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Comment 3 hours ago

I really like Coach Day's approach - especially on the heels of the last two seasons.  He knows his challenge is to keep his uber-talented team focused every week. 

While I've been impressed by what I've seen from this squad so far this season, handily beating FAU, Cincinnati, Indiana and Miami (coming soon) is to be expected from a team with national championship aspirations.  The true tests on our schedule are still to come. 

But I have to admit, it's hard to resist the temptation of projecting these early performances on to the meat of the schedule - and perhaps, beyond. 

And clearly, Coach Day is looking at those kinds of lofty team goals.  But I also like the way he's trying to keep his players focused from week to week in the meantime - 

Comment 17 Sep 2019

I'm not going to say Fields is not going to be better than Lawrence (I certainly hope he will be) - but it's way too early to come to that conclusion yet.  Even though it's been against weak competition, I am extremely impressed by zero turnovers by our guy - especially, considering his relative lack of experience. 

But that brings me to a point I didn't see mentioned above:  While I respect what Swinney has been able to do at Clemson, Fields has the advantage of being coached by a fellow I believe to be one of the best young offensive minds in the game. 

Everybody talks about Fields' physical gifts - a very good arm and tremendous ability as a runner - but I'm most impressed by his intelligence and how well he's taken to Day's coaching in a fairly short period of time.  Resulting in very good numbers and most importantly, zero picks.

I'm just hoping we have the kind of season that results in a match-up between Fields and Lawrence -

Comment 16 Sep 2019

I'm liking everything I'm seeing from Coach Day so far - but it's way to early to compare him to any of our previous coaches - including UFM. 

He hasn't even gone up against a ranked team yet. 

Now - if he goes through the rest of our schedule (which I believe includes four or five ranked teams) without a loss - and gets in to the playoff and wins it? - - - Then, all bets are off.  Compare away -

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Agreed, Rill Dill.  I'm thinking a lot of commenters may be too young to remember that, like UFM, Tress had a national championship, (EB just missed one by a single point), Paul Brown had one, and of course, Woody had five! 

No one could be more appreciative of UFM than I am - but historically, he's in a group of a few excellent Ohio State coaches.  However, if actually winning championships is important - nobody in Buckeye history even approaches Woody. 

The fact is - any Ohio State coach has a practically built in advantage over nearly every other program in recruiting -

Comment 16 Sep 2019

It's not just a more natural fit at center (although, I do agree with that assessment).  It's better, more aggressive play across the line, in my opinion. 

Munford is more experienced, finally healthy - and thus, even better than last year.  Jackson is extremely experienced and a tough dude.  Myers is obviously smart enough to play center and he's probably the strongest guy on the team (with the exception of Togiai).  Davis may be the toughest of the bunch and quite talented.  And Bowen is picking up right where he left off as one of our better linemen. 

Even more importantly, Coach Stud has them playing very well as a unit.  And that's extraordinary, considering how long they've been playing together.  

Plus - as others have mentioned - having a legit running threat at QB is important. 

However, I'm not going to go overboard on praising anyone on the team until I see it against better competition.  But so far - so good -

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Isn't it fairly obvious there's an issue with depth at QB?. 

But, at this point, I'd add corner to the mix.  Not that there isn't plenty of potential among our backup corners - but I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking I'd get nervous if Okudah, Wade or Arnette went down -

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Smarter.  Smarter than last year's team and smarter than the teams we're playing.  Penalties are generally down, you see fewer mistakes defensively in the new scheme and our QB hasn't turned the ball over even once (said while knocking on wood). 

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Great stuff as usual, Kyle.  Our coaches are definitely making it more difficult for opposing defensive staffs to coach to tendencies with this offense. 

I realize it's old, worn out coach speak - but it's true.  It all truly does begin with the offensive line.  Considering there are four new starters (even though Jackson, Bowen and Davis have more experience than your average "new" starter), they are playing extremely well.  Of course, the real tests will come when they play much better defensive fronts as the season progresses - but so far, so good. 

