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Comment 23 Jun 2019

Aaaaaaaaaaasaamen GoBuck1966!

Couldnt have said it better or shorter myself!  I understand the BH love, but to elevate his value above all else, including Haskins arm and passing ability, is not a camp I reside in.  Your Penn State comeback example is dead on.

I remember the “older WRs” being castrated and maligned as not being able to get off press and not getting separation.

Oh well, 2 were drafted and the third one is shooting his shot!  Absolutely delighted for all 3 of them, in particular McLaurin, who did the absolute most with few opportunities! 

Comment 23 Jun 2019

So if was out of character for Bosa, does that mean it was in character for the others, lol (and eye roll)!  

Best believe that by the time a guy is suspended, it’s not his first time @ the rodeo (or getting “caught”) to be more specific.  And that’s irrespective of his last name or his talent level, Bosa included!

Comment 06 Jun 2019

I’d heard the 3rd rounders are some of the last to sign, because of provisions in the CBA unique to their contracts.

I was a big supporter of Terry’s.  Remember a time when he was considered expendable to help meet scholly numbers.

Oh well, Terry did it.  I’ll be following him as a Redskin, interested in what he’ll do with real opportunity aside from ST and blocking.

Comment 05 Jun 2019

I don’t know about bagmen, but they have cleat chasers.  Thus the increasing number of players with kids.

Comment 30 May 2019

Amen Stxbuck!

A poster above you spoke about the player putting OSU/schools in a tough spot.  What about when Coaches are recruiting kids up to and thru Signing Day, when they know they’re leaving for their next gig.  

Again, I don’t have a problem w/ players having more freedom of movement with regards to transferring.  Youthful or not, it’s their choice to do it and bare the consequences, good or bad.