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Comment 3 hours ago


Fair assessment.  But I would add, for me personally, regardless to how LSU performs, my interest is in seeing Burrow doing well individually!

He was a victim of circumstances in that JT came back for a 5th year, and Haskins was a phenomenal Talent, thereby there was no window for Burrow to get meaningful minutes.

With the handwriting on the wall, he read it, made his choice and handled his departure with class.  So yeah, I’ll root for Burrow the person and player, while also cheering for the Buckeyes.  For me, they’re not mutually exclusive.

Comment 22 hours ago

It absolutely does work both ways!

Ain’t much said about the “other adults” (Coaches) who have signed on the dotted line, when they take off for greener pastures, more money and looking out for the families.  It’s seems to be an uproar primarily when it’s the players making moves.

Personally I ain’t got a problem w/ Baldwin’s decision.  

Hell, Coaches recruit up to and thru Signing Day, and THEN (in some cases) moves on after sitting in recruits homes and having dished out those sale pitches.

Comment 22 hours ago

Next Season as in completion of 2020, cause upon completion of the 2019 Season.  Field is not eligible to go anywhere!

Comment 19 Apr 2019


Agreed!  Along w/ Martell.  Who I believe wasn’t “blocked” as some are suggesting for Baldwin, because OSU either believed or knew that Martell would come out slinging mud.  There didn’t seem to be as much angst about the Portal when OSU was on the receiving end w/ Fields.  Now that OSU is effected, there seems to be a differen train of thought.

I wish Baldwin nothing but the best, the guy only has a limited 5 year window of eligibilty.  He should do what he think is best for him and his family (as is so often said when Coaches leaves for greener pastures, despite a signed contract and commitments in place).  

Comment 19 Apr 2019

When not named thestarter or being unable to unseat GA’s Fromm, Fields didn’t exactly remain a Bulldog either.  Personally, I wish Baldwin the best going forward.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Why should Baldwin have to sit?  Fields didn’t, Martell, nor Grimes, regardless to the story/case they presented to the NCAA.  It was all about playing time for each player!

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Hey Chuck,

What about those times when a Team “finds” what they believe is a better player, and then encourages a long term commit (T Sibley) and then “discreetly” disengage from their Recruitment and encourages a guy to look elsewhere.

The Landscape is changing, the upcoming guys are not gonna just sit around and drink the kool-aid being poured!

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Wouldn’t exactly say there was Bulldogs-ish mentality with Fields staying @ Georgia either.  Wish Baldwin the best, and his decision to do what he thinks is best for himself!

Comment 18 Apr 2019


Here’s a point I would make.  There only seems to be an issue about keeping a commitment when it’s the PLAYERS that change their mind.  Nothing seems to be said or bemoaned about, when it’s also legal adult (and very grown) men (Coaches) who makes commitments, sign contracts and walk away from them for greener pastures and more money.

And get this, some of them do so after having sat with recruits and their families and lied to their face that they were going to be at their current school.

I’m sorry, I no more have a problem with the players working the system, then folks seem to not have an issue with multimillion dollar Coaches doing what’s best for them and their families!

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Tommy Stevens is NOT transferring to sit.

He “patiently” sat and waited his turn (as folks are advocating for Baldwin) behind McSorley, and his eligibility window is all but closed (1 yr), having never played any meaningful QB minutes.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Everybody talks about who to get to transfer in, well a potential transfer is going to look @ things and see them (most likely) the very SAME way that Baldwin did, and say thanks but no thanks! 

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I think Kiper’s pick is more about his shock value, then any consensus among the powers that be.  

However, it would be nice to see McLaurin go in the 2nd round, 3rd at the latest; as an all around football player and WR, I’d say he has that kind of value.

I suspect that wherever he lands, he’ll do well with considerably more opportunity then he had in Meyer’s “spread” offense.