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Comment 22 Sep 2019
It's clear that most of our fans didn't watch the game.JFC. Nebraska put up 700 yards. Illinois didn't reach 300 total. They had only 78 passing yards for god sake. Yet Nebraskas defense is bad? Nebraska spotted them 21 points off turnovers in their own redzone and still won. Stop looking at the scoreboard and break the game down a little bit. If Nebraska puts together a game with no turnovers (which our luck will suggest they will) this will be a dogfight most of the game. That said. We win the game but have a close scare. Fields needs to show out on National TV.
Comment 07 Aug 2019

Texas made Georgia look like crap. Im not surprised. People are high on Herman as they have a right to be, and they are returning a lot of key players. Five May be high but i'm actually not against them being in the top 10. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Trying to look past the fact that is more of a troll... Its easy to make these predictions when a team goes 13-1. If there is a first year stumble between a new coach and a new QB where we lose 2 or 3 games its going to be the biggest story ever to these guys that are just writing bs based on odds. God i hope we smash these clowns again.

Comment 22 Jul 2019

I dont think they should beat us this year. Their depth isnt there yet. However...

Martinez is going to be a nightmare. That guy is the Mariota type player that Frost looks for. He was a true frosh last year and aside from a couple freshman blunders, he exploited our defense ALOT. I really hope their defense stays crappy because im not sure how many times we will hold them from scoring. 

People keep comparing Nebby to Purdue and Northwestern as a joke team that shouldnt be competing with us. 

Unfortunately i dont think thats the case. Their recruiting is better and has a much higher ceiling than the others. They have sucked for quite a few years but it was only a matter of time before they reappeared as a legit contender. I have had zero respect for them since entering the B1G. But i call it as i see it and i think they are going to be the real deal going forward.

Comment 19 Jul 2019

Almost every preseason mag and poll has them ranked. So yes i think theres a very good chance that they are ranked week 1. 

Athlon has them preseason #17
NCAA dot com has them at #20
USA Today had them at #19
ESPN Ranked them #20 (May 30th release) 

I have never seen a back to back 4-8 team get such good press. Its clear that they expect Frost and Martinez to take a UCF size leap forward this year.

Comment 19 Jul 2019

Nebraska will be ranked week 1, i'd put money on it. If they win their first 4 games (which they should) we will be playing a top 15 team at home in prime time. Beating them would be a good win for Held but losing would be a disaster. Hope he can pull out a tough one and start the season off strong.

Comment 17 Jul 2019

In this scenario, losing to Nebraska would look better than to NW. Especially with the press they have been getting from pretty much everyone. They are seen as a program on the rise with one of the best offensive minds and a Heisman Caliber QB. Lets just not lose. problem solved.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Brohm currently is in the discussion but he doesnt have the resume just yet. As already stated, i think Frost is probably up there for sure.  The development of his QBs and the explosive new school triple option system that he seems to have perfected is going to be scary for any team. Hopefully nebby can stay below average on Defense.  We have the best collection of offensive minds that there is no question.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

Nebraska Week 4, two 4-0 teams, College game day night game, Fields first real test as a QB. 

A lot of factors that make that game difficult. I think the game being early in the season probably helps them a bit more than us. 

If we get by Nebby, i think we have a real good shot to run the table. Sparty will be tough but i have no faith that their offense will score.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Adrian Martinez may be the best B1G QB this year now that he has a year under Frost and was playing at a high level at the end of last year. With that said, nobody will be looking past them this year. A night game at Memorial Stadium with an offense like theirs is a guaranteed dog fight the entire game. If Nebraska can fix their defense they are going to be a SOB to play going forward. Luckily they havnt had a good defense for years now. I hope our offense comes to play because thats what its going to take.

Northwestern is probably the best upset pick due to it being the classic letdown game. I dont think we lose to them though. 

Comment 18 Jun 2019

You will have a great time. The bar scene is above average in the Haymarket area but ask some Husker fans where the tailgating is. Husker fans will feed you. Hell they overfed us with burgers, wings and brews. Our family was treated very well on our trip. We came across one drunken asshole but even then, the fans assured us to not pay any attention and hoped we were having a good time.

