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Comment 1 hour ago

You have absolutely no idea if that's true.  What if he tears a hamstring or has grade issues or doesn't bloom quickly.  What if he has way too much depth in front of him to play a lot of snaps.  I mean this year he's at best 3rd string.  As I said in another thread talk from camp is he is better than anticipated, but that doesn't mean he's better than any of Friday/Smith/Cooper/Young at this stage.  If he isn't, you redshirt him if you can 

Comment 3 hours ago

And Cooper started last year, so it gives our younger guys more reps if he has to miss any time.  He could miss game one, play 15 snap game 2, 25 game 3, 40 game 4 and be back by the meat of the schedule as you indicate.

I wonder if Harrison benefits the most in terms of "snaps" these first 3 games.  With the RS rule and getting 4 games, you could theoretically give a guy you want to redshirt a ton of snaps early on in the season so he can see the speed of the game etc., then redshirt him when Cooper is back healthy 

Comment 22 hours ago

Was said throughout recruitment but have heard some things in camp that indicate he may be more ready than anyone anticipated.  Basically said he was looking big and strong and his technique had improved quite a bit

Comment 24 hours ago

I watch 2-3 games a Saturday.  Most of the day is devoted to it.  I lift in the morning, then watch some gameday/fox/B1G pregame then watch the noon et bangers.  I'm central time so it's all earlier which is great 

Comment 24 hours ago

Not saying this is nothing at all, but USUALLY when there is something like that social media blows up with teammates wishing their teammate well etc.  

I take that as a generally good sign 

Comment 20 Aug 2019

It's also coachspeak.  Everyone and their mom knew Fields would be the starter, so you have to give a reason if you are going to delay the inevitable.  Now all those things of course could be true, but it doesn't change that he had to give a reason why he wasn't the starter 3 months ago 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

It sure sounds like Fields is behind in grasping the offense and sounds more and more like it wasn't a smokescreen

What is this statement even based on? Because Day didn't make him the starter on day 1 and say he is an amazing student of the game and better than Tom Brady?

Comment 19 Aug 2019

There has been a "Dallas to Austin" movement that the 2020 recruits have been living on a bit.  Perhaps they are trying to add JSN.  I just know that he was a forgotten receiver inside the state for a year.  It never made sense to me 

Comment 16 Aug 2019

we saw what happens when he played against good defenses in the CFP, ineffective at best.

Passing: 19/37 308 8.3 2 0 72.1

Rushing: 17 109 6.4 1 23

415 total yards of ineffectiveness 

Comment 16 Aug 2019

I am a huge Larry Johnson fan, but he has never orchestrated the turnaround we saw from a position group like Warriner did in 2014.  Now he hasn't had to, since his units have recruited better and been deeper since he got here (mostly due to him), but i will give Warriner his due as a position coach.  Our 2014 OL was nasty by midway through the season

Comment 16 Aug 2019

Looked better last night for sure

just a learning process. Better to take chances in preseason to get a more accurate feel of how things go and figure out timing live 

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I thought Jeremy Cash would be an All-American at OSU.  His demeanor and everything about him screamed AA to me.  Granted that was during the end of the Tressel era.  I remember him saying he left Florida cause he didn't want to play for Meyer, then he ended up in Columbus...playing for Meyer and transferring.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I will never understand how anyone (not 11w but anyone) predicts the playoff winners/losers right now.  I think you can get to the point where you say "I think these 5 teams will win their conferences and ND will be X-X as their record" but I don't know how you can predict anything further.

If you think OSU goes 12-1 in the regular season/B1G title game,then we have a good shot to be in the playoffs.  This team at 12-1 should have everything you want to win the whole thing (DT QB who has found a groove, Top 10 RB, Experienced and deep OL, Great WR core, Dominate DL and good secondary).  LB are a question for sure, but if you're going to predict 12-1 before the playoffs, may as well predict 14-1 winning the whole thing

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Imagine how painful it would have been watching his backup get burned by not even being in the right position all season.  I get it, people are frustrated with how the LBers played last season.  The coaching staff thought Borland, who was coming back from an achilles injury, was better than Mitchell and Browning last season.  That doesn't for one minute give you pause about how bad those 2 must have been last season? 

Coaches don't want to lose games.  No matter what people think about Greg and Bill last season, they weren't trying to lose.  They were trying to play the guys who would give OSU the best chance to win.  Sounds like the new staff is agreeing with them for the most part too 

Mitchell wasn't a 5* either