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  • NFL TEAM: The Browns
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Comment 16 Feb 2020
  • Given that Purdue was surrounding him with 2 or 3 people digging at his hands whenever he touched the ball in the post, I'm surprised it wasn't a higher number of turnovers. The dichotomy of the definition of a foul between front court and back court players is baffling. KW will come out at the end of a game having shot maybe 3 foul shots, and looking like he was attacked by a crazed bird of prey while he was wrestling a grizzly bear. But a 3 point shooter will end up shooting free throws if his defender breathes on him heavily while he's in the air.  Where is the consistency in that?
Comment 05 Dec 2019

So proud to be a Buckeye! We sat about 15 rows up, behind the bench last night. The disappointment on the faces of the home team crowd was something to behold. The first half in there was LOUD, but things got pretty quiet about halfway through the second half. When the O-H-I-O chant started  you could see Andre Wesson break into a "cat that ate the canary" smile. At that point there was a mass exodus of unhappy baby blue clad people. That just stirred us on even more.