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Comment 14 Jun 2018

Southalabamabuckeye 1 HOUR AGO 

I trust Urban, Day, and the rest of the staff to develop the position. Just make sure his character and mental toughness fit at Ohio State.

"Develop the position"?  Extremely rare.  And, undefined. extremely without meaning.

Way too common and 'trustable':  our predilections to 'assume the position'.

And who is the mild-mannered fine fellow who will "just make sure of this "fit"?  ;-{)}

Comment 13 Jun 2018

Former Ohio State quarterback Rex Kern, one of the Super Sophomores and an All-American, spoke with Eleven Warriors about both teams and their successes and downfalls. He said ultimately, Michigan and Michigan State were simply the better teams on Nov. 22, 1969 and Nov. 21, 2015, respectively. 

"Ultimately", this is an invasion of evasion without a cause.  "Simply better" is a nolo contendre dodge -  not a cause or performance or intangible comparison at all.

IMO ...psychologically and philosophically, this means we have yet to critically self-examine 1969, or 2015.

Inasmuch as we are again 'so loaded in 2018, this challenge to greatness is upon us again.   No amount of cramming more excellent  beans into an overflowing jar is going to produce better results.   But, this has characterized our 'best ever' 'identity' in my lifetime...

so far.  Go Bucks!

And what an irony, and hope... are 1968, 2002, 2012, and 2014... when those teams went all the way while the experts opined they were 'one year early'!

Now THERE'S comparison material ... 'waiting to happen' !  ;-{)}

Comment 08 Jun 2018

too early, too late...

growth spurts in attitude, skills, motivations, effort...

yes adolescence to manhood is a dynamic and hardly straight line process....

Reflecting on our 2012- ? QB recruiting... perhaps our narrations and 'shoulda done mores' are a clue we've had some zigs and zags in our staff & offensive 'preferences' as well.

Comment 08 Jun 2018

OH2MD:  on what basis must i confine myself from this paragraph as "not a sermon... ?"

Perhaps "just a thought..." in 9 parts...?   ;-{)}

Agree it is amusing how a person morphs in the 'interpretations' fantasies of our minds from not on our radar when healthy to 'star really' after a major injury ...depending on one or more 'other things' .... 'happening'... or not   ;-{)}

Comment 08 Jun 2018

"many people say it... this team lived it".

.......Urban Meyer, from the platform after the 2014 NC game [not an exact quote]

Have we done 'it' as a team and staff... since?  We have done a whole lot of narrating, balancing, shoulda done more ofs, transparencies....

Comment 07 Jun 2018

Isn't 'trust' more than methodological [an inanimate 'process', e.g. problem-solving]?

Even 'problem-solving' varies in reasoning, empiricism, in inspiration and intuition...

and even [perish the thought], if there is something greater than us... revelation?

Seems to me, as close to perfect as i truly am... i ought to keep on seeking... rather than seek/find, seek/find, seek/find....

IMO, somewhere past 'process' ... is a living authority with a certain Honesty & Integrity... that is ipso facto trustworthy, regardless of what each of us perceive.

If not...we are the blind leading the blind...and sadly, irrelevantly, hopelessly, foolishly, tragically - i'm less blind that you.  ;-{)}

Comment 07 Jun 2018

we "just look at" what "could be" "tremendous pressure"....

how do those on our DL [and LBs... and a DB] deliver it [disruption of the play regardless of type]?

how does the statistician measure it?

is 'wearing down' some degree of slope on a  line of 'degrading'?

I recall the old old tapes of Warren Sapp.  He'd overpower his man 5,6,7 times in a row in going sideline to sideline chasing down the QB or RB.  By the 2H...he was exhausted.

'Staying fresh' by increasing the interval you exhaust yourself on a play... times the number of men ...would seem a daunting planning task in dynamic real time iterations.

Comment 06 Jun 2018

if by 'get at it' you mean exhaust their OL, it's squarely on our D coaches to set an exhausting pace with the rate of plays and mismatches in the situational & mano a mano rotations...

The O plays a similar role - perhaps even moreso be cause on O we control the snap and interval between plays....  Our O ought to approach 100 snaps per game...?!


Comment 06 Jun 2018

Theo - cratically....   ;-{)}

the "real formula" [strategy] is to apply tactics to seize/create the initiative and continually exploit and extend it.

then, mentally, the D will instinctively 'react' to the last blow, and so the harder they try, the behinder they'll get. 

Then their D will 'break down' into parts [i.e. called 'breaking their cohesion].

Comment 06 Jun 2018

suppose we keep speculating to extremes of winning or losing, highs or lows, beasts or a rash of injuries, championships or horrifying flukitis, one & done's or 5 year busts?

how much of a distraction/impediment am i, are we, to our Buckeyes... and their tasks, their adversities, their challenges? 

IDK... but IF i say i am loyal, i would suspect i should 'pick' ... zero, and get off my shallow, selfish, non-productive... usual.

Comment 06 Jun 2018

there are comparatively few little big men... but nearly all have made quite a disproportional impact on our team.

there are many big littler men by comparison, and comparatively, several have made a less than proportional impact.

===two reasons about why 'size' is indeed an input, but pales in comparison to the heart and the spirit in each and every person.