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Comment 1 hour ago

"How" ...did he "move", Raiderred asks?

His post is still on this thread...so it must be 'relevant' by the 'Powers that Be'.  So i guess i am 'permitted' to say "what a great, continuing question for each and all of us!  And what a 'do something great' place to ask it!  And what harmony with the purpose of that old term "university"!

Answer?  in the usual quicksands of Guru and "dude" die-versity"?  Just a 'bump' and a 'rank' away from the next 'hop, skip, and a jump' in the widest road evah in "mind-boggling"... FantasyLand.  

For Buckeye recruits ...a Road Less Traveled...to consider.  How?  This is exactly why Urban Meyer's program foundational two values on his wall... are of continuing FIRST IMPORTANCE.  For EVERY 'move' each imperfect person makes in quicksand...we sink.  What we choose to stand on... determines 'how' we choose.

hmmm.  So what if 'all the usual noises' we 'hear'... are 'crickets', in "The Sound of Silence"? 

Do eye 'so no'... better?   Take MY word for it?  LOL .  ;-{)}

"Just move on..." for Progress in a Circle?

Who is 'in charge of' the Land of 'Should Be'?  Whether you wanna be, should be, or ought to be... who stands on your 'wall'...for 'everybody's got their very own  wall of 'what i believe'!  

Anyone remember the two songs: "Every Move You Make" by The Police, and "Every Move I Make" by Hillsong?

Comment 14 Dec 2018

agree 'we' - as Redd Foxx used to so charmingly opine - "have a case of the 'exactlies' "...

the adults ARE 'in charge'...by the 'content of their character'; ...

... they are not necessarily in the right 'positions'....   ;-{)}

[ref:  Gus Economos, "Informal Leadership in the Formal Organization"]

Comment 14 Dec 2018

Wow Buckeye3M - so much in so few words!  ;-{)}

indeed, it is written that "...it is a 'terrifying' thing, to fall into the hands of the living..." ...whatever isn't there but... 'seems to' "happen" to us all.

Agree with our "longing" for those sayings we keep saying, but are not ours to 'get'.

Indeed, 'those kids'... our players of 'youth and inexperience' ...["make"] 'go for us'!

I ad-mire the few for their courage in simply 'walking their talk' in the Arena... whilst i occasionally 'am mired' in the muddy road of my passions....on the sidelines.   ;-{)}

i am like a 'trophy wife' - 'on dis-play' u could say.  Their reward for each step in their walk comes 'later', at the exact right time in the exact righteous and loving ways...not apart, but 'fit together'.


Comment 14 Dec 2018

Go1Bucks - Great approach - ask what it means, in a question!  Great example of what TO do...and great place [Forum] to raise an issue!

"Couldn't" ?  IDK, and now no one of us will know.

"Wouldn't" ?  Asked ...and answered by his departure.

Facade?  "Fit", is the tarp over the Ferrari of potential, the fact of a volkswagen negotiating the Rockies on a Road Less Traveled..

p.s.  I speak from 'experience'... the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Comment 14 Dec 2018

IMO...boils down to attitude, and whether team needs are more important than just individual needs.

The "I had to do what's best for me" is a haggard mantra which presumes who knows exactly what 'best' is, now and during college career; and, that that is a two-step yes or no call.

There's plenty of opportunities and options with Holtmann... and at St Elsewhere.  IMO what indicates a Facade at work here is that the timing of Potter's abrupt departure was not in the best interest of the program - on the floor and in current recruiting.  As for team needs, it's not too difficult - especially for 'size' counters - to 'see' a roster of two 6'9" players in the B1G style play is jest a tad... 'more' than 1.  Essentially a 'my style' perception toward a team game, detracts and divides be cause it is the wrong priority for a team on a mission.  Thinking that 'for team' or 'against me' is... zero-sum thinking, which obscures the uni-versity of team attitude and the spectrum of continuing growth and adaptation.

That said, good luck to Potter.  Appreciate Holtmann's holding his tongue and not putting any obstacles in Potter's transfer.

