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Comment 07 Dec 2019

Snooze fest here in section 101 with the other buckeyes. Hopefully quick TD after half will bring everyone back alive. Go Bucks!  

Comment 13 Oct 2019

Tickets up in C at closed end are still available at face of $170 from ticketmaster/university.  Surprising since Wiscy will be top 10 opponent.  MSU was sold out earlier but think was due to being night game. 

Comment 01 Dec 2018

I’d say bench the RB’s and go 5 wide every offensive play but chances are we’d see a qb draw every fourth play.

Turn Haskins loose and let’s go!  

Comment 24 Nov 2018

OSU d giving up 3.4 ypc against this upper tier rushing attack  

OSU having their way on offense.  

Some stupid penalties and the turnover keeping UM in it.

Cut out the stupid mistakes and get the W!

Comment 22 Nov 2018

Yeah the more data points you have the better the info. Limited with this to 11 games and you’re right Nebraska is a great example as UM played them at home without Nebraska’s starting qb.  

Also why I led with the quote from Woody and the drowning when average depth 3 feet. However does provide somewhat of a benchmark and guide. Sometimes that can be thrown out the window though as if I had done same thing before OSU played Purdue there’s no way I would have come away with OSU getting smoked.  

I’m sure I’ll update after game and do a comparison to my charts to see how close they were and will try and post.  

Comment 21 Nov 2018

Thanks. The charts are more reliable the more data you have. Only have 11 games to work with but when there is a clear trend it gives you more confidence in your prediction. 

Comment 21 Nov 2018

I tried that but wasn’t working for me when went to preview. I can probably edit it and change it? Thanks!

Comment 21 Nov 2018

I'm not too worried about the passing game.  OSU defense has struggled but the UM passing offense will be in the bottom third of those they've faced (statistically). Also there is a nice trend line established between the opponent passing offense and the production and also better defensive numbers at home which is what you'd expect.  I have an OSU rushing defense I may try to post later.


Comment 21 Nov 2018

I'm optimistic as the game is at home.  Here is a breakdown of UM's home vs away.  Notice the 20 points less scored and less rushing yards against somewhat similar competition.  Also attached is how OSU has played better at home.  Again included the teams offensive and defensive rankings so could see that stats aren't skewed against weaker competition.  I've ran other comparisons for this year and the home/away comparison is what leads me to believe OSU will win the game.  If game were at UM I'd be fearful of outcome but it's not.  Go Bucks!