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Comment 20 Aug 2020

Well, shit.  I can't remember the last time I bought anything from those companies anyway.  My wife drinks a Dr. Pepper like once a week I think.

Comment 20 Aug 2020
I went to mgoblog to see how they are reacting. That fanbase has given up on their football program and has their noses in the air about being morally superior to everyone else.
Comment 19 Aug 2020
Well said. At some point, The Ohio State University needs to stand up for itself. With an estimated $110 million loss to the Athletic Dept this year and them working on a 7 year plan to try to make up for it, it may be now or never. There are estimates that even with natural herd immunity AND vaccines, our experience with covid won't significantly change for a few years. There is zero guarantee the BIG plays AT ALL in 2021.
Comment 19 Aug 2020
OSU's Athletic Dept probably loses $110 million or so this year alone. Might be incalculable how much if we start losing recruits and talent in the coming years. Losing just $110 million this year means we're probably looking at a 7 year or so plan to try to adjust. This decision is a HUGE hit to Ohio State's Athletic Dept. in so many ways. This isn't trivial.