We had some really good football conversations too. Knowledgeable fans and i really feel they compare to ours in that regard. Spent an entire hour watching an unrelated game and breaking it down, all while pigging out. I wish i could go this year. Enjoy!

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I dont think you have been paying attention. That kid has NFL written all over him. He played on a terrible team last year and put up great numbers for a true freshman. He also missed a game due to a knee injury. Your response kind of shows that you dont know what you are talking about.

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I dont think anyone is overlooking Nebraska. We have far superior talent but a night game in Lincoln on National TV (Most likely College gameday) is going to be a hard fought game and a huge test for us. They will likely be undefeated and playing at the top of their game. Being on top we will get everybodys best shot and Frost has an offense that doesnt match up well with our defense. 

Also OP i think you under estimate how good Adrian Martinez is. That kid is the real deal with Frosts offense. He was a true freshman last year and had plenty of success on the road vs us. On many sites he has 3rd or 4th best Heisman odds despite being on a 4-8 team last year. That doesnt just come out of nowhere.

 I think we win this game but i also think Nebraska starts looking an awful lot like your fathers Nebraska very very soon.

Comment 13 Nov 2018

Yeah i think our W and 100 yards by Weber will be the straw that breaks Spartys back. It was a big positive for us. I hope we go with Weber a little more... Mich State was really up for this game and now have to face a Nebraska team thats offense is firing on all cylinders. TBH they might get boat raced this week in Lincoln if they dont come ready to play. And i hope it happens. The dumpster fire is fun to watch.

Comment 12 Nov 2018

Lol the is guy is a drunken psychotic mess. But we shouldnt judge him because he seems like such a great guy otherwise... HA Give me a break on the denial.This may not be over with Ohio State. And our idiot fans cant stop backing him up, yet he will try to sink us if he gets the chance. Unbelievable to the delusion of some on here. I could care less about Herman and his issues. The guy is an asshole yeah but hes not have a drunken rant on social media embarrassing an entire fanbase. People have known for years that Zone6 was crazy and yet we employed him for years. 

Comment 12 Nov 2018

I love how some of our fan base (on here) still supports this drunken woman beating piece of crap. How can you defend this? "You should be scared" in social media to Michelle. Do you idiots really not believe that this guy beats women. Get your heads out of your asses. The guys a psychopath and needs to be admitted into a meantal health facility before he puts a bullet into his own head. Noone who cares about their children would do this in front of the world. The guy is not stable.

Comment 11 Nov 2018
Nebraska has had 5 consecutive games with 500 yards+ on offense. Several 600 yard games too. Their Defense is trash but they are very consistent with moving the ball which is why I have been saying for the past week that we shouldn't be as let down about that win as we are...
Comment 10 Nov 2018
Should we be doing better. Hell yes but from outside perspectives we sounds pretty bitchy for a team with only one loss and highly ranked. These seasons happen and we have had a lot of changes and distractions.
Comment 10 Nov 2018
We got by a decent team today. Did anyone see Nebraska today? We dismiss that win as a disaster and yet they are starting to roll. They will probably beat Michigan St and Iowa to close out the year. That isnt the same team that went 0-6. We need to stop putting so much pressure on this team to be perfect. We are still finding a way too win and we need to be behind our players better as fans.
Comment 03 Nov 2018
Adrian Martinez is the real deal. For a true freshman the kid made his fair share of mistakes but damn hes going to be good.. Did anyone notice Maurice Washington that we stopped pursuing last year due to grades? That guy will be a thorn in everyones side alongside Martinez the next 3 years. Especially when he gains 20 pounds. I hate that we stopped pursuing him. Nebraska offense is good. Their defense is not. I'm glad we won but this feels like crap.
Comment 03 Nov 2018
People dont want to hear this but Nebraskas offense is the real deal. Had they not shot themselves in the foot they probably only have a loss or two this year. Martinez is going to give the Big Ten fits for years to come... hopefully our offense stops turning over the ball because Nebraska cant stop us.