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Comment 02 Jun 2019

agree - give it 'the time of Day'... rather than my 'entertaining', but hopscotching, "expect-ations".

DISCLOSURE:  I "have" hopscotching "proven results and staphs".

Agree it will become useful when we have the final data in on who did what... so we can mathematically compare past to future ... messes, and so forth.

Comment 02 Jun 2019

IMO your terms are useful and your assessment of Clem historically relevant and accurate in the worldly sense....

IMO "hate", however, knows no "reserve", nor is it a passive verb ["is"].

Hate is a virulent carcinogen of rapacious destruction... a terrifying illustration in this world of 'what happens' whenever we 'play' with that guy that promises us all that nice stuff... if we'll only....

It's all the more insidious be cause 'familiarity breeds contempt'.  [Post truncated....]


[Thee Totally Irrelevant...Truncates on the rite line, just from the wrong side]....


Comment 01 Jun 2019

agree Trotwood... it is a "rare bird" who flies by Day, and not by Knight-ing himself.

Shall we by all our usual means, 'make' this bird, 'caged' here?  "Lock down Ohio"... so he can't 'get away'?

Izzit 'too soon' to start 'thinking ahead, or shall we wait... until it's too late... and our Daze of the Future... are Past.

My "I gnu it all along" Narrative is already written...it's only a Question of Balance... between all, or nothing.  Potentially.

====It would take a rare bird... to disclose that he is flying south in advance... much less, where.  Butt wee and they "Total-lies of Mixed Messages" will bee chatting up a storm about this... unless we FIRST pursue... what comes First.

Honest....  it's already pre-emergent - not be cause it's not emergent, but be cause if wee 'can't see it' ...it 'isn't there, there'.

No wonder so much of so good ends up... less than well....

It is said  that, "fools go, where angels fear to tread".  So there's a place for even ME to help!  I'll 'be' the fool, if some striving angel... will tread shed light on this ...matter.

Meanwhile hoping for another amazing chapter of "wee woulda got away with too... if it hadn'a been for those #*!@%~ KIDS!


Comment 01 Jun 2019

Heartily agree… we are in the same, amazing, boat… with a boatload of tools of all kinds, and the ‘ability’ to ‘weaponize’… any thought, word, deed… or ‘thing’ or ‘stuff’. 

As my English Teacher taught:  The Passive Voice, actively obscures or denies who said what to whom.   [PV = object, verb, subject order; active voice is subject, verb, object order]

[takes this opportunity - at last - to shut up… I’d be lying if I did not disclose I could potentially be ‘FORCED’ by Somebody… to do [partly] what I ought… despite my best efforts…].

Comment 01 Jun 2019

Thanks for your explanation, GTH - very useful.

Agree what wee see as "not a scintilla of anything related" ... suggests [not at all on my authority]...

Upon what comes First, all else depends....

So I agree that whenever I put my self first... i be come the bestest ever Banner around....

trust me - i mean, DO NOT trust Me.

mean-while, i feel quite at home here, and among good company, with our familiar, many, daily violations.

No disrespect intended - clear, basic disagreement - intended.


screed - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com

https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/screed  A screed is a long, boring speech or piece of writing with a bad attitude, like a rant. ... You can also call a screed a "harangue" or a "tirade." 

Is this what you mean by 'screed'?  I am not questioning any of your Moderator authority or judgment.  I am asking if this definition is what you mean here.

Comment 01 Jun 2019

Sorry David... the first thing that came to mind when reading your word "emergent" was... 

'pre-emergent'... 'weed killer'.

I suspect Hartline's ...'walk' 'pre-emergent' ...

is a whole lot better than all this 'emerging' talk... for whatever weed-seeds we will encounter... already have a Head Start be cause wee 'can't' see them... yet.

So, while i'm excited and glad for Hartline and all our coaches and players... it's always tempting to me to be/stay 'part of the problem' be cause i'm 'enjoying' MY SELF. Instead of my natural wannabe act, i ought to be contributing by watching for danger, keeping my guard up instead of my ego... all that 'selfless stuff' that challenges me every minute of my selfish urges.

I CAN do "both"... but not by MY-self.


