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I was born on campus - at the Ohio State Hospital - and grew up just outside of Columbus near New Rome (Lincoln Village). I graduated from Westland HS in 1979, lived in a house at Norwich & Fourth for a while (Just a short walk down Iuka Ave to the Oval and the center of the Universe), and then moved to Naples, Florida in 1983. I have been down here ever since, but while I am out of Ohio, Ohio has NEVER been out of me. I have a "Buckeye" room in my house where my Godson slept whenever he came to stay with us - which worked because he is almost as big a Buckeye fan as I am. As a matter of fact, as Carlo Hyde came off the field in his last game at Naples HS, my Godson gave him his prized Buckeye nut and told him that it was great that he was going to be a Buckeye soon.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Miracle on Ice - which occurred on my birthday, 1980
  • NFL TEAM: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 11 Sep 2019

Try right-clicking and select "Save Image As" and then save it to your computer. Then (if you're like me) open that file and set it as your desktop background, til next weeks edition comes out!

Comment 11 Sep 2019

Or,,, the stripes on top are a nod to IU's old uniforms and the one Brutus is wearing is a nod to OSU's (Chic's) iconic uniform... though Chic's did have 3 stripes.

Comment 06 Sep 2019

Both the O and D slow-rolled it more than a bit last week - intentionally so, IMHO. Sandbagging? I think we will not see the offensive burst like last week, but more of a methodical wearing down of the Cincy D over time, taking a 17-7 lead into half and finishing with a 42-17 final. Dobbins will get 112 yards and 1 TD, and Fields will have 40 rush and 248 passing yards and account for 4 TDS. The D will get 4 sacks and 3-4 more TFL, 3 TOs, and 1 TD. Special teams will be big, keeping Cincy in their own end most of the night. Their scores will come off our 2 TOs, setting them up with the best field pos. they will get all day.

Comment 06 Sep 2019

I brought my fandom all the way to south Florida. Not an easy feat with Gators, Seminoles, and Canes fans EVERYWHERE!  Now, not only is my wife a huge fan (so much so she has to pause the game when it gets too close or intense, just to catch her breath), but my Godson (born and raised down here) bleeds Scarlet and Gray almost as much as I do. 

It is infectious and contagious - but in a good way. Sorta like that spider that bit Peter Parker... it changes you, but you are profoundly better after the bug bites than you were before.

Go Bucks! 

Beat Meatchicken!

Beat the Barecats!

Comment 04 Sep 2019

I am from Columbus but played at school in KY (Richmond - EKU) so I made the trek up I-71 a lot and saw those signs, and the crosses, and the Confederate Flag. One thing I remember with a smile is how mad folks from Cincinnati got if you asked them why their airport was in KY, or asked them what part of Cincinnati they lived in, "the Ohio part or the KY part?"  So with the fact that the Fighting Fickells will be busing it here, the "Covet" sign, the KY plates, and the Nati reference, this is really next level stuff Walt is dishing out here. Just kinda surprised he didn't spell it "Barecats" too.

Comment 04 Jul 2019

Using your own example, would you have listened to the guy in the office who "follows the markets" and told you it was a stupid investment buying Microsoft when IBM was a much higher rated stock? Or would you have said "let see how this goes" before making a decision on how "good" your investment was. Recruiting is the same thing - an investment in a young man with the hope of a big future return. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you don't. And while you might make money buying a "known" commodity, you can get filthy, stinking rich finding a diamond in the rough.

Comment 04 Jul 2019

I wonder what the comments were when Coach Tressel took this guy -  a little known 3 star kid from Minnesota? How many people who "follow recruiting" left similar "why are we taking 3 star recruits when we should be getting 4-5 stars" comments. Yes, I too "follow" recruiting - but I would never presume to know more that those who actually do the recruiting for a living.