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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant spinning Ken Dorsey into history. Also, my first Michigan game in 1982, though the aftermath had a little to do with me listing it among the best.

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Comment 25 Mar 2020

My expectations for super freshmen on Buckeyes WBB were set by Katie Smith and Kelsey Mitchell, and (no sour grapes) it appears Bell wasn't going to be quite at that level. 

But this is still a blow for a program that's had trouble keeping talented players who don't have dads on the coaching staff, and not a great sign for landing the loads of talented Ohio players coming up the next few years. 

Comment 24 Mar 2020

Going back a long time, but I remember when Mike Tomczak got in trouble for posing for a charity calendar, where he wasn't even identified by name anywhere on the calendar (it's not like the Ohio State starting quarterback's face was unknown around Columbus, but still). My memory of it is a little hazy, but I seem to recall that there might have been doubts raised about his eligibility or even a brief suspension.

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Gaffney strikes me as someone whose recruiting ranking was fairly high based purely on an estimation of his potential because of his physical gifts, but his actual skill level never caught up, and as time went on (starting with his later high school years) it became harder to ignore that he wasn't developing. Players like that can still help a program, but it seems that he still believes the Top 50 rating reflects what he actually is, and so he's leaving. 

He's not going to have any sort of professional career obviously, but it's not a tragedy. Kids sign with pro baseball out of high school all the time and never make it out of A-Ball. 

Comment 16 Mar 2020

The problem with using sacks as the sole measurement of pass rushing effectiveness is that even for great players, they tend to come in bunches — 3 sacks in one game, then none in the next 2 games, that kind of thing.

So not to get too far into cliche, but you really have to 1) watch the film and 2) look at the overall performance of the defense. The Buckeyes did a number on all three of the QBs they faced in those last three games. That wasn't all Young's doing, but he sure played a part even if he wasn't getting the sacks.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

Spring practice is a luxury, not a necessity. If everyone is equally inconvenienced, it's not like fans will ever be able to tell the difference once the games start. 

I am hopeful that the mass shutdown of society we're seeing right now can start to bring this thing under control by the time summer begins, but it might not be the worst idea to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility that this is lasting through the end of the year. The flipside of the "flattening of the curve" people are talking about to reduce stress on the healthcare system is that the virus burns itself out slower, and the curve extends farther in the future.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Yes, I am trying to save the hand sanitizer (since who knows when I'l be able to find it in stores again) for when I need something portable, and using soap when I'm at home.

The next big thing to go will be something truly irreplaceable for those involved: spring commencement. But I see little chance they will be able to have one.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Not shutting them down, but just personally, I'm trying to buy more on trips to the store in order to lessen the overall number of my visits. I'll probably keep going to (relatively uncrowded) bars and restaurants for now, especially with patio season approaching, but I will probably not go out on St Patrick's Day, which is something I really look forward to. All of life is about risk management.

Again, most of these steps are about the proverbial flattening of the bell curve in order to limit the stress on the health care system, so the 30-80 percent of the American people who seem likely to fall ill are getting the disease over the next 12-18 months rather than in the next 3 months. 

Comment 10 Mar 2020

Addressing a few things in your comment:

1. SARS was deadlier than this disease seems to be, but it was easier to contain, because victims didn't become contagious until they were showing symptoms.

2. While it's probably true that most people with Covid-19 will have mild or minimal symptoms, they can still act as carriers and potentially infect more vulnerable people. 

3. The goal right now is to keep the health care system from becoming overwhelmed by too many people getting sick at once. Yes, the flu kills thousands in a given year, but our system and society in general assumes a certain number of flu casualties. It is not made to handle millions of people, thousands of which will need a hospital bed, coming down with a brand new communicable disease at the same time.

Comment 09 Mar 2020

When I hear "high ankle sprain," I usually assume it's a one-month injury as the best case scenario. So I'd be surprised if Young could go in the Big Ten Tournament, though given the schedule if he could provide even a couple of minutes per half, that could be big. 

DB Mount Rushmore? Ideally you'd want two corners and two safeties, and try to get four separate eras of Buckeye football. Can't forget about Dick LeBeau, still the only Buckeye DB in Canton. I'm way too young to remember his time in Columbus, but I'm going to assume someone who intercepted over 60 passes in the NFL was a pretty good college player too.

Comment 08 Mar 2020

Consistency has been the issue for Jones since his high school days. His raw talent can't be doubted.

Comment 08 Mar 2020

Things got even worse for the Hoosiers afterwards, because Utah State moved off the bubble and directly into March Madness by winning the Mountain West.

Indiana might still get in, but it's not trolling to simply point out that a squad with a sub-.500 conference record is not going to be a no-doubt-about-it tournament team. Miller looks like a jerk here.