I'm very impressed by Coach Day and his staff's ability to install multiple concepts - especially, at the college level.  Practice time is so limited compared to the NFL - that's generally why you don't see this kind of thing succeeding so much in college ball, in my opinion. Simpler schemes traditionally being the safer way to go for the most part.  

When your "offensive identity" is that you can beat your opponent in a variety of ways (not just run vs pass - but within the running game and within the passing game), no matter what they do - that's a winner in my book -

Comment 16 Sep 2019

I'm a little torn - because we have a QB who is still developing as a passer (according to his coach) - so he needs to get more game reps heading in to the meat of the season.  However, we obviously wouldn't want to expose Fields to very much risk of injury verses a clearly inferior opponent. 

Everyone knows we have highly questionable depth at QB - but I worry about our depth at corner as well.  I'd really hate to see Okudah, Wade or Arnette get dinged up against Miami of Ohio. 

Don't get me wrong - I think our backups at corner have more potential than our backups at QB.  But I'd like to see them all get plenty of reps after the game is in hand.  The backups at pretty much every position - for that matter. 

Other than that - Miami is my ex-wife's alma mater - so I hope we crush 'em, mercilessly -

Comment 15 Sep 2019

Joel Klatt said it during the broadcast.  Ohio State is clearly one of the four best reams in the country. 

Other than a lack of depth at a couple of crucial positions, there is not a weak point on the team. 

Comment 13 Sep 2019

I'm thinking our players may be getting a little sick of hearing about how "Indiana always plays us tough".  I also believe the entire program is thinking there could be much, much bigger things in store for them at the end of the season - if they can only keep focused this season. 

I realize we haven't faced a Power-5 team yet - and our first one's an away game.  But I also think we'll see by the end of the season that Cincinnati may not be that much weaker than the Hoosiers - if at all. 

And I really like what I've seen from our team so far - offensively, defensively and on special teams.  If we're as good as I think we may actually be this season, we shouldn't struggle with Indiana - regardless if history. 

Ohio State 52   -   Indiana 10

Comment 12 Sep 2019

"The facts of the matter are that the issues are on film.  As the level of play increases through conference play, as the season goes on, those issues aren't going to go away"

As the old coaching axiom goes:  "It's much harder to coach a team after a big win than after a loss".  Obviously, Coach Day and his staff are addressing this, ardently. 

And it's great to see the players are buying in, as well.  Keep in mind that everywhere they go - fans are telling them how great they are.  Sometimes, that kind of thing can be difficult for coaches to overcome.  But so far, these young men seem to be focused on bigger things to come.  

Impressive -

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I don't think it's a big step down from Penix to Ramsey (no more than eight inches or so).  If we knew earlier in the week who was actually going to start, it may have affected our preparations a bit.  The classic dual-threat vs pro-style kinda thing.  (I know, I know - there's a dual-threat Penix joke in there somewhere)

But, as mentioned above, Ramsey can be pretty sharp -

Comment 12 Sep 2019

If I was the Hoosiers' defensive coordinator, the video of JK's 60 yard run would be giving me nightmares - because that kind of thing is just a whisker away from happening anytime he has the ball.  I can't recall the exact figure, but the announcers mentioned his MPH on that run - because it was remarkable. 

If you think about it, he was only one similar 60 yard gallop away from a 150 yard game verses FAU.  

The pressure he puts on opposing defenses is crucial to the rest of our offense.  Any missed assignment (or, possibly even a missed step) among their front seven could result in another huge play.  And if they slide an eighth man in to the box, our passing game so far looks easily good enough to make them pay even more for taking that kind of risk. 

The real key is whether, in only his third game (and his first Power-5 game), Justin Fields will consistently recognize it in time.  Based on what we've seen so far, I'm confident he will. 

Of course, it all begins with our offensive line.  And like many other observers, I really like what I'm seeing there -

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I think the most important change from last year to this year is our wide receivers coach.  In my opinion, Brian Hartline is a quantum leap ahead of the fellow we had in that role previously.  Our receivers now have had the benefit of a full season and off-season with him in charge. 

Naturally, we're going to take a step back in raw speed after losing a couple of legit 4.3 guys to the NFL.  But It's not like we have no speed at wide receiver this year.  Olave looks very fast to me - and it's not just his route running.  He couldn't play gunner on special teams that well if he didn't have great speed. 

