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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant spinning Ken Dorsey into history. Also, my first Michigan game in 1982, though the aftermath had a little to do with me listing it among the best.

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Comment 09 Jul 2020

Literally no one has forgotten that. But the kids still interact with adults all the time (how many middle aged teachers and staffers are there at the schools you're familiar with?), and there's still the unanswered question of lingering health issues for people with "mild cases," which could be a major problem for an athlete.

There's no reason why decisions need to be made until the end of the month at the earliest, and as I said elsewhere on the site, things could look better by then. The prospect of cancelling football ought to get the attention of the region of the country that, based on recent news, apparently needs its attention gotten the most.

Comment 09 Jul 2020

The worst of flu season typically comes in winter, and our only games in winter are the bowls/playoffs. (Not to mention that if people are still wearing masks in the fall and winter, we'll have less flu this year too.)

Another aspect we have to consider (hopefully): if the season is shortened, are the number of games freshmen are allowed to play and retain their redshirt changed also? This could be important if illness forces teams to use more of their depth.

Comment 09 Jul 2020

The situation down there is pretty bad. Alabama has half the people of Ohio, and today it had twice the new cases.

But there's still time for things to stabilize some. Things could start to look quite a bit better by the end of the month — but it will take cooperation from all segments of society, and a realization that we will have to forgo some stuff we like (basically anything having to do with mass gatherings indoors) to get back stuff we need (open schools).

Comment 08 Jul 2020

Except we can't assume the positive tests all sprang from the same source. These are people who all live in Franklin County, which is seeing a couple of hundred new positive cases (that we know about) every day. Let's say 10 people tested positive. It's not impossible all 10 were infected in different locations at different times.

Comment 08 Jul 2020

What I find interesting is that the outgoing chancellor does not have a terminal degree, unless you count a JD, which most colleges and universities do not consider as terminal for teaching positions outside of a law school.

So now Ohio State can bring in Tressel?

Except being a former state governor and head of a cabinet department is clearly relevant executive experience. 

Comment 07 Jul 2020

I suppose that's possible, since the outgoing UC Chancellor, Janet Napolitano, announced she was leaving not long before Drake revealed his retirement. But Napolitano is only 62, and Drake turns 70 on Thursday. That's on the older side to be assuming a major new job in academia.

Anyway, if Drake was pushed out a la Kirwan and Holbrook, that won't stay a secret for long. And I gotta say: the fact that some football fans in the Midwest didn't like the guy would not in any way be seen as a negative by the folks who made this hire.

Comment 02 Jul 2020

While I agree that the case increases we're seeing in most states right now seem to be driven by younger folks, the end result is still that the amount of virus in society at large is growing, which puts everyone at risk. We can't get "normal life" back (as has started to happen in Europe) as long as millions of people are self-isolating because they would prefer not to get sick.

Comment 28 Jun 2020

I want CFB as much as the next guy, but I get the feeling the only reason colleges are having in person classes next year is to facilitate football.

I think the main reason is that college is expensive, and a lot of students aren't going to pay the average university tuition if they aren't getting any in-person instruction.

Ohio State is likely to announce more publicly this week about how things will proceed when classes resume.

Comment 27 Jun 2020

but I kind of think Ryan Kerrigan should get some recognition from early in the decade.

Huh, I never realized that Kerrigan was Big Ten DPOTY the same year J.J. Watt was a senior. 

Don't be surprised if the QB on the team is Connor Cook. Dude won a lot of games.

Comment 27 Jun 2020

A little personal history: wanting to comment on this game was the incident that prompted me to sign up on 11W.

I know this is a minority opinion, but:

1. There's no way any draw should have been able to trip up that particular team. 

2. It's a little misleading to say it was "a Kentucky team with a nucleus one season away from a national title of their own," since that team's best players, Davis and Kidd-Gilchrist, were still in high school in March 2011.

3. "Bad draw" is hindsight personified. Do you get to say that any draw where you lose is by definition a bad draw?

4. The perception that it was a bad draw was due solely to the number of bluebloods in that regional, but those teams received their seedings on the merits (Kentucky only won 2 road games in SEC play). The Buckeyes were massive favorites over Kentucky and would have been a similar favorite over any of the other #4 seeds that season.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

Congratulations not only on the nuptials, but on successfully indoctrinating her into Buckeye Nation. One of my early dates with my now-wife was at the Shoe, and the way she took to everything was just one of many signs I could not let her get away.

So the pizza place makes just one a day? Interesting business model.