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Comment 22 hours ago

SOS is such a bullcrap metric.  

If Team A plays 12 games against teams 40-51 in the rankings and Team B plays 4 games against teams 1-4, and 8 games against teams 75-84, Team A will have the harder schedule.  Which schedule is tougher to go undefeated in?  The answer every time is schedule B

That's an extreme example but SOS is kind of a dumb metric 

Comment 14 Jan 2018

I think the SEC pays coordinators a ton, but if i recall OSU is in the top 15 or so in total assistant salaries, probably meaning our position coaches are extremely well paid 

Comment 10 Jan 2018

The issue is OSU fans are now saying we would win national titles if we benched Barrett, when there just isn't any shred of evidence to suggest it, and these posts are only beginning because Saban did it and it worked.  if it hadn't worked, it would have been a non-comment

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Told my coworker Tuesday morning before I came on here that the worst part of Bama winning wasn't Bama winning, it was that they benched their starter to do it and OSU fans would be "stupid" and say of course Meyer should have done that as well.

If Saban losses that game by 20, then people are saying he shouldn't have pulled Hurts.  The stupidity of the fanbase after a game not involving Ohio State is astounding.  

Comment 08 Jan 2018

Got it for Xmas and thus far have made:

Steak 3 times

Swordfish 1 time

Pork tenderloin one time

Pork chops 1 time

Yes basically every single day i've owned it I've used it

Comment 02 Jan 2018

Haha nothing is guaranteed.  Bama put up 260 yards of offense last night...Any team can beat a team who is that pedestrian on offense, and has been all season.  

OSU can stop the run, and could do so against Bama and UGA.  They wouldn't be able to run QB draws 15 times a game and move the ball on offense, but no reason to think they couldn't compete and win games 17-14 or types of scores.  

Comment 02 Jan 2018

No we didn't. 

OSU had better wins than TCU and Baylor in 2014.  OSU had a dominating road win over a top 10 opponent and a 60 point win over a top 15 opponent on the road.  Neither TCU nor Baylor had 2 wins that good.

Maybe some people justified it after the fact, but before those playoffs were played OSU was more deserving to be in than the Big 12 teams 

Comment 02 Jan 2018

Both Bama and Clemson are offensively challenged, and it showed last night.  Combined they had less than 450 yards.

UGA is offensively challenged as well, but OU couldn't stop anyone on the ground all year.  If OSU had pounded the rock for 4 quarters, they win in the Shoe.  

Urban needs to take a step back and let Wilson run the offense,  

Comment 31 Dec 2017

I would think we change from 4 guys getting 50ish% of the snaps to 3 guys getting 60% percent with the other 20% coming from somewhere else (2 DE spots 200% total reps then)

Comment 13 Dec 2017

The situation hasn't changed at OSU from last week really.  We added another DT, but we already had 2 studs before next week.

I think there is of course a chance, but probably not gonna be coming back this way 

Comment 13 Dec 2017

Maybe they should change the system, because to me average should be the most important.  Having 3*s be in the upper 80s makes them too close to the 5*s.

5*s can be 90-100 points

4*s can be 60-89 points

3*s can be 31-59

Then there is a big difference between Vincent and Hooker, as opposed to the 10 or so point gap they have according to the ratings now

Comment 12 Dec 2017

Coaching changes are happening earlier now due to this new signing day.  Schools want the new staffs to be ready to go before this signing day.  Less coaches will be staying with their old programs through bowl games for sure

I don't think it is much crazier, it's just earlier.  Last year we had the Wade stuff going on, and the Darnay Holmes stuff but it was later and after the new year so cfb was for the most part over.  Now it's before bowl season and everyone is scrambling for recruits AND prepping for bowl games  

Comment 06 Dec 2017

It was a home and home originally that got moved to a neutral site.

Pairing it with the Cotton Bowl gives our coaching staff multiple opportunities for kids to come out and watch OSU play/practice for recruiting.  In the past, the recruiting group has said they want to play non-conference games in areas where they want to recruit.  Aside from OU, you can see that (Cal/Miami/VT/Texas/USC).  

Comment 04 Dec 2017

As I said in the skull session yesterday, not going to defend Barrett heavily after his performance.  gave away easy points to a team who had no business on the field with the buckeyes.  Overthrew a good number of throws.  

As I said, and is pointed out above, his WRs dropped 3 for sure first downs (1 probably being a TD) that likely would have led to points based on field position and how OSU was easily gaining first downs consistently.  

As pointed out in a forum post, OSU was just too inconsistent too often. Dominated the stats against PSU and Wisconsin, and won by a combined 7 points 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

JT Barrett is way better than Pryor ever was in college.  For all the "accuracy" issues people have with Barrett, they must not remember Pryor at all.  Guy was a 61% passer at OSU, and had 27 TD passes in one year of his 3.  Barrett has more in 2 of his 4.  

Troy Smith had 3 first round WRs on his teams (Holmes Ginn and Gonzales).  Name the first round WRs Barrett played with...I'll be waiting a long time 

I would take Barrett over Pryor and Brax as QBs for sure, and probably even with Smith

Comment 03 Dec 2017

In some ways I don't mind the overthrows as much as other people.  Taking the shots, even if they don't result in points, have often resulted in PIs, big plays, or the ability to run between the tackles.  

OSU's offense needs to take those shots.  Hitting some is a huge bonus (and we will need to hit a couple), but really it opens up the rest of the offense more the rest of the game