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Comment 06 Dec 2017

I, for one, am not a fan of 8-team playoff.  I just don't think there are 8 teams every year that are worthy/deserving of playing for a Natty.  Honestly, this year, there weren't 4 deserving teams, why would we want 8?  3-loss Auburn would be in, based on the rankings.   I said it the year TCU got left out, we can't give up 55 points in a loss and think we should play for a title.  I am not mad we got left out, as I didn't think we deserved the spot due to our inconsistent play.  I am mad that the committee basically lied last week about Bama and OSU being razor thin margin.  That was bullshit.  There needs to be some uniformity with scheduling among all conferences, or some stricter adherence to what is required to make the playoff.  But I like the exclusivity of 4 teams.  In my opinion, there were only 2-3 teams this year that were deserving.

Comment 06 Dec 2017

After only 2 BIG games, have you seen enough to predict where we may fall in the conf standings?  And is a tourney birth (not NIT) attainable?  While not expecting a birth, they, like the football team, have looked great for stretches and close to atrocious for stretches.  If the turnovers can get remedied, I am hopeful for a surprising season from the BasketBucks.

Comment 05 Dec 2017

Like how they had to throw in Baker's crotch grabbing, since the alleged incident happened 2 days before the Kansas game.  Like how the hell does the crotch grab have anything to do with this story at all????  Pretty much hate all news media.  Bloggers for life!

Comment 11 Nov 2017

Something tells me the Iowa offense is going to make Wisky look like the '85 Bears.  It would just be soooo Iowa to to come out this week and look like the JV squad from Little Sisters of the Poor University.  

Comment 17 Oct 2017

I can't see ol' Butchy Jones surviving his debacle (we did everything to win except score TD's? I mean c'mon man!).  Are there any UT commits that we may shift our focus on?  Admittedly, I don't follow UT recruiting, so not sure there are even any there that would make sense, but we seem to hit the same geographic region pretty hard.  There has to be a ton of flips from UT.

Comment 28 Sep 2017

BK and it isn't even close.  I never saw Rutgers on Double Dare!

Comment 26 Sep 2017

Spot on with most of these concerns.  However the last one, regarding kicking, while it has been an issue, touchback percentage and/or distance per kick are not good measures, especially with Urbz philosophy on kickoffs.  The better metric would be opponents starting field position, in my opinion.  While not great, I think we would rank much better using that metric than a yards per kick or touchback percentage.  We simply don't try and have touchbacks. So in that regards, we are doing well!

Comment 04 May 2017

...Kellen Winslow soldiered into town