed anyway, and I think he was more just saying that will be even a bigger challenge with no ability to get the OOS kids back to Ohio

My opinion of course 

Comment 31 Mar 2020

If our 5th guys is a 4* talent who is a good player, you take him IMO.  Obviously the staff has an idea of numbers and where they will use the last 1-2 scholarships but there are a number of guys OSU could get that are solid 4* kids.  

Comment 30 Mar 2020

I take it as who cares if they say fact/fiction, but more read the reasoning on things after it.  There can be some good info in the details

Comment 30 Mar 2020


2. Kamar Wilcoxson will end up at Ohio State.

Farrell’s take: FICTION. The talented defensive back has already decommitted from Florida twice and has been erratic to say the least on social media. Ohio State appears to be Kamar Wilcoxson's current favorite and it would be no surprise if he committed when he can take a visit. However, will he stick? He’s one of the more dramatic prospects in this class and it wouldn't be a surprise to see more commitments and decommitments from him, so right now I’m going to say he ends up someplace else down the line.

Gorney’s take: FICTION. Ohio State is probably the leader at this point but Wilcoxson still has a lot way to go in his recruitment and as we’ve seen so far, anything could happen with the four-star safety. He has already decommitted twice from Florida but the Gators are not completely out of it yet. Georgia Tech is going to make a run at him along with Tennessee, Miami, Alabama and others. He’s supposed to visit Ohio State in June if the coronavirus travel ban is lifted and that could be a huge visit but my prediction is a lot of twists and turns along the way.

Comment 27 Mar 2020

Yea he is doing a good job, may help if MSU is down for a period of time.  

There's a fully established hierarchy in the B1G east, it's OSU/PSU/Michigan/MSU then the others 

Comment 24 Mar 2020


Ranking the contenders: J.T. Tuimoloau

1. Ohio State

The Buckeyes have been trending for Tuimoloau, especially if he wants to leave the Pacific Northwest. The five-star who could play either defensive end or defensive tackle is intrigued by playing for coach Ryan Day and position coach Larry Johnson, he loves the history and tradition in Columbus and it helps that former Sammamish (Wash.) Eastside Catholic teammate Gee Scott Jr. just signed with the Buckeyes.

It will be important to see when Tuimoloau schedules an official visit to Ohio State and how he thinks about that program after the visit. With the Buckeyes’ outstanding history along the defensive line and now a close friend on the roster, Ohio State should be in really strong shape throughout Tuimoloau’s recruitment.

Comment 24 Mar 2020


How things stand with top uncommitted 2021 DEs

op contenders: Ohio State, Washington, Oregon, USC

Recruiting outlook: Tuimoloau’s commitment timeline is a little up in the air right now but there is no question Ohio State has momentum. The Buckeyes are surging but there is no way Washington, Oregon, and USC are going to give up without a fight. There are a lot of ties to Washington and the in-state school is doing all they can to keep him close to home. USC and Oregon are very much in the race as well.

Farrell's take: Ohio State appears to be the leader here according to most while USC and Oregon try to sell him on staying west. However I think his home state school, Washington, will be the biggest threat to the Buckeyes. But right now I have Ohio State.

Top contenders: Ohio State, Florida, Alabama, Texas A&M

Recruiting outlook: The Buckeyes appear to be a mainstay near the top of Adeleye’s list and just recently Florida flipped with Alabama to join Ohio State as the top contenders. The Aggies, Buckeyes and Crimson Tide were going to host him this spring but those visits have been postponed. Adeleye would like commit in early August.

Farrell's take: The Gators have made a move but Ohio State has a solid lead here in my opinion and he could commit anytime.

Comment 23 Mar 2020


Ohio State seems to be the school to watch for four-star tight end Hudson Wolfe. The Tennessee-based star remains high on Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Georgia and others, but those close to the 6-foot-6 prospect say the Buckeyes sit in the driver's seat for now. Wolfe's last visit came to Knoxville, however, so the Vols have positioned themselves well to push Ohio State in the coming weeks while recruiting is stopped.

Comment 20 Mar 2020


2. Defensive end JT Tuimoloau is a lock for Ohio State.

Farrell’s take: FICTION. There are a lot of rumors that the five star defensive end is a lock for Ohio State. Don’t get me wrong here, he could very well end up as a Buckeye and likely will, but I don’t think this is done already.

Why? He is still interested in home- state school Washington as well as Oregon and USC, so luring him from the West Coast might not be as easy as some think. Once again, I feel strongly he could end up at Ohio State. But a lock? Nah.

Gorney’s take: FICTION. There is no question Tuimoloau could end up at Ohio State, but Washington is also playing a major role in his recruitment and Oregon has done a great job of landing a lot of elite players out of the region. Selling him on being the next 

Arik Armstead
 could be huge. One reason I’m not ready to call Tuimoloau a lock anywhere is because I don’t think he’s put a ton of thinking into his recruitment yet, at least not enough to make a commitment this early. His teammate and friend, 
Gee Scott Jr., just signed with the Buckeyes, and they can recruit as well as anyone, but Washington will have a say here.

And just for fun from the same article

We also need to stop constantly comparing Michigan to Ohio State. I get that the two are rivals, but almost in name only at this point since the Buckeyes have beaten Michigan eight straight times, the longest streak for one school since the early 1900s. Ohio State’s success in recruiting doesn’t mean Michigan’s downfall and vice versa.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

To put it into a bit more perspective and add to what you're saying, last year's class, which was a very good class overall, had 7 top 100 kids.  This years class as of now has 9.

It's pretty special 

Comment 18 Mar 2020

Spooner I know we are 8 months until signing day, but I think you can drop a ton of the names on the Big board.  For example, isn't RB Henderson and Edwards and that's it? Same for WR with Egbuka and Stelleto?  

I guess it's better to be overinclusive as of now, but I think there are really only 20 or so names left total that OSU is probably looking at. Hell on the 247 crystal balls for OSU there are only 33 names total (many of them in the class or guys we are very high on the list, and a few that have fallen off like Kirk and Story).

It's crazy to be here in March 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

I'm not saying this in a sappy way, but Edwards was OSU's top target for multiple years. It has been reported here as well as by Birm.  If you're the top guy, you should be waited on right?

Maybe they told Edwards the situation and gave him the shot, and he said he wasn't ready to make a call yet.

I hope we can hear this story soon 

Comment 16 Mar 2020

Figure Sermon news kind of belongs here too:


1. Oklahoma RB transfer Trey Sermon will end up at Ohio State.

Farrell’s take: FACT. The Oklahoma transfer-to-be seems very interested in the Buckeyes and I assume the interest is mutual. Ohio State is looking for a back to replace J.K. Dobbins and Trey Sermon can do many of the same things despite being a big back. His receiving skills are underappreciated and he’s a great fit for what Ryan Day wants to do on offense.

Gorney’s take: FACT. Sermon is really talented and he could be a huge boost to any program's offense and Ohio State looks like a perfect landing spot for someone highly-skilled who was not getting as much opportunity at his old school. The Buckeyes need to replace Dobbins and Master Teague is injured, so someone could step right in and have a huge season. Other programs desperate for a running back will try to get Sermon, there but I’m picking Ohio State for him.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

Good stuff, seems confidence is going up for OSU.  Pryor Edwards would be about as good a combo as you can expect.  Maybe we can hit the trifecta 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

Seriously I'm not a bagman guy but wtf:

“You know I was really set on Ohio State,” Hancock told Lettermen Row. “My family and my friends knew I was going to Ohio State.

“I had an Ohio State [game] controller, Ohio State blankets. In my head I was committed to Ohio State. That one visit to Clemson changed my mind.”