Comment 01 Jun 2019

whenever I "realize" 'stupid'... I know that I am... it.

This reminds me to keep my mouth shut... do i don't remove all doubt.   ;-{)}

SpiBuckeye:  Appreciate your self-control example... i'm still working on mine, and seeing fellow Buckeyes working on theirs is very encouraging....

Comment 31 May 2019

so sorry, Navybucknut... this 'just happened' to come to me as i read your first sentence.  Obviously, I'm so low, i must be hi on depressant drugs.

"the two games that can really bite us...?"

1-the next game.

2-the game that is 'over' that we see 'under'... every rock of envy, jealously, anger...and so froth.

===>I mean... every game in every game wherever, whenever, however we doo-be-doo about #1 & #2... so to speak.


Comment 31 May 2019

it is Dei in a Day when whosoever chooses to follow what he stands on, instead of the wide and exciting path of the rewards and imagings and imaginings and glories of men.

this... is no "happening".  Neither does it depend on what men feel say think do.  IDK what 'is...is' on my authority.

But... what i am sorely tempted to  immediately 'feel' about Julian Fleming's decision... i ought to lay aside NOW... and listen for what this 'young and inexperienced chooser' has to say about his choice.  For i hear by 'seeing in a mirror, dimly' that 'the child is the father of the man' ...but 'face to face' ... i received that He is our Father, and I am the child running to his Daddy...among fellow choosers.... each of us publicly expressing an Inner Sight.

Comment 31 May 2019

Buckeye3M:   a few years ago... as i was looking through prospective Rest Homes for my father...

Somebody interrupted, and whispered quietly and softly without words:  "Be still.  Stop and consider those 2 words you've been using to describe what you are 'looking for'."

"Assisted Living".

Obviously, THAT'S THE INSIGHT... each of us needs....  And, IMO, it's "amazing, but not surprising" that, years and transcontinentally later, you picked the very word and exact direction [in...sight] that that long ago 'considering' ...started, and has given 'more' since...without measure.

BUT... uh, 'and'...

Who's the Assister, and how do we know from among  all those 'choices' we feel we 'get' keep on getting?

For me, it is an uncountable continuing reward to consider the opportunities and choices these kids 'see'... with 'assistance' from our coaches, staff, and their peers.  Be cause  behind our senses and desires... all the time, is the amazing and aweful and continual war for our... [uh... 'and so forth'...]. 


Comment 31 May 2019


The blind man is always 'surprised'... as long as others don't move or breathe.  Then, the blind man 'sees', where the so sightly, do not.


[vacancy sign; now hiring Somebody for COMPLETE CONTROL].

p.s. Be Cause I am jelly... 'they' 'must gel'....

p.p.s.  I agree 'the kids' - many of them, often - will keep on 'surprising we who knew more before... after.'

Comment 31 May 2019

quoted from OZone article, excerpt from QB edition of The Room, Ohio State’s new passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach Mike Yurcich talks about his approach to coaching his players.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Yurcich listens to his players to get a feel for how they learn and then he tailors his teaching to their needs.

There are, of course, still things that every quarterback needs to get done in the same manner, and Yurcich holds his players to a very high standard.

Compare/contrast Coach Yurcich's approach with the "Storyline" perspective Dan discusses in his article here.  IMO these two articles offer eye-opening insight into the minds of coaches/teachers/mentors ... compared to fans.  This is not to exclude anyone from either role or perspective - but to acknowledge the great and significant differences that are both doors opening to learn... and barriers to effective communication and thus... 'development'.

====IMO, another 'early indicator' [c/f to the marketing term 'early adapter'] that the "fundamentals" for learning and developing on Coach Day's staff, are moving toward situational leadership and dynamic factors and tactically-viewed initiative and adaptation... and away from the traditional 'fixed fortifications' of mantra frameworks; and, the "quantative easing" of 'my preferences' and 'more or less' solutions framed by zero-sum thinking.

Each season is 'naturally' a wonder and wealth of opportunities... which the natural man reduces and constrains by his egotisical 'preferences'.  Whosoever sees and tries to 'break that mold' of 'the man in my mirror'... demonstrates the 'wonderful', selfless, team part... of the fearful, 'better than you' man.