While I agree with some observations above - I disagree with others.  Sure, Michael Thomas was not really a speed guy per se - but he is actually pretty fast for a receiver with his size, strength, hands and leaping ability.  What you ideally want with a bigger, rangier guy at X is a speed guy at Z.  Kind of what we have right now at least some of the time. 

Plus, I believe we have some true, young speed burners who are barely in the rotation right now.  Some have already mentioned Williams and Wilson, above.  But, from everything I've heard/read, Gill is an incredibly fast player who is just waiting for his opportunity at H. 

As far as speed not being important as a deep threat?  A few Buckeyes I've watched over the years would like to have a word.  Try telling that to Paul Warfield, Doug Donley, Terry Glenn, Joey Galloway, Ted Ginn, etc. -

Comment 11 Sep 2019

As I mentioned in my comment, the Bullet will certainly see more time in the lineup, eventually.  And I sincerely doubt the coaches will have Werner at safety very often.

Otherwise, it appears it's safe to say Ohio State's coaches disagree with you.  Inserting a safety or "Bullet" at SLB (essentially, a nickel) verses two tight end sets regularly would not be wise.  (Even if I actually agree with you that White is a better all-around talent). 

I just choose not to ignore the value of situational defense that this staff is embracing.

Comment 10 Sep 2019

I see your point, Tajikey.  But we have to consider that next year we won't have Dobbins on the roster (leaving Teague, Crowley and possibly Steele as our only remaining every-down scholarship running backs). 

So, we'll still need to add a running back to the 2020 class.  And, as far as I'm concerned the more potential that recruit has, the better -

Comment 10 Sep 2019

There still seems to be a lot of confusion among our readers on this subject - even though the situation was explained in the article.  This season we are not playing the same scheme that we played last season.  So comparing what these two players were doing then has no bearing on their responsibilities now. 

Until we start playing more true spread offenses, we've been essentially playing two corners, one slot corner and one safety (to go along with three linebackers and four down linemen).  Last time I checked, that makes eleven.  

No coach worth his salt is going to play a 215lb safety (or "Bullet") in place of a legitimate 245lb strong side linebacker against two-tight end sets.  And certainly, no one thinks White should be playing safety ahead of Fuller - do they?

The coaches installed the Bullet in to their scheme because they knew we'd be going up against plenty of actual spread offenses that rarely go with two tight ends (and often enough, not even one).  I'm sure White will be getting plenty of reps (filling the SLB role as the Bullet) as the season progresses. 

Shouldn't we all be delighted that we have several players with enough versatility to handle such a variety of responsibilities?  I mean - to have a 215lb safety who's tough enough to handle SLB is great - but so is a 245lb linebacker who is athletic enough to slide back to safety when the coaches call on him to fill that role.  

For that matter, perhaps the most versatile of the bunch is Wade - who can play corner, slot corner and/or safety when needed.  That blitz off the edge was awfully impressive, too -

Comment 10 Sep 2019

The only real surprise for me was seeing Tommy Togiai getting more reps than either Davon Hamilton or Robert Landers at 1-technique tackle.  So, not only are we three deep at a critically important position - but the guy who was listed third going in to the season, has actually gotten the most reps. 

When you think of it, other than obvious potential problems at two absolutely crucial positions (QB and corner), the depth pretty much everywhere else on this team is very impressive -

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Agreed, Knarcisi.  Wade in the slot generally means we're only playing one safety (unless we're in a nickel or a dime) - and that's rightfully gonna be Fuller 99.9% of the time.  And naturally, unless the Bullet (White) comes in at strong side linebacker (on likely passing downs, mainly), it's going to be Werner at SLB most of the time. 

I'm just so pleased with the play of our linebackers (including Werner) so far, I'm not overly concerned with seeing a little less of the Bullet at SLB.  After all, if the coaches feel they can keep the SLB (Werner) on the field in most situations, that's a good thing - isn't it? 

Plus, as you mentioned, as we play against better passing offenses down the road, the Bullet will undoubtedly see much more playing time -