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Comment 25 Dec 2018

thanks for clarifying, SUN.  Nevertheless, you helped me with the 'reminder'  ;-{)}

Agree 11W should re-consider how it defines a "Forum" ...and thereby its policies/rule/controls that fit within it.

Comment 25 Dec 2018

IMO Palm Beach Ohio has "mumbled" the best approach so far to this great and as yet undefined and un-described pursuit of "what comes first... and next".

Two points:

1-  we ought to keep on asking these kinds of questions - not 'stop', 'don't have the time'... aka 'we have the right to be ...as stupid as we 'want'/insist.  ;-{)}

2- IF 'we' [defined as ?]; for example 'we' at 11W, fail to clearly define & discuss in Who or What we "Trust" - as Head Coach Day has done in this article - we are just 'more' 'chickens with their head cut off'.

3- 11W describes this location on its website as a "Forum".  The algorithms that govern use and consequences of UV & DVs are logically and scientifically incompatible with the 'withholding judgment' and 'no participant power to censor another' principles of participating in a Forum.  The MODERATOR function... for Moderators thus appointed, is compatible for 'governing' a Forum by definition, purpose, and rational comparison.  The practical necessity to regulate human interaction is a self-evident human imperative - thus an ipso facto "responsibility".  Responsibility cannot be delegated from or by a Moderator... IF... there is a moral imperative 11W owners 'trust in'.  If not... welcome to The Arena...call it a 'transparent'  'Forum' for... 'survival of the fittest'... where, if i want your opinion, i'll beat it out of you or anyone you 'like'. 

p.s.  CalPoppy 'made me' 'think' about this when he posted "never truer words were spoken" a couple Days days daze ago....   ;-{)}


[pps.  the 'not 2 like you said you would' Truth Finders... all the 'more than 2' is for you...].     ;-{)} 

Comment 24 Dec 2018

Does any competitor, any 'student of the game', think in terms of 'wiggle room'?  

I doubt it.  And if they did... i don't suspect Ohio State would give that guy the 'time of Day'....   ;-{)}

'let us' leave wiggling... for that worm on a hook on that fishing trip... for fish.


Comment 24 Dec 2018

Cptnvideo -

a very useful implied invitation to 'look for' ... 'more'!

and a great reminder of "depends on"...   ;-{)}

...a post 'to grow on'....


Comment 24 Dec 2018

among X other factors in each throwing decision, what about the QB's 'sight window' affecting whether that factor alters his throw 'this way or that'?

Comment 24 Dec 2018

If i will not see 'us' in 'them'... then i will receive an 'unexpected' like ... Clemson...Iowa...Purdue... Brand X.

Perhaps we ought to reconsider "establishing the run"... down that Slippery Slope on that wide road to 'what's so not there'.

Comment 24 Dec 2018

Silver Sniper, here in 3 short sentences, you have ordered a universe that philosophers over the ages have struggled lifetimes to recognize... let alone de-scribe.

What a wonderful and fearful explanation by contrast... of our universal need for the Savior!  Perennially timely, too. 

And... 'sadly'... i just mist qualifying for the job!  ;-{)}  But i do not intend to tell or trick you into some kind of Final Solution here.  Just summarizing the search on the journey... of each person, in their own way, by omission, commission, or self-deception.

BTW... it explains why i am abjectly unqualified in every respect.   Much less than all those fine folks who have claimed that role since... the Fall that didn't 'really' 'happen' due to 'Progress in a Circle' and other human Fair-y Tails...

FWIW - I am NOT "religious" - that is banned here!  I am 'egotistical' - by nature i have no other gods but ME.

Comment 24 Dec 2018

well said, Trotwood, regarding 'early skills maturation' performance that 'captures' our ***** attention.  Same goes for the other 2 [intangible] "Domains" in Bloom's Taxonomy:  Cognitive and Affective.

The common limiting factor here?  The few recruiters c/f the many recruits that 'perceive' what 'appears to me' as 'fact'....  Every single time i 'conclude'... i have left out 'the rest of the story.'  ;-{)}

So...where DO 'we' 'start'?

"Win the Moment"... one day, one person at a time.  But, not by the 'quicksands' of my feelings [preferences] - by the foundation and values the head recruiter, stands on.  Those are 'what come first', to build the foundation for the principles that build the relationships that bond the mission to the people to the substances of his program.

