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Comment 19 Jul 2019
Alright the real problem lays in the committee. The chairman before championship weekend said there was very little separation between Georgia (4), Oklahoma (5), and Ohio State (6). He said conference championships would push teams over with little or no separation. Oklahoma won and passed Georgia for number 4. Ohio State won an extra game and a conference championship, but stayed at 6. What happened to very little separation. I was totally fine Oklahoma being 4 because Meyer checked out of a beat down to a crappy team in the 1st quarter for a second consecutive season. Georgia however should have dropped below OSU. I live in GA and many UGA fans agreed based on his original comments.
Comment 09 Feb 2019

I think Stephen A remembers the ability of Haskins to run.  I am not sure the coaching staff was sold on Tate Martell as a QB and therefore didn't let Haskins run to protect the team.  If Tater wasn't ready then why would you let Haskins run and possibly ruin your season?

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Prime example why Meyer needs to go.  Meyer said style points weren't needed and therefore stalled the offense in the first half.  Now NW is coming back because Meyer is total garbage.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Exactly this!!!!!!! OSU needs to massacre NW to have any shot of the playoff.  Instead, Meyer wants to lose because he wants to be a stupid whore and refuse to go cut-throat.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Sheffield once again out of position.  That is the reason he never saw the field at Bama.  He is undisciplined.  How can you expect people to have discipline though when Meyer defends Smith, lets JT get away with DUI, and covers for Hernandez?

Comment 02 Sep 2018

I got downvoted for saying this last year, but of course the WRs are going to be more locked in when they know the QB will be looking to throw to them and not run it himself.  WRs are prima donnas, they don't go to a place looking to block.  When their main job was blocking it was no wonder their heads were elsewhere.  We will see a totally improved WR room this season.

Comment 28 Jun 2018
Am I the only one who noticed that two days on a row the paragraph has read "Ohio State’s defensive end rosters for every season from 2012 through 2018 are listed below with each player’s year of eligibility, number of recruiting stars (based on 247Sports’ composite rankings) and how many games they had appeared in and started going into each respective season, with analysis to follow on how this year’s group stacks up with the rest." The linebackers nor the Cornerbacks are defensive ends.
Comment 27 Jun 2018

I know you will all downvote me but I am going to say this.  The HuffingPost wrote

On Monday, when Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer announced updated punishments for quarterback J.T. Barrett’s recent drunk driving arrest — a one-game suspension and revoked scholarship for the summer school term — it exemplified everything wrong with college football.

Let's see what Urban does.  Does Urban set a double standard with a longer suspension for Hooker or does Meyer say getting a DUI is ok at Ohio State?  Urban set up this lose-lose situation by not properly handling J.T.'s DUI.  Hopefully, Urban steps up to the plate and sends a clear message that DUIs will not be accepted at OSU.