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Comment 12 Feb 2020

I don’t take it that Riveria doesn’t want Haskins.  I take it there’s some discreet mental motivating the Coach is trying to do with Haskins, so that he buys in. There’s still folks around from the previous regime who would be able to honestly speak to Haskins’ behavior in Ashburn last season.  I also remember Meyer being lauded for such motivational “tactics” because he has a Pysch degree.

There exist a picture of Haskins sitting on the bench last Season basically pouting, while the Coach & Keemun were looking @ the iPad.  This was during a game.  Then there’s the infamous selfie incident.  Then theres the reports of late practice arrivals and one to the stadium on game day.  There’s been the surly interactions with the weekly Presser with Media.

Yes these things are correctable and probably an indication of said immaturity.  But I do think this Season is a pivotal one for Haskins.

I know he fancied himself being taken by the Giants, and had the infamous Draft Day visual reaction and quote about the league done messed up.  To me, he’s fortunate that he wasn’t drafted by NY, it’s spotlight and media, is much more notorious than DC’s.

Rosen behaved similarly, performed poorly on the field and was promptly shipped off.  I’m not a big time athlete, but humility is important in all walks of life, in particular athletics.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

McCoy won’t be back, Keemun feels he’s a starter in the league, and Haskins needs to do as much work on the field (eg. being a professional and on time) as he does with his “brand”.

Redskins didn’t do him any favors with certain decisions, but’s he not in Columbus any more.  Haskins needs to do his part.  Having a canon for an arm isn’t all it takes to be successful in the NFL, or he’ll be a victim of the moniker Not For Long! 

Comment 07 Feb 2020

Nothing like being voted into gray-dom.  Thanks, let’s me know a chord was struck.

Two things can be true at the same time, Hartline helped the WRs AND a better passing QB EQUALLY aided them, if not more..

Some of those same maligned WRs are now in the NFL and one of the most maligned one, was an All Rookie guy as a 3rd Rounder.  Lol!

Comment 07 Feb 2020

Hi Uh 1966, we are in agreement!  I’ve previously contended the change in QB was the bigger catalyst for “improved” WR play then Hartline. However, the narrative had been set that it was Hartline becoming the Coach.

I’m not discounting Hartline’s role, just asking for  acknowledgment that the passing game really took off when Haskins became QB in 2018.

Prior to then, all we heard was that the WRs couldn’t catch a cold, couldn’t get separation, etc. They had room for improvement for sure, but it was less about them and more about the QB, who was better at dinking and dunking, which is also why Urban’s beloved H position guys Campbell and Hill thrived with a 160 catches between them.

Day moved out Martell and brought in Fields.  Day was able to subsequently open up the playbook and the more traditional X and Y positions ate for days.

Comment 07 Feb 2020

And the things you suggest, there’s some truth to it.  

However, there were also rumblings of his lack of professionalism and game readiness.  Showing up to practice late and not putting in the work.

End result is that he’s not in CBus any more.  If he wants longevity, he’s going to have to be accountable and put as much work into his practice and play, as he does his Clothing line and Social Media presence.