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Comment 09 Feb 2019

Not only extend the student section, but give a set number of heavily reduced price seats to full-time students. And allow people in the nosebleed seats to move down to the empty seats up front mid way through the first half. I live in North Carolina, and even when they're playing a "Little Sisters of the Poor" school the stands are full of raucous students. Because the Dukes and UNC's of the world remember that the students are their reason for existence. 

Or, just move the games to St. John. No ice under the floor there!

Comment 27 Jan 2019

Still don't understand the whole Friday night thing. If for some unforeseen reason it can't be scheduled in Chicago on Saturday, then play the damn game in Columbus. I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure The Shoe can be made available for that weekend.

Friday nights are for high school football, NOT a match up between the 2 teams that just met in the Big Ten Championship game.

Comment 27 Jan 2019

Start him long enough to get the opening tip, then after his first foul (average playing time approximately 36 seconds) bring in Ledee and up the tempo until the other team's bigs are out of breath. Then bring Kaleb back in to steamroller them for the remainder of the half. Go to the locker room, rinse, and repeat in the second half (minus the tipoff, of course). 

Before you down vote me off the internet, please note that this is posted with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

How does he stay out of foul trouble when the opposing player leans into him out at the top of the key, and he gets called for the foul.

I've been playing and watching basketball for over 60 years, and what currently constitutes an actual foul is a total mystery to me. The bigs can have a full on wrestling match under the basket and nothing is called, but put out your hand to protect your dribble and you get called for a foul. The current foul rules make no sense and have no consistency.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

Not sure why anybody would DV this, but here's an up vote to counter it. Gotta agree with you about Andrew. He definitely added an intangible that would be greatly appreciated on this years team. HEART! I thought we were getting a good replacement for him with this years graduate transfer, but (with a couple of exceptions) he seems to have an uncanny ability to disappear during games when he's needed the most.