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Comment 06 Jun 2019

This is a benefit knowing you’ll have players transfer, but the greatest benefit is not knowing who will be one and dones. Say DJ Carton blows up ala Mike Conley. The blow is softened having CJ Walker back for his forth year at point guard. Sueing will be a great add if E.J. Liddell or Alonzo Gaffney enter the draft next year.  If those guys stay you’ll see all three on the court in Holtmann small ball concept. 

Comment 01 Apr 2019

Giddens makes a lot of sense...one year rental player that doesn’t consume 2020 scholarship. Rim protector that Brunk doesn’t provide. All he’d be asked to do is play aggressive defense, block shots and dive to rim to receive lobs to dunk from all our play makers next year.  Might even motivate Kaleb and can still have room for Diallo.  Can play more offensive players as well because he provides some measure of cleanup as last line of defense. 

Comment 31 Jul 2018

For some reason it bugs me watching grown men where jerseys to games but I don't have a problem doing a beer bong with undergrads in the same setting.  Guess we all live out our youth in different ways!

Comment 06 Apr 2017

From a scholarship standpoint Bragg would fit in nicely to help balance class.  In two years he would be a junior with potter and Andre Wesson.  Very few college teams play a true center.  His size and athleticism makes him versatile which coaches love.  He's much bigger than deshuan Thomas and laquinton Ross who would play the "5" when matta went small created tough matchups for opponents.  Agree we need additional depth at guard, but a frontline with KBD 6-8 and long, Bragg at 6-10 and either Funderburk, potter or Wesson all 6-9 would be as  big as any in the country.

Comment 06 Apr 2017

He would be heir apparent to jae'sean Tate at the 4 spot in two years when eligible.  That's a gamble worth taking today.  Not sure Funderburk is the answer and bazley will be a freshman.  

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Ahrens is a Div 3 player, Hunter is D1.  OSU has scholarship space and I'd like to see them pursue Hunter aggressively.  If it gets a little crowded, maybe someone decommits before signing LOI next fall.  Just hate seeing someone like Hunter playing against us down the road.  

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Any news on Jerome Hunter?  He looks like a guy who UM or WV steal from central Ohio and make into a really good player.  Looks like he could come in and play; whereas Ahrens (also class of '18) appears to be more of a role player/project.  

Comment 20 Mar 2017

We may start to see Potter play alongside funderburk for the twin tower look.  Doubt you see much of him on the court with kaleb Wesson due to lack of quickness on defensive end. Look for more of this in two years after our 6'4" power forward graduates.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Not sure if this has been covered on this board.....but heard the pundits say Michigan is blocking Colorado.  If that is the case one would assume they are also blocking Wisconsin and Penn State with wins over all 3.  By that logic, Ohio State can not be hurdled by Michigan.  I think we're in good shape for a 2 or 3 seed with Clemson.  

Comment 10 Jan 2016

Splitting hairs but Lyle was actually playing the 3 with Kam playing the 2.  The takeaway from today's game was they let Lyle loose off the ball for the first time.  He is now THE go to player on this team.  Tate, Loving and KBD were given the chance to be the alpha and they deferred.  Tate just has basketball limitations, the other two don't have the physical or mental toughness.

Comment 07 Jan 2016

The way we are shooting from the stripe, that may not be all bad.

Comment 07 Jan 2016

I can see the Ray Allen comparison.  Compact shooting stroke with elevation.  KBD needs to square up on his shots or he will sacrifice minutes to Kam.

Comment 07 Jan 2016

Don't think he played for Tate.  Mitchell is eating into his minutes.  I'd like to see mitchell play some point with Kam, loving and KBD on wings with giddens in the pivot.  

Comment 30 Dec 2015

The schott is an embarrassment and have hated it from day one.  Should have built a Breslin center type venue with the fans close to the court.  St. John held just over 13k and thinking that's about right for a football Skool!