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Comment 21 Apr 2019

indeed, we illustrate our "horrible" intentions... daily.

and we illustrate the Diversity of our horribleness... trashing and bashing and condemning whosoever for whatever...

we only then, and since... miss The Cause.  I suppose you could say, we're "Masters of Deceit" but that would be 'too 20thC" and we've 'come so far' since then....

Shall i too 'promise' to 'fix'... 'my preferences'?   LOL

Comment 21 Apr 2019

BN71 - I wonder...

Perhaps "I get so tired of hearing" is a subliminal way of subsidizing "bashing"... since we keep right on doing it to each other... more and more... and only a very few ever get 'tired enough' to DO something about it.  

===>And yes, "can't" still rationally means "won't" by anyone cultivating his own Blind Spot.

===>and ... /s  'you can't' count your DVs before they're hatched!'   LOL.  Butt, you can 'feel' them all over.

Comment 21 Apr 2019

there are many such questions in the world, by the world.

Our responses indicate why we 'have' 'Progress in a Circle'...

instead of learning...

much less... discerning.

====>this 'who's got the omniscient football' question is like a 5-star Kobayashi Maru problem [Star Trek ref version]. 

====>once upon a time a kindergarten version played out in our unit.  I could not fly into to Hong Kong ...be cause i hadn't been there yet and checked out on the approach hazards to the airport.  Catch 22 - can't go there unless you've been there.  So...

on vacation, i asked the Cathay Pacific pilot to put me in the cockpit jump seat, check me out on the approach, and sign off the form, which he did... with a smile.

I got the next mission into HK after my vacation.  Then, 'higher hindquarters' sent out a message that 'you can't do that'.  So... other pilots could not use the same procedure... until i pointed out to our illustrious Leader/DV-er... that i would get all the HK missions [a plum reserved for the most favored] cuz nobody else was checked out yet.  He, like DV-ers in any profession... 'expressed his displeasure on me. 

So... "how successful" was he... in changing his mind?   ;-{)}

Easy ... he'd "been there before"... and has since, to this day.

Comment 21 Apr 2019

thanks for the background data, IowaBuckeyes!   Very useful, IMO.  Provides multiple opportunities to compare  and contrast.

Fascinating the differences between reasoning and "rumors".

Comment 21 Apr 2019

well said, Sanitarian2!  Thank you.  If i ever Each time i fail to respond to your kind offer... kick me... and blame it on me too....  ;-{)}

Comment 21 Apr 2019

hmmm, Napbuck - you post got me thinking.

Just maybe... they are not for sale.

Then - maybe anytime - it might be wise to ask "what ARE you FOR"?

And... listen to his answers for clues on how to proceed... or why to leave.

Comment 21 Apr 2019

exactly how i feel, CorchUrb - it just isn't as 'enjoyable' when the kids do 'too much'... of what we do.

i just can't get... whatever i want... whenever i want it.  And this is 'so wrong' you deserve a million DVs from Me, Up Here on my throne!  But, some kind soul designed this Forum so a poster can only give one vote per post.  How unfair!  ;-{)}

so, let us 'allow' ...the kids to do our NC for us, so it can 'be' ...'ours'.

Meanwhile, we just keep being 'elite' while not getting whatever is the "another title" ...that we keep on so richly deserving? 

Meanwhile, CorchUrb, agree with your overall talent opinion on 4/21/19 that our coaches and players have 'enough' to reach and win in the playoffs in 2019. Tomorrow, this 'could potentially change'... if it hasn't already...changed.   ;-{)}

Comment 21 Apr 2019

"One has to wonder if some of these recruits have parents, I would certainly never allow my son to...."

Apparently, we are ever free to wonder... and wander... seeking some "absolutely" while rejecting whatever doesn't 'excite' our feelings of the moment.

IF one reads up on Paris Johnson... before and after Urban 'left'... the contrasts are... interesting.

IMO, anecdotally... Paris is doing to us what might be characterized as 'similar to what we did to him'.  Which, of course, is 'only right'... if we do it.

Agree, Sanitarian2:   "pretenders"... abound.  I'm looking at one part-timer  in my mirror at this very moment.  [as the 'urge to blame' ...inflames!]  Sanitarian 2:  Please help me out of this ditch!

Comment 21 Apr 2019

well said, IMO, Kujo247:  "lure" ..."really fell for" does not fit well with Honesty & Integrity... except in Diversity, where words mean whatever.

However, disagree with "just need to get to the same spot as X"... as much as I agree with the NC mission each year our staff assesses that mission as 'very challenging, but reasonably doable given that year's people and program processes'.

