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Comment 12 Nov 2019

Alabama should sink out of top ten. They played nobody and when they did they got blitzed. Tua is way overrated.  Georgia is a joke to. They should not be in top ten. Beat at home by S.C. who has got beat by a dud team . C'mon this list is a joke. If the Bucks got beat at home by S.C. we would not be in top ten. How can you justify this list????? Clemson has played nobody and has looked very beatable. This list is way off. I hope the committee brings the hammer down on these pretenders. GO BUCKS

Comment 09 Nov 2019

Everybody wanting to bash the NCAA for this. It may be a stupid rule but it was and is still a rule. Chase signed and agreed to play by these rules. I can hear the questioning now. " Chase did Ohio State tell you to never do this. Well yes they did. About how many times did they have meetings telling you not to accept loans or money? UHHHH about a ZILLION times. Well Mr. Young why did you do It? UHHHHHHHHH." My disappointment lies with Chase Young. For everyone involved it SUCKS but he's the cause. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

I nicknamed him 50/50 Victor last year because that's about the chance we had of him catching the ball. I didn't mean that in a bad way but I have always hoped for him to step up and start being the player that Meyer's bragged about in practice. Now's the time for him to start to earn his name, because as history shows if he came start catching passes consistently he will cash in at the draft.GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 24 Jun 2019

L. Johnson should have a TV show made about him. He's an NFL factory, producing stars every year. Every high school kid coming to the Buckeye's d-line is being taught by a Master a Sensei. Here's to rotating and seeing these guys on the field this year. I can't imagine being an opposing player and having guy's rotating in and out that are all just as good as the guy that went out. Scary. Tommy will be a star beside other stars. GO BUCKS !!!!

Comment 30 Mar 2019

I think this kid will be playing come fall. Looks like he comes from a good family life and will be ready mentally come August. No doubt he has the skills and ability. And man does he look good in Buckeye attire! I'm so impressed by the kids Ohio State recruits. From speaking to the media to how they perform in class room is really unbelievable. If you don't think so go watch some other teams interview some players. Time for another Natty. Day's first year and his first Natty !  You can feel it coming, it's in the air. GO BUCKS !!!!

Comment 18 Feb 2019

ESPN is such bone heads its unwatchable. All season long all they could say was how Alabama was head and shoulders above every other team. The minute they got beat all they could say was Clemson was head and shoulders above every other team. I feel we could have hung with either team. Plus after the treatment they gave Haskin's I won't be watching them again. Idiot's.