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Comment 2 hours ago

Expect to pay a premium up charge for Uber or Lyft in this scenario.

Comment 2 hours ago

Criticism often depends on whose is being talked about.  McCall can fumble or muff a kick return and get lambasted.  Wilson does the same thing, and you hear all the noise about he’s a stud.  A Muffed Punt is muffed, period.

Comment 2 hours ago

OSU Coaches will sell you sand at the beach.  I don’t consider it a red flag if you choose not to buy (eg. Burrow) and move on.  I mean the players only have a 5 year window to play 4.  Should they sit around and let that eligibility expire when indications are they’re not in the plans.’ Yeah injuries happen, but sitting around waiting on one to happen at your position doesn’t seem to be the best strategy either.

Comment 2 hours ago

When Meyer anointed Werner a Starter and deemed him worthy of marrying his daughter if he had a choice, it was over for anyone hoping to unseat Werner.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

System also didn’t give Burrow a sense of “touch”.  His arm isn’t as heralded as a Haskins’ or considered “strong”, but I’ll take the former over the latter on any given Sunday.  Haskins has been wildly inaccurate, he’s missing wide open guys on the regular and McLaurin thrice for easy TDs  during the last 2 weeks.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Haskins has his own set of things to work on outside of the Redskins’ management deficiencies.  Between the clothing line, social media presence, if he put equal part work into the playbook, he can HELP accelerate his own maturation.  But that isn’t a popular opinion.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

I am a fan, and not hating on JT.  Good grief!

My point was, JT was celebrated because of his stats, including when he played long into the 4th quarter and padded stats.

Now the convo is about J Burrow doing the same, and folks are splitting hairs.

Oh well, opinions, we all have them and no one’s is more important than the other.  Also, note the use of comma placements, they can be critical in the intent of what was written (as in my first statement). 

 Moving on!

Comment 25 Nov 2019

I’d say McLaurin has been brighter than Haskins and that more of his production was without Haskins then with him.  Speaking of media smedia, the narrative is that Haskins “told/advised” the Redskins to Draft him, or that he was drafted only as a Special Teamer.

I’m glad to see McLaurin produce, always thought he had talent and received limited opportunity here (which he made the most of) as Meyer ran the QB adnaseum and threw to the H as the primary receiver.

I understood why Haskins left (for the $), and the Redskins have their faults, but his accuracy was a concern here (overshadowed by the yardage and 50 TDS) and still is in DC.  He had enough time to make throws yesterday and was woefully inaccurate.

Will he get better, I believe he can/will.  The results will be as much on him as who his Coaches are; Haskins has to learn touch, a cannon arm is nice, but every pass doesn’t have to be fast and hard.

Hopefully he’ll put in the work and have the presence of mind to do so.  I understand confidence, but there’s a fine line between it and arrogance.  From the time he was drafted, until being named Starter; he seems to have shown more arrogance than not.  Starting with the infamous “the league done messed up”, and that has nothing to do with what the Redskins staff is about.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

The issue wasn’t the selfie, it was when it was done.  And just because it was Theisman (with his past) making the point doesn’t mean that he was wrong.  I watched the game.  Once the FG was made, Haskins  threw his cup down, went around some equipment and over to the fan

Uh why was he not over on the sideline with his teammates, where once the game is over a courtesy handshake occurs, and THEN he could do the selfies.  It was very unprofessional.  Then he proceeds to say in the Presser that he’s a closer, it’s what he does.

He was terrible yesterday, accuracy was non existent.  He was bailed out by McLaurin catching a ball thrown wide by Haskins, after being missed on 2 easy NFL throws.  Haskins seems to be immature and star struck with the spoils of the NFL and not necessarily the work.  He ought to thank his lucky stars that NY didn’t pick him, because THAT media wouldn’t show him half the leniency he gets from the DC media.