Comment 21 Apr 2019

to all, about us:

'Thinking' stirs up anger in some of us... retaliation for actual & perceived offenses in others

trying to 'add up to zero' is far more popular.

With every thought or word or post 'rep'... we 'condition' ourselves... 'more''

...toward 'always being' whatever we 'feel'.

Thus, as one wise man summed us up, we gyrate between vanity... and futility

...which is, of course, "progress"... in a circle.

When 'we're the greatest'... who is worthy to help us?

Comment 20 Apr 2019

i wonder whatever 'forced' 'this' to 'happen'....    ;-{)}

But I do know that each day... passes.  Yet we may be inadvertently cutting ourselves off from each when we 'say'... "gone".

We may be... "The Unforgiven"....   Just a rumor!   LOL

And "we've all got it comin'... boy" is such a downer... IYKWIM

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Reading the article quotes:  looking for the transition from the popular terminology of "he will do it for me"...


Coach will show me how to asses, how to think, how to apply learning processes, how to keep tailoring all so i can do... [attitude and skills] what we [the coaches, the team, my brother competitors] are striving for...  Daily!

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Gobucks66:  agree you have identified a vital and continuing question ["really that much difference between"].  And, that it is an individual one, applying each case, as a part of a whole that is also a continual and dynamic... equation.

Therefore... we have 'outed' our terms of positions and stars and gurus and statistics... as omitting the sinew... physical, educational, and spiritual... that binds individuals 'together' ...in dynamic 'part'.  A more generic term for this sinew is 'relationship'.

IMO your post offers a short, well written, clear issue for all of us to 'question' and assess AND...

a departure from isolated answers from our Bean Counting Department.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Iowa - useful question... a multitude of applications and opportunities to apply....

Comment 20 Apr 2019


i've herd tell that our peace is... rather warlike?  Agree... we are "full... of it".   ;-{)}

So our Hope is in His peace... which includes the sword for the right purpose at the right time for... us.

Comment 20 Apr 2019


versatility in positions and depth... 'toolbox growth'.

...another example of 'not this or that' [zero-sun], but how to combine, integrate, expand....

===> i keep looking for versions of 'keep seeking' and our usual re-versions to... 'zero-sum'  This is a philosophical, fundamental, and strategic continuing [and most 'educational'] comparison for 'whosoever' chooses to... keep growing.

===> OTOH, we have just 'experienced' in our 'perfect 7-0' era... how "my preferences" are invariably fatal... and opponents in and out from every direction... seem happy to 'help'.  There's only 1 Mr Perfect... and the list of 'who is not Him'... is rather long....

Comment 20 Apr 2019


agree using "depth" ..."loosely".

But 'integrity'... No.

"Use" integrity, and you lose it AND refuse to 'recover'.

Be cause Integrity is beyond price and no person possesses it ['have it']... it is at the same time challenging for all... and available for any one to strive for and recover toward.  Our struggles and circumstances offer many great opportunities... for helping each other and sacrificing now for a better mission/team.

Personally, of course, in Diversity, everyone can "fault" anyone for whatever... while, as we breathe, we all hang by a thread [string] some have called "The Silver Thread of Redemption" of our hope for...?

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Kneelblender... "how can he..." you ask?

IMO your answer to this in your 3rd paragraph is more than 'accurate', for it suggests not only our motivation, but how we use 'content' to justify/lionize our egos.  And, who could not response with some version of  "well... all the usual ways"

We instinctively and by choice use others to project [basic shrinkology term, sizing pun intended] onto others and objects; and, to then 'step up' climb over our pile of 'other people' to bray our own selfishness from the body-count hilltop.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

StX:  IMO, well said, regarding many issues & threads here.

We diddle our fancies and speculations, caricature others, 'just imagine' and its kissing cousin 'i can't imagine'... endlessly...

treating people like objects for my pleasure, pin cushions, possessions, dolls, and all manner of pseudo ego building.

i'm amazed... but not surprised.  We've all done it.  And keep doing it.

I'm surprised 'the kids'... not only seem to ignore even many egregious examples of their hopes and aspirations dragged through some wannabe's angst... but keep supporting and reaching out to 'the greatest fans'....

parting feelings for counters:  count the numbers of emotional, abusive posts/gif pics... that attract thousands of up-votes...

to posts like StX's here... that attract few responses at all, mostly DV's....  Reminds me of that old adage of "better to keep your mouth shut about who's foolish... than open your mouth and remove all doubt."  Bet that wise man got a lotta UVs....  ;-{)}

Yet... do we not 'reveal ourselves'... out of our own 'mouths'... daily?

Just say 3 "I never understand you my self" ...and 'just move on' to my next wonderful 'excited utterance/gif/feeling/outburst, swear word.  "There is nothing new under the sun."