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Comment 12 Feb 2020

Didn't think I'd like it or watch it. I did both. Cardale looked good in running and passing and probably will only get better as the season goes on. Made me feel good to see him slinging the ball around once more. He will be back in the NFL after this season. Way too much talent. GO 12 GAUGE !!!!

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Well fresh into a new year and some one is already making very unwanted news for the football team. So sick of this shit. Every year some bullshit from the team. If this is true I hope they get long long sentence's. These kids got it made, why can't they act appropriate???  Fed up.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Bucks62  you have your opinion and I have mine . I was very vocal on not wanting Barrett his fifth year. We got him because no one else wanted him so he stayed, Meyer's loyalty cost us just like it did with Smith. His lack of ability showed up in the play off game. And it's ridiculous to think Joe couldn't have had the same type of season Haskins had last year in our system. Maybe you didn't watch the spring game. My buddies and me nicknamed him money because his passes were always on the money. As far as him leaving the program I don't blame him one bit. Meyer's really didn't leave him much choice if he had the fire in his belly to start and play. Loved Joe as a Buckeye and since we weren't playing I was rooting for him the whole game, and will continue as a pro. Proud of Joe. GO BUCKS !!!!

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Great to see Joe finish what he started. I was one of the few that wanted Joe to start over Haskins. In fact he should have started instead of Barrett in Barrett's last season. I absolutely was rooting for LSU last night. Clemson did not deserve to be in that game much less win it. Only fitting to see some calls go against them and to see Bret Venable's defense get shredded there last two game for over a thousand yards.So much for being a so called great defense. GO BUCKS !!!!

Comment 11 Jan 2020

First of all I will never move on from this game as we totally got screwed by the ref's. Don't you dare say our guys didn't handle business because they did by a mile. We dominated them all game but a couple plays. I feel so bad for our players and our staff. They both did a hell of a job. There was no targeting ( draw a line across the top of Lawrence's helmet, he drops two to three feet before Wade makes contact) Lawrence put his helmet into Wade period. The scoop and score should have stood. No one can defend that overturn. Ref's were on the take. They should be banned from sports entirely and jailed. Last but not least was Young being held and mugged the entire game with no calls. DISGRACE IN ARIZONA !!!!  

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Well it took a few days for me to respond or read anything about the game. The two calls by the refs are probably the two worst I've ever seen. If we are going to play flag football I'm not watching, if that wasn't a catch and fumble then I've never seen one. Ref's had to be paid off. PURE BULLSHIT. Everyone involved need fired and never allowed to ref again. Shawn Wade hold your head high great play. PURE SCREWING AT IT"S FINEST. NUFF SAID!