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Comment 11 hours ago


1-rumor [source not named] on a buckeye site that Young played all 3 games w/sprained ankle.

2-rumor [source not named] on a buckeye site that our fav too short NG played vs TCU w/a slight injury.

Anyone have credible info to confirm / debunk these rumors?   TIA

Comment 11 hours ago

1 thing, KBonay:

had a short exchange here last year regarding our 'preferred' WR coverage technique.  It was to have the DB face the WR, which puts his back to the QB.

i disagreed with this, or any other GOTO technique, advocating that Coombs develop a suite of techniques for DBs and apply matchup & situational factors to select the best technique for that pattern.

iirc that conversation died.... or i missed any responses.

funny how our problems... remain   ;-{)}

Comment 13 hours ago

First, our attitude is... adolescent at best.  Just list our cliches!

"we gave up too many", "we can't let that happen"

"we've just got to work", "we've just got to find a way".

>>>we harp endlessly on 'reps'.  Isn't it interesting no one recommends bad reps, reps that don't work?  But every cliche is a counterproductive, bad negative reinforcement.  Neither it nor its effects 'disappear' be cause we keep saying them so much it's a ...bad habit!

>>>stop the mouth.  Take the auto response that's instantly in your head, and convert it to a useful positive.  THEN speak.

>>>every basic psychology teacher still teaches the classic comparison that it takes about 23 consecutive reps to form a good habit... and 1 to break it?  

...is this where i brilliantly exhort you us to 'not be too negative'?   LOL  ;-{)} 

Comment 14 hours ago


Power? .... hmmm.   ;-{)}

some power systems have an ON/OFF switch.

We talk an awful lot about when it 'clicks', or 'it needs to click'; and when 'the light needs to come on', or the light came on'.

We avoid/ignore tapdance lament blame when it's OFF.  We blindingly hyperbolize when it's ON - together forever!

>>>this is why we often don't pay attention, whether it's one way or the other.  Because nearly all the time, it's somewhere in between, and we should be searching for more info and trying various methods to solve/help/encourage.

Take out the mental zero-sum bipolar switch.  Buy into a rheostat.

Comment 14 hours ago

SouthAL:  the 'development' of Coach Stud suggests that 'old dogs can learn new tricks'... even if they're more and better tricks than all-knowing fans gnu all along 'you just can't do that'.....    ;-{)}

Coach Stud has a long resume of 'mixed results' on his resume and did not 'develop into a star' or 'get a great rep' among his peers...


it seems he has pulled himself up by his bootstraps... AND... become comparatively 'reliable' as a man and lineman developer... and even contributed where 'the word' was 'he can't'.

KUDOS Coach Stud!   Now... i modestly beseech thee to GET BACK TO WORK!   /s

Comment 14 hours ago

Sharks - disagree, considering:

teams:  PSU & um will be in our Fast Lane...

and, several individuals on several teams will be as fast or faster than our guys....

makes 'matchups' and situations + our adaptations an important preparation / scheme issue through the season.

...that is, if we 'learned' from totally no good 1-11 fake osu.....    /s

Comment 14 hours ago

i always felt 'the' was so much more 'offensive', than 'a'.

i must have been... horribly wrong all along!


BTW...i'm getting a feeling it's time for me to feel the right feeling about DV.

i feel it means 'Distinguished Visitor, so i feel so honored by your visit... and VERY thankful you leave it at that!  


Comment 14 hours ago

Iowabuckeyes - a continuing question.  Some 'correct' and 'appropriate' answers:

1-tradition, unencumbered by progress.

2-feeling is natural and instant... and doesn't require meaning.

3-because Somebody Told Me to....

3a-be cause this isn't a 'philosophy' board

4-be cause if the fleet flea lands and stays still, the 'bulked up' fat house fly fan can land on him and squash him like a bug....

4a-and video it and play it over and over and always 'get so excited' about the 'domination'

4b-be cause you must 'bulk up' for BIG 10 football; it's not named Smart 10 Football, is it?

5-be cause a bad habit only takes 1 rep to form, and 'allows' me to feel/say/think/do... whatever, whenever, however.  Then it becomes an 'addiction' which is a 'disease'... and you all owe me health care in multitudinous pogroms for life.

6-be cause then i can play "hard to get" with DVs, gifs, 'on-topic' examples of breaking all the rules....

7-be cause i can play any flea against any fly and always... 'feel good about myself'.

8-be cause you are... whatever i feel.

Extra Credit:  what was your question?   ;-{)}


Comment 15 hours ago

JarheadBuck - yes, it's a huge issue each week.  Do you see what the so right, good people say? Or...do you try to see what's there?


you can "obviously" be a 'fan' and 'so right' if you see/say what you're told...

or 'so wrong' if you don't... or...

a student of the game, like Coaches desire in their players.  ;-{)}

semper fi...  a Marine has faced this kind of choice before.

Comment 17 hours ago

interesting how little words can make huge distinctions.

Like, 'if' and 'but'.

Ex:  Urban praises Wilson and Day for their offensive coaching performances, then:

"...but I will be the 'game manager'.

That 'but' could signal anything from a 'take control' to a complementary 'fit together'.  The recent crisis has revealed significant assistant coach hiring and 'development' issues that require Urban's immediate attention.  So, if Urban means he's 'stepping back' from some of his renowned Head Coaching details' and 'hands on'... a little 'distance' is one common recommendation in finding better/wider perspective so as to deal with larger, longer, deeper football, and human, issues. 

Comment 17 hours ago


Glad for Davon's emergence.  A big help to the DL.  Wonder how he was able to keep his body in less than game shape for years in Mariotti's consitioning program, especially when our experts "knew all along he had 'it'".  Another psychological case?  

IMO perhaps we too easily see stars and excite ourselves on the outside... forgetting that all who go through 'maturing' and competing at a high level in athletics and academics... have challenges and stumbling blocks.

Perhaps us 'fans' are spending a tad too much time 'entertaining ourselves'... time and opportunities better spent encouraging our players?

BTW... any news about our 3 ****** DTs' development lately?  IIRC Vincent was leading, but took missing that TFL vs osu real hard.

Comment 18 Sep 2018

a remarkable demonstration of the salient difference between "focus" and "habit".

The latter approaches 'instinct', and something coaches try to build in our assignment execution once they install 'good habits'.

The former is a real-time, what is going on response...to 'what's happening NOW' !

Kudos to the demo from Haskins' responses to the snaps....


Comment 18 Sep 2018

Exactly... not exactly? !

Is he working on "extra" [aka 'more'] catches this week.   Was Mack's problem 'inexperience'?  Not familiar with how to catch?  Had Mack been 'fluking' all this time?

Did Mack "not allow himself to not be better"?  Did he "won't allow himself" to catch 4 balls in a row, 3 of the very easy kind?

'You know'?  We all know?  


>>>Cris Spielman Glue Bird:  "football is 90% mental".   That goes for players, ball droppers, waterboys... and fans.   ;-{)}