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Comment 23 Aug 2018

In the absence of any evidence that supports her “claims” of domestic violence I think there is a “Missing Apology FROM Courtney Smith”.

Don’t get me wrong, she has been hurt and is a victim of Zach Smith, but her desire to keep upping the ante with the only weapon she can wield, DV is an abuse of the system.  I think a lot of very good people are getting hurt with collateral damage from her “no holds barred” assault on Zach, which I don’t doubt he deserves.  He stood before God and promised to love, honor, and cherish his wife, Courtney, but did not.  I do not think Courtney is a bad person, I just think she is blinded by hatred, and vengeance and has done some bad things.  Zach on the other hand, may really be a bad person doing bad things.  It makes you wonder why someone who obviously does not want to be married, gets married?

The committee only lightly mentioned law enforcement, and did not expound law enforcement’s role, but they have a huge role in this.  They are trained professionals who were called to the scene and have an obligation to ensure Courtney’s SAFETY! If her claims were remotely true, and there was any chance she was in danger they must act, but they didn’t. Why? They could have easily arrested Zach and bore no liability, but by leaving him there, they created enormous liability for themselves, should she get hurt, but they took no action.

We may never know the honest truth about what occurred between these two, but there are still some legal proceedings to take place, so it may be interesting to look back at all of this in a few months and re-evaluate the decisions that were made.

Lives have been changed, reputations irreparably damaged.  Maybe some people got off light, maybe some people were severely punished for nothing.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I am so glad I can think for myself, and not be dependent of some halfwit, ill informed, former athlete, or faux journalist to tell me what I think. 

I can listen and understand what is being said and form my own opinion, based on what is presented as fact, by those who actually conducted the investigation.

These so-called pundits only share what suites their narrative, which is partial truth at best, as they recite a script provided to them, so they can pretend to share their opinion which is nothing more than the company line.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

Sometimes we need to step back and try to be objective.  We all love the football team, but this is a public university and there are public trust issues, that must be considered. No we don't like them, it may be unfair, but it also may be unfair to put the university on the spot to begin with. Zach was a weak link, him being gone is a good thing. As for everything else, be happy it is over and lets have some lemonade.  I think a great year in still in front of us.

Comment 22 Aug 2018

I could be wrong, but I honestly believe Urban Meyer is a man of character, and character matters, he will accept the sanctions and he will not play the team against the school.  What you heard him say is the same message he will give the team, he did not do things as well as he could have, and there are consequences. 

What I do expect is that when the players walk in to Beaver Stadium and see the faux anger directed at Urban Meyer, they will be inspired to teach them a lesson about respect.

Comment 22 Aug 2018

There's a first time for everything, time will tell.  We have too much talent, just wait and see.

I never thought Urban Meyer did anything wrong, but I have felt he could have done things better, but what he did do wasn't wrong.  Now it's OSU's turn, they may not be done anything wrong, but what they did do could have been better.  They tried to walk a thin line to appease everyone, but probably just angered everybody, a week from now this will be old news, but we will have to endure it during every televised pregame show airing the Buckeyes for the remainder of the season.

At least that's how I see it playing out, time will tell.

Comment 22 Aug 2018

I'm not mad, just very disappointed. I don't think the team has any issues with bing "united", they are very tight and team oriented. 

Think about all of the adversity we faced in 2014, we lost one of our players, but the team prevailed. We have some of the brightest coaches in the game, but they don't always get the freedom to show their talent, and creativity.  If Urban was the coach and JT was the QB in 2002, do you think the "Holy Buckeye" would have happened? I am not knocking Urban Meyer, there is nobody I would rather have guiding the Buckeyes, NOBODY!  I just see this will be a great opportunity for a lot of talent to be showcased, on the field and on the sidelines, and in the press box.

Comment 22 Aug 2018

No, you are wrong. It is not BS it is a GIFT!

This is PERFECT!

Life is full of injustices and although we feel this is another one, and it may be, but that is what life is all about. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  What does not kill you makes you stronger. This team is full of talent, and now they have a vengeance like never before.  They will play angry.

God help those teams on the schedule this season, because the Buckeyes will show no mercy!

These young men may put on an Ohio State uniform, but Urban Meyer is who they will play for this season, and they now have something to prove, and prove it they will.

If you want to be successful hire the right people and get the hell out of their way! Urban has had his challenges with this concept, but now he will not have a choice, but he does have the right people and they too have something to prove.  When he returns he will give more control to his now proven coordinators.  His job will be to manage the game, not call plays. He can decide to go for it on fourth down or punt, when to use timeout etc.. but his very talented assistants are going to show what they can do.  It will be impressive.

None of us like this, but it is not the bad thing we think it is, it is an opportunity for many that would not have otherwise presented itself.  Be happy, we are going to have a great year!