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Comment 22 May 2019
Heavy drinking. That is all.
Comment 22 May 2019
There is something that never gets brought up about this area. I don't know if you are a fan of motorsports or not but this is a great place for it. You have Toledo Speedway which is a great diamond in the rough as far as asphalt tracks go. There is also Flatrock and really you are a short drive to MIS. There are also great dirt tracks in the area, Fremont, Attica, and Oakshade which is a dump but has great racing. Also Eldora which is 2 hours away but well worth the drive. Pretty much between Norwalk and Milan for drag racing. And there also is the biggest truck and tractor pull in the world just a few miles south in Bowling Green. NWO is an awesome place to live when it comes to motorsports.
Comment 22 May 2019
Wheres the other Inkys? Had no idea there's another one. Love Inkys just don't care for the pre-meal parking lot muggings
Comment 22 May 2019
Oh yeah. And traffic cameras too. Boy those are a lotta fun. It's always nice getting mail from the city.
Comment 22 May 2019
Giant f'ing potholes! And as mentioned above, don't miss the algae bloom. It's always a great time. But seriously, as much as I always beat up on the Toledo area, it's not that bad. Very good restaurants. And it really like the best town as far as minor league sports go. And the Walleye are in game 7 of the semis tonight.
Comment 11 May 2019
Agree. I cannot understand why anyone would want to change to a system that allows people's opinions to decide who gets to sit out a game. It's the same problem we have now. All the media and propaganda to influence the committee. No thanks. I'd rather a playoff be what it's supposed to be, a fair method of finding the champs. Not an opinion of that.
Comment 16 Apr 2019
Sweet! I've said this before but I've been a Wings fan my whole life. But I find it VERY hard to not be a Jackets fan anymore. I try my best to keep my faith and pride, but this series might have just changed that.
Comment 04 Apr 2019
Agree on the sociology. My favorite was a sociology course on the Holy Ghost Religion. It was incredibly interesting.
Comment 21 Feb 2019
This is amazing. These clowns really try hard to believe this crap. Got news for you Maine. UM is doing these trips as a recruiting advantage. Nothing more, nothing less. Not one person in that organization gives two shits about "giving these kids the change to travel and learn and become great citizens and whatever other horseshit you can come up with." It is a way to talk recruits into going there. Any other thought than that is purely ignorant.
Comment 10 Feb 2019
8-4. 8-5 after the annual bowl game clown show. Then they'll announce that Harbs has decided to upgrade to the AAF because the college game is no longer a challenge to him. AKA fired...