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Comment 06 Oct 2015

Cradle plays mediocre. 13/21 for 195 yards; 2 TD; 1 INT; 55 yards rushing.
Thomas and Jalin combine for 65% of receiving yards, Samuel 10%, Zeke 10%, Braxton 10%, Vannett 5%.
Zee plays well. 20 for 175 rushing, 2 for 20 receiving, 2 TD.
Braxton continues to be utilized in a sub-par manner. 3 for 20 receiving; 2 for 10 rushing; 0 TD.

Penalties slightly better. 6 for 60.
Offensive gives up 1 INT and 2 fumbles.
Defense gets 1 INT.
Special teams plays fantastic.

Score: OSU 35 - Maryland 17.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

I'll be in the student section of the Swamp this Saturday as well.

1) You'll want to wear blue - the most predominant color
2) Don't wear OSU gear. UF isn't more or less anti-OSU than any other non-B1G school, but why attract attention from drunk a-holes or an attempt to grab it away, etc.

Treat the fans like you would want a visiting fan to treat you:

3) Don't rag on the band or any cheers. They aren't OSU's, but they are beloved by their fans just as much as ours are. 
4) Don't compare the Swamp, stadium, etc. to the Horseshoe unless asked. 

5) Go to Midtown after the game (I'll be there). Send me a private message and I'll try and show you around.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

There are definitely signs of improvement and signs the coaches know what to do. As long as OSU stays undefeated and continues to address the weaknesses, we will be ok until MSU. 

To those who say run Zeke more: the coaches know what he can do. They aren't going to get him beat up more than he has to, especially running up the middle, until we need him to. Urban doesn't have amnesia. He'll direct Zeke running up the middle when he feels it is necessary.

Remember, the coaches are experts and paid millions of dollars for the knowledge and skills to improve a team.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

Where do the problems on offense start, and how does that domino through the rest of the offense? What is the first thing that has to be fixed?

Comment 22 Sep 2015

Defensive: High number of starters returned + coaching consistency + no uncertainty with starters + opponent's creativity = elite performance.
Offense: High number of starters returned + coaching changes + uncertainty with starters + opponent's creativity = horrible performance.

Seems like the coaches should try and learn why the defense is playing at a higher level than the offense.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

A scaled down playbook did wonders in settling CJ into the offense last year. The same principle applies this year. Start with core, low risk plays focused around a singular QB.