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Comment 18 Mar 2018

answers my question about LeClaire... and then some.

Looks like ~2 years or so before we build the offense & depth to become a contender?

Comment 18 Mar 2018

nuttin' like a rapidly improving scum to brighten our daze....   ;-{)}

I was hoping our D would take a large step forward... we needed a team 'outperform' and our offense has been struggling according to "a reliable source".,,,   ;-{)}

Or should i say Thee Reliable Source?  ;-{)}

Where and who should we look for improvement over this season... or should we wait for 'halftime' ...?


Comment 18 Mar 2018

you didn't, Xavier.  But i appreciate you repeating your post just the same!  I long ago lost count of how many times i "needed" to be reminded... of things I already knew.  ;-{)}

Comment 18 Mar 2018

Good point about Wrestling and 8 Buckeye All-Americans this year.


IMO we do not compete against 'the usual person or program'.  Our goal is not to 'be' " fine".

This is not about my feelings, be they hi or lo.

We're 'on a mission' vs both worthy and unworthy foes, come what may.  Why we choose this continuing, universal quest, compared to braying 'everybody's special' then transparently acting to the contrary in so many ways... is in those 2 pillars on Urban's wall:  H & I.

Do people sacrifice and bond... for trinkets and handouts?  Or do people at their best... go in harm's way, for greater purpose than themselves?

Comment 18 Mar 2018

It is said the loser of a war learns more than the winner.

The winner thinks it's all his fault.  The loser has his eyes opened....

The question immediately becomes the choice to 'see' and problem solve, what we have been 'forced' to face in the Arena!


Comment 18 Mar 2018

we lost several hard-fought games with excellent to top national opponents.

several sports at Ohio State are building a higher base from which to compete for national excellence.

I'm glad to see the W's and all that.  But far more important are the standards, and people who strive for said standards, first.   IMO we all benefit from programs that set high value standards and work ethic.  That is a synergy of support and self-control that every person can contribute to.

The daze and narratives of 'doesn't rise to the level', yet challenge and claim ...the integrity of collegiate sport just as at university.  

Set our bar higher, not lower or sideways or by some personal preference or agenda!  Become a 'student of the game', not the usual, self-centered getter or taker.  The Earth is no more 'level' than it is flat.  Outcompete... on the merits!


Comment 16 Mar 2018

so... if 'revenge' is a factor... how do our players respond to a 'really mean' team?  Great test of whether we march to our own drummer... or our feeling of the week....

seems, 29, like it's an opportunity for our offense to 'break out' of its average shot quality, offensive set ups [e.g. pic, slide, screen] vs Denver's average D performance so far this season....

29, appreciate your matchup breakdown into the parts of the contest....

As for our struggling offense, i wonder if coach will adjust his lineup and/or scheme this week....

As for our D... it will surely be a great test.  I guess that's the 'thanks' for a pretty good job so far.... LoL


Comment 15 Mar 2018


"Without a doubt" ... "beyond compare" ... is a serious strategic problem.   ;-{)}

Leads to pictures like 'unexpectedly'  "Getting Your Talent Displayed" on that hunting lodge wall....

Comment 15 Mar 2018

...and they're lining up... and the QB is calling the signals... and the snap... HEY?!"

...one of our linemen turned to his buddy next to him and said, "I can't help but thinking what might happen if...."

SMACK!  "So sadly"... cut off by the sound of reality.


Comment 15 Mar 2018

Brutus B:

"shows imperfect"?   Has been self-evidently true from the beginning... except for those august souls operating their very own heliocentric universe....

"how imperfect"?   Don't know about you, but I ... "missed it... by THAT MUCH!"   ;-{)}

Comment 15 Mar 2018

Bakerjon - ...we've long since passed the '2000 rep' club in 'hauntings' and narrations....

And our leaders are still trying, by all outside indications, to faithfully solve a dynamic multiplication problem... by adding.

Can we 'graduate' a 'preference', give it a diploma, and finally put it on the shelf?  Who replaces 'excellence' that has not achieved your ultimate goal... without something 'better' to replace it? 

Just considering the annual football cycle, we've just past the Winter of Our Discontent... where major upgrades to how we do business are considered...or not. 

And who would 'fix it' if it's not 'broken'?  After the Fall - W vs scum, W vs Whisky, W vs USC... who can 'have' a better finish than that?

Yes... excellence abounds at Ohio State in UFM's football program in so many ways.  Yet somehow... the taste of NC opportunities lost can be more 'haunting' when you're 'close'... but keep making "that critical mistake you just can't make and win"... it all.  No small irony that that ol' Buckeye mantra... is a symptom of the kind of thinking narrating that's irrationally self-defeating.

But Hope springs eternal.  NOW, it's time to Spring forward...with fundamentals development and maybe even a couple 'tweaks' here & there.

"Cannons to the right of them!  Cannons to the left of them!  Cannons in front of them... volleyed and thundered?"  The Most Un-level Playing Field Evah - named The Arena - approacheth!

But who here wants to be a poet-writer?  And a gladiator's goal is problematical ....  Time for another Patton quote or three?  Tactical principles are no secret... but the unwilling can hide any amount of sensory or abstract input.  Especially the observations right in front of them in an old, old profession some call 'education'.  Yet in human nature, it's more like 'Facade - meet Blind Spot'.  Everybody has one....   ;-{)}


Comment 14 Mar 2018

1- have we set our base O formation yet; what is it; if not, when; how many throwing, running, misdirection, and mixed plays off it?

2- how many other 'basic' formations [defined as a formation which we run over 12 different plays from] do the coaches anticipate the players are 'reliable' in by fall camp?  Game 1?

3- with a very deep and 'experienced' WR group... do coaches anticipate creating/exploiting specific match-ups vs opponent DBs each opponent this fall?

Comment 14 Mar 2018

“His top criteria are relationship with the coaches, academics and getting on the field,” the source said. “Nothing else really matters.”

Gunnell is planning to take all five official visits spring — one of which will certainly be to Ohio State — with hopes of announcing a decision during halftime of St. Pius X’s Spring Game at the end of May. He may even take an unofficial trip to Columbus with his mother prior to that, too.

Once Gunnell makes a decision, he’ll shut down his recruitment entirely and become a leader in the class for whichever program he chooses. 

Outstanding article, Andrew... you provide Gunnell's criteria for choosing his university.

Which of our comparative strengths is missing from Gunnell's list?  How significant is it [they] according to ...us?  Recruits, especially those the coaches encourage [not the ones who declare themselves] to take a class 'leadership role'?

I hope our coaches can suggest & discuss which "other things"... "really matter".  ;-{)}