As for our team on the floor... it's a 'come as you are' competition each game, of players competing in the Arena, come what may.  What do OUR coaches do with a player on the court who indicates - for whatever reason[s] - he's not 'focused on the task at hand'?  Yep... sits, 'gets counseling'... upon Coaches' assessment of how he received the feedback... returns to the fray.  And how many times - due to injury or situation - do our players have to sub, adjust, even sit... to 'put the best 5 on the floor' for what's going on out there NOW?  THIS is the continuing reality of team building and out-competing... not what we used to call in pilot training, "self-initiated elimination" [SIE].

A life-lesson for all of us.  Thanks for your examples... every man on Our Team, and coaches & staff.


Comment 13 Dec 2018

no Japanese will answer you that they speak English.  It's impolite.

All Japanese speak English, which is mandatory in schools for years in Japan.

Be encouraging, talk clearly, and ask 'how do you say this or name this in Japanese....

Comment 13 Dec 2018

In a dynamic game of many players, factors, and situations... checkers doesn't quite fit the challenge.

In a complex decision of many factors, 'considering' would reasonably take some length of time, and both controllable & uncontrollable facets would enter into it.  'The decision' came to a point, but the considering and the deciding wasn't done on the head of a pin.

Leave the pin-heads to their own chosen devices.

Seems to me from afar... Urban and Ryan and key staff of their mutual choice... created a transition synergy of incalculable value to the players and the situation at tOSU.  Yet... it ain't over 'til it's over, so... [impatiently waits, encouraged for all so far....].

GO BUCKS ...strong thru the Finish and Start!

Comment 13 Dec 2018

what a GOLDEN... opportunity of numerous facets!

There has long been the "chasm" already.... 

IF... there is such a thing as The Chasm, imperfect people can make it 'worse'...but not 'better'...and those 'on the fence' only collect splinters where it 'really hurts'... [reporting my 'anecdotal experience' here]!   ;-{)}

Comment 12 Dec 2018

Toxic Nut -

i'm not familiar with the term "Bruv"; meaning?

the "to offset" some anonymous symbol means a guess x2.

now i realize 'some' UV or DV 'offset' others in the 11W algorihtms, making 3 more unknowns...totaling at least five... and rendering any ability to determine a simple vote total.. moot.

This Tower of Voting Babel... "deserves" ...a wry smile, mebbe?

Thanks for the exercise trying to think about this, and IMO your example of self-restraint contributes to the concept of 'Forum'.

Comment 11 Dec 2018

smooth... simple description with a smile...

two tuckered out guys plopping down in the dunes...

and what to our wondering eyes should appear?

a shimmring big SIX TWO...

it "Happened"...

that's clear!

===what a glorious contrast - the simple mirage... compared to the usual surroundings of arrogant meaningless tripe!


====bonus message:  save clip for when we get arrogant and...rub it in our face BEFORE... so we won't have to...after.

Comment 11 Dec 2018

there seems to be some confusion between who we 'wanna' "lean on"...

who some expert 'feels' and 'tells' we 'should' lean on'...


Who we "ought" to lean on...


when we choose to trust... it's in Who we choose to lean on.

DISCLAIMER:  I CHEAT in my choices!  ;-{)}   Once in a while in obedience and 'what's best for me'... far more often by & for 'lesser means & motives'.

====Sin-sear-ly yours...buck68

Comment 11 Dec 2018

DEPT OF JUST NEEDS ~ an approach for Buckeye consideration.

1-confirm: there is but 1 Captain of a ship on a mission, come what may.

2-what are this Captain's 'core values'; either confirm the 2 from the last Captain, or revise them... now.

3-Recruiting roles present conflicts to recruits, staff, head coach, and tosu.  DO NOT DENY/AVOID them - explain them and who resolves them and seek opinions of those with questions.  Meyer's role is to follow Captain Day's guidance, and specific tasks he is delegated - whether direct or via some AD office.

The greater has become the lesser.  The lesser supports the greater, or leaves singing his praises.

NB:  if Day chooses to employ tactical principles as his 'philosophy' of 'competing'... then, he is not constrained by zero-sum thinking; but, rather, freed into the continual problem solving process,  using tactical principles constrained only by the values of What Comes First....

Comment 11 Dec 2018

a few choose discourse...

fratricide by a plethora of 'superiors' is by far the more 'poopular' choice...

===>Rationally, differences in values can only be reconciled by value[s] in common to the parties... that are greater than each party... and 'owned' by neither.

===>Practically, in the absence/denial of The Greater... us lessers are left to our devices... like animals at the salt lick....