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Born in Michigan. Grew up in Indiana. Current Cincinnatian. Go Bucks. Ohio against the world.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State's 2014 Sugar Bowl win over Alabama
  • NFL TEAM: Indianapolis Colts
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Comment 30 Jul 2019

It would be kind of cool to see Emmitt Smith and Marvin Harrison on the sideline together at the Shoe in a couple years. 

Comment 15 Mar 2019

Honestly surprised that he’s still committed to Ohio State. Still think he ends up here but he’s going to give Day some massive headaches in the next 8 months. 

Comment 14 Feb 2019

Gotta love losing to a 9-15 team at home. Just no consistent offense from anyone this year. Offensive development has to be the number one priority this offseason. Northwestern looks like the only winnable game left on the schedule but maybe we can pull off a miracle somewhere else.

Comment 07 Feb 2019

For one thing, if I was even HALF as bad at my fucking job as these clowns in stripes are, I’d be fired in under 48 hours. Secondly, how are our upperclassmen this inept at breaking a press, infiltrating a zone, and passing AND dribbling a basketball? Holtmann is gonna age 15 years by the end of this season. Just watching this season has aged me like 3 years.

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Bad news: Pep Hamilton is no longer on Michigan’s staff, according to Phil Steele. Damn, I was hoping he’d have a lifetime contract with Jim. Also, interesting to do this NSD II.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I’m fine with this hire, but if we hire a special teams coach, our special teams better be absolutely stellar. Personally would have preferred 5 defensive coaches (especially since Day is an offense oriented guy) but having a great special teams can be a difference maker. Really hope he’s a good recruiter, and we’d better hope Hafley is a very good DB coach with no other help on staff (I think he will be but the pressure is on).

Comment 05 Jan 2019

Michigan State is very good, but they are definitely not a national title contender. Nick Ward and Cassius Winston are elite players but the rest of their team is kind of average. But I completely agree that once we get more depth *cough* CJ Walker *cough* DJ Carton, we are going to be major B1G contenders again.

Comment 04 Jan 2019

This could be the third year in a row that we only sign 3 offensive lineman in a class. That’s entirely unacceptable. We’re potentially a transfer and an injury (or injuries) away from either having to play someone who’s not ready or not having a backup at a spot on the line. And you pretty much have to account for at least one injury happening on the line; it’s the tough nature of the position. 

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Signing a huge OL class has to be the number 1 priority for 2020. Our numbers are going to be scary low and it’s a little concerning that we have to rely on a dud OL recruiter to get it done. Day is gonna have to put in a lot of effort to shore up our depth at that position. 6 seems like the minimum; may even want to push for 7. Maybe we haven’t but it seems like we’ve lost a little steam with Corcoran and Hatchett too.

Comment 03 Jan 2019

We went 13 weeks of begging Schiano to get fired and now everyone wants him to stay? If I have to watch another Ohio State team with that PATHETIC of a defense, I’m going to lose my friggin mind. He can go, and I’ll feel much much better about our future.