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Comment 08 Nov 2019

Folks, Chase said he made a “mistake”. These guys are coached to not accept a DIME without permission. Has anyone sat through these lectures? I have. There is a phone number to compliance if there are any questions! All provided on DAY 1. Sorry, not sorry. Love me some Chase but he knew better. PERIOD. 

Now, how egregious was his mistake will determine if he gets back in a Buckeye uniform. Sucks that (perhaps) the last 2 years we lose our stud on D. Methinks Chase is gone...

Comment 21 Aug 2019

I think you can call me a “Never Schiano/Davis”. Pretty much last year was a lesson in where to play out of position and take crappy angles. Man, I need a therapist after that season. Honestly, we squandered 3 years under Meyer (2015/2017/2018). HOF Coach? No doubt. Years wasted are undeniable. So, had we beaten MiState, Iowa, Purdue would we win a Natty? Doubtful. We lacked some coaching and that was a major downfall. Sill hate it that we didn’t have a Bosa and Spence or Bosa and Predator tandem!!!

Bring on Hafley!

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Just please make it reasonably straightforward. Players were confused last year as I saw it. 

Tony Dungy was famous for players to make simple reads and react rather than the complicated IFTTT stuff Schiano dreamt up. He made fast players slow... and didn’t simplify it thru the season. 

Oh, linebackers are to start behind the line and “run downhill”... please. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Alllllrighty then: we just need a black jersey on him at ALL times. This includes walking across campus. He needs a car with bubble wrap and a black jersey. When he goes swimming, heck even bath-time, he gets a ducky float with a black jersey. He sleeps in a black jersey...