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Comment 09 Dec 2018
I was hoping Disney would end the entire thing with something a little more profound than normal. Like Thanos deciding that love is the most powerful force in the universe (even more so than the gauntlet) and that sacrificing his daughter wasn't worth it. And that even after killing half the universe, human nature and nature itself will still be the same and repopulate within time anyway. But it would seem that they'll just have Captain Marvel punch him out.
Comment 07 Dec 2018

Check out article currently on front page of ESPN regarding the Heisman

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Comment 07 Dec 2018

I'm surprised they didn't kill off Tony Stark in the Infinity War.  I wouldn't be surprised if they kill him off in this one.  I thought they had Shuri perfectly lined up to take over Iron "Man".  She has Tony's type of whit, high intelligence, tech savvy, etc.  Of course, he could hand it off to her without dying.

Comment 07 Dec 2018

I don't understand it either.  They crowned Tua at the start of the season.  The kid choked when his team needed him the most in the SEC CG.