No small irony that the "Skills" Domain that we 'see' first... was formed last in Bloom's.

Comment 23 Dec 2018

those of us who do NOT "make decisions" of every sort weeky... daily... by the minute... please ... "raise your hand, raise your hand... raise you hand, if you''re Sure!"  [kommercial clue:  no sweat!]

Now that we're all decision-makers extraordinaire.... UPON WHAT BASES [criteria, process, values] do these young men make their individual decisions?


Comment 23 Dec 2018

I'm confused, not critical.

i don't understand all the hyperbole, when we claim a boatload of best...

yet put #66 'on the same level' as #1 and #5 and so forth.

MY math, and simple math, don't tell me how the wrong results from addition & subtraction are somehow 'the best' despite the differences in number we all so say are so important.

====BTW, Rodell Moore.  Do ANY of our present recruits have similiar athletic event times?  Ex: 10.3 100m?  Sub 4.0 10 yard shuttle?  TIA

Comment 23 Dec 2018

Tate_Schroeder... would appreciate your feedback on the following:

we can drink Absolut... 'responsibly'...

but feeling thinking saying doing 'absolutely' ...

reveals a 'moment of losing' touch with our slightly imperfect selves...


From this self-destruction, we occasionally need... absolution.

So we can "win the moment"...before our next stupidity....   ;-{)}

Comment 23 Dec 2018

IDK any difference be tween a "little" Die... and more or less Die.

"Take one [of?] each player and use [r] all their strengths?"

Sounds good, but.  Just how do we do that, even for 1 player?  [just look at all the #1's out there... for each 1 spot!]

is this a matter of "just taking"?  I have doubts....   ;-{)}

====as a supervisor of several titles over time, i was 'tasked' with assessing individuals by certain criteria, comparative criteria, and matricies of traits [ranking and ranging based on defined values.  Broadly in several human disciplines [psychosocial, ed. teaching by application of matrices such as Bloom's Taxonomy.

====although that was evermore comepll-icated... it was also very simple... depending on who/what you put first, and whether you deduced...or hunted and pecked by 'experience'....

therefore, "nice" is a holy misleading criteria, for it has 'favor' [bias], but no merit nor meritorious relationship, ergo no equitable standards for comparing.

so, as the saying goes... 'a little bit, goes a long way.'   Where is this 'long way' of a 'little step'?   Off the straight and narrow... into the chasm.... maybe?  I'm trying to answer your question as a fellow traveller, on the road toward... purpose.  IDK any more or less than you do....

Comment 23 Dec 2018

BBB... is that true?

Do i "have to" - am i 'compelled' to respect.

Is respect compelled... or earning... or 1 or more of whatever other things?

...This all leads to Who is 'the Authority' for defining and measuring 'respect'; ie what doe 'respect' 'really' 'mean'?

IDK... i'm looking for who DOES know, and how i will know who that is...is.  Will you help me? 

Comment 23 Dec 2018

SUN- thanks for the reminder - i need to keep growing...up, not every which way i feel at the moment.

Whatever Noises we make... reveal who we are... which explains our futile anger, hiding, avoiding, and blaming.

So agree with you SUN... we ought to say what we mean...for what kind of "man" am I?  I am a 'natural man', not Thee Man.

Cowardly?  Childish?  A punk?  Tweeting AT?  

I am 'so worried' about that ... 'last transfer'....  Is there REALLY a way i "wouldn't be worried"?

Naaaaah!   That 'can't happen'!

Wait a minute....  LOLOLOL   I could have potentially just said... something 'really' stupid... honest!   ;-{)}

Comment 23 Dec 2018

...do you mean 'smoke' with the chaotic...non-signal 'signal'...?  Die versity?

hmmm in a few short years, we have 'progressed' and 'evolved' from Cheers - where everybody knows your name -

to Die Versity - where "no one knows" but everyone defecates on each other by MY rights and feelings....

Wow...look how Far Side we've come since "Teach Your Children" [Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 'Daylight Again']...

====But that's our 'adult' world.  The kids... may be going in a different way... i pray with no authority whatsoever, just... The Name Above All Names....

Comment 23 Dec 2018


'could be related' ...  ;-{)}