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Comment 13 Oct 2018
And once again the defense is non existent. Same way every damn week in and out. With the athletes we have I wonder if its coaching or players or a combination of both. As bad as i hate bama you gotta say they always seem to come to play and dont sleepwalk in games
Comment 06 Oct 2018
Down vote or dont but i have watched our teams for 35 years and this def is just horrendous. Out of position all the time it seems. Piss poor tackling game after game and how do the iu wrs keep constantly getting wide open? Shit I'm just pissed watching this right now because we sure as hell dont look like the number 3 team in the country. Mind is a jumbled mess of anger right now lol.
Comment 03 Aug 2018
Yeah Finebum just sickens me. I can't stand to hear anything that mouth breather has to say. I mean you would think by espn that urban was the one who was the yet to be proven in court wife abuser. So maybe he wasn't 100% truthful. Apparently he is saying he reported whar he had to do. You gonna sit and say not a single news or sports news outlet hasn't lied or stretched the truth? I can't stand what i call glam journalism at all.
Comment 05 Jan 2018
Glued to the tv watching what i also consider the greatest game i have ever watched. As a 29 year old at thw time it was a feeling i had waited for it seemed like an eternity. Was undoubtedly where i feel our Buckeyes finally placed themselves back as the force to be reckoned with that we are seeing today. Gotta , gotta love what thw sweater vest brought us back to.
Comment 03 Dec 2017
Here's my question. In or out this year will probably be if the iowa loss gets us or not. But if the sec gets two teams in how much ruckus and the push to 8 teams does delany and scott make with 2 power 5 conference champs left out for 2 sec teams in a weak as hell sec this year.
Comment 04 Nov 2017
Such an undisciplined team i have never seen before. Penalties, turnovers, bad defense and an offense that has stunk it up this half. all in all we should have eventually seen a game like this coming.
Comment 30 Sep 2014

I live here in Berea Kentucky and being a diehard bucks fan that sets me up for a lot of arguments with the local hillbillies. I represent the buckeyes with my colors every where I go. I despise the sec in general and hate Kentucky almost as bad as I do meatchicken. that being said my daughter is a senior here at Madison southern with damien harris.  . uk is pushing hard on harris as well. they pretty much are telling him when stoops came in a few weeks ago you come to uk you start as a freshman. Damien has a pretty big ego I will say that much so that promise of starting might make him think a bit. the kid is as fast a player as I have seen in years. if he gets through the first contact and open he is gone. now high school is not college and when you step up so does the player level. only thing I realy have not seen southern do with him over the last few years is throw the screen passes or many passes in general to him. if he can get that thrown in man he could be super dangerous. just wanted to give a little heads up on him though since I see him a few times a week and I have kids, a nephew and others close to the situation.