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  • SPORTS MOMENT: All OSU football victories; 85 Yards Through the Heart of the South.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin. Is there any other?
  • NHL TEAM: Hockey is a Canadian plot to conquer the world.
  • NBA TEAM: CAVs Rock.
  • MLB TEAM: The Birds on Bats
  • SOCCER TEAM: None. It is hockey played on grass.

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Comment 05 Nov 2019

I will put no stock in CFP rankings until Carrot Top, Paul Reubens, Bobcat Goldthwait, Andrew Dice Clay, and Pauly Shore are serving members. And Andy Dick must hold the chair.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Meanwhile, on MGoBlow, there are three, count 'em three, threads on how the refs screwed ttun over. 

Comment 30 Sep 2019

For you guys who have been to Paris, what did you find the most effective way to get cash?

Employment as a maquereau.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

Ryan Day is Smarter Than Me

Let's look at that for a moment:

Ryan Day is Smarter Than Me.

Let's look at the complete sentence: Ryan Day is smarter than me am smart. Let's shorten it: Ryan Day is smarter than me am. Let's shorten it again: Ryan Day is smarter than me. There it is.

Now let's try it this way: Ryan Day is smarter than I am smart. Ryan Day is smarter than I am. Ryan Day is smarter than I. More better.

I'll see myself out, letting the door hit me in the ass on the way out.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

It would be awesome to have an NC in Baseball to go with Football and Basketball!


OSU was THE FIRST college program to win Nattys in all three major sports. There are now four such programs, with UCLA, ttun and Florida having trailed along in the years since.

Some gravy on that entree: OSU (excluding prior football nattys from 1942, 1954 and 1957) achieved the milestone in a single decade, winning the basketball title in 1960, football in 1961 (Football Writers), baseball in 1966, and football again in 1968.

Comment 28 Sep 2019

Don't mean to interrupt and go off-topic, but I am watching the Football Fever postgame show on ABC and I have a serious question: Is Ben Buchanan wearing a hair beret?

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Were Ambrose Bierce still alive, I would like to think that he would have already added a definition for "Twitter" to his masterpiece, The Devil's Dictionary:

Twitter, n. - An ingenious communication platform permitting ignorant and illiterate cretins to publish astonishingly stupid stuff.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

They were worse at converting points inside their opponent's twenty yard line than when Joe Bauserman had the reigns of the passing offense for part of the season.

I must apologize up front here. I mean no disrespect, but we must fix this issue. There has been a previous post on treacherous sound-alikes, aka homophones, including specifically the unholy trinity of rain, rein and reign. I realize I am not the king of spelling and thus I do not reign supreme over all others. So, rather than rain down derision upon our author, I will seize the reins here to note simply that "reigns" is not the optimum word choice for the sentence quoted above. You may downvote me at will. I certainly deserve it.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

MYTHigan will lose 4 games and all the Wolverqueen fans living in their putrid state will finally realize they suck ass.

Dude! Upon what planet do you dwell?

Ttun has sucked sphincter since the disappearance of the leather helmet and those fans still think they walk on water. If that is not enough objective, incontrovertible evidence to disabuse them of their conceit and hubris, a four loss season will not even cause a tick on the needle of the self-doubt-o-meter.

Comment 23 Jul 2019

The chap doing the voice-over explained it one sentence, shortly after pronouncing "aesthetic" as "assthetic." He said "cars like the newest gen Camaro and the Ferrari SF90 are great examples of cars that were fashioned by too many engineers and not enough artists." Interestingly, Ferrari and most of the other Italian supercar manufacturers have moved away from the past practice of utilizing the great Italian design houses or "carrozzeria" (Pininfarina, Zagato, Bertone, Italdesign Giugiaro and Ghia) to design the bodywork for their vehicles, electing to keep that phase of vehicle development in-house, or in some cases acquiring a design house outright and integrating it into the manufacturer's corporate structure. From 1951 until 2013, Pininfarina designed all of Ferrari’s production models except the Bertone-created Dino 308GT4. 

I read up on this a few years back after a trip to Wendy's. After I placed the order, I turned around and leaned against the counter. I started looking around and noticed this very cool looking Coke machine. As I appreciated its "assthetics" I noticed a familiar looking chrome emblem on it, right in the middle of the machine. I pondered that a moment and walked up to the machine to get a closer look, thinking all the while that it could not be what I thought it was. But sure enough, when I got close enough, there it was:

So it seems that the surviving independent legendary coach builders of Italy have more aggressively expanded their reach within the industrial design world to help fill the void left as the supercar manufacturers are migrating toward in-house design. Let's face facts. In the modern corporate world, artists are always gonna lose out to engineers, and engineers are always gonna lose out to bean counters.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

I don't remember where I was or what I was doing when Apollo 11 took off, but I vividly recall where I was when Neil hopped off the Eagle. My Uncle John had, the day before, dropped right in his tracks of a massive widow making MI and we were in Lancaster, Ohio with my Aunt Ginny and my cousins. It was at the tender age of 12 that I experienced "bittersweet" for the first time. Uncle John was 36 years old at the time, 6'4" tall, 225 lbs. and the picture of hale and hearty health.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

That assumes the fourth and fifth receiver on the field are going to draw attention from - how do we put this delicately - special teams guys, smallish linebackers or mediocre corners. Here's a good example. Start watching at...really, any point in that video.

Cold, man. Cold as hell. Loving it.