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Comment 16 Apr 2019
Sweet! I've said this before but I've been a Wings fan my whole life. But I find it VERY hard to not be a Jackets fan anymore. I try my best to keep my faith and pride, but this series might have just changed that.
Comment 04 Apr 2019
Agree on the sociology. My favorite was a sociology course on the Holy Ghost Religion. It was incredibly interesting.
Comment 21 Feb 2019
This is amazing. These clowns really try hard to believe this crap. Got news for you Maine. UM is doing these trips as a recruiting advantage. Nothing more, nothing less. Not one person in that organization gives two shits about "giving these kids the change to travel and learn and become great citizens and whatever other horseshit you can come up with." It is a way to talk recruits into going there. Any other thought than that is purely ignorant.
Comment 10 Feb 2019
8-4. 8-5 after the annual bowl game clown show. Then they'll announce that Harbs has decided to upgrade to the AAF because the college game is no longer a challenge to him. AKA fired...
Comment 29 Jan 2019
Because we're not pussies. That and it gives us a good excuse to burn tires. Bring on the global warming!!
Comment 08 Jan 2019
This is exactly why there needs to be more teams in the playoff. Let the results come from the field, not in a room full of people who know nothing.
Comment 30 Dec 2018
Fuck ESPN. And I did my part and didn't watch. The whole system is a joke. And before anyone bashes, I'm not talking about our Buckeyes getting in.
Comment 29 Dec 2018
Yeah. That actually breaks my heart.