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Comment 21 Feb 2012

Also Ross did not want to pass and wanted to showcase his abilities. He had a sweet spin move and showed good handles and finishing.  Took a ill advised 3, and noone wanted to pass him the ball in the waining seconds because it seemed likely he would hoist another shot.  Also as stated above he seems like a real defensive liability.

Comment 21 Feb 2012

Sully's pushoff looked more like a box out and then a dramatic flailing by Leonard when he realized Sully would catch the pass and score.  Possibly looking at it through Scarlet and Grey colored glasses.  Anyone else like the idea of Deshaun as a stretch 4 even when he has the size advantage.  I like when he shoots 3's this year.  Would like to see if he became a less athletic Kevin Durant type and our offense focused more on his scoring/shooting abilities.