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Comment 17 Feb 2020

I have to wonder if our team has wrestled too much. I looked at the Penn St. roster from Saturday and going into the meet most of their team had wrestled fewer than 20 matches ( I am aware there are injuries involved) .

Young 16 matches, Lee 16 matches, Joseph 11 matches, Brooks 11 matches, Nevills 14 matches.

Their opponents, Decatur 18 ( recent add to lineup), Pletcher 23, Smith 25, Jordan 31, Traub 25.

I know it is about competing, coaching philosophy , weight management and they just wrestle once or twice a week but it is an avenue that needs explored.

Comment 14 Feb 2020

I watched the entire hearing, my take a ways, having 50 different state laws to deal will create major problems and would literally unmanageable. The Senate Committee does not want to be the one writing any regulations, let the NCAA do all the work and the Congress will step in after that work is done. The NCAA and the Conferences don't want the politicos writing the rules either. Supposedly they will have a plan written by April.

The issue is very complicated and has many layers, solving one issue may create many new ones.

The NCAA model as we know now has outlived its usefulness. Time to break it into at least two pieces. The bigger schools break away and live under their own rules and the division 2 and 3 schools are managing under a different umbrella with different rules.

Much of this came to light with the increase of money in sports, then the video game industry and now the social media industry. What ever is enacted must be written to be flexible enough to deal with whatever unknown streams of money emerge in the future.

Other issues that were brought up is the one year renewable scholarship model, players who declare for the drafts but aren't drafted lose the scholarship and ncaa eligibility, short and long term insurance coverage of athletes.

If you have the time it is worth the watch.

Comment 14 Feb 2020

The league has to work within the collective bargaining agreement between the owners and players. If the players union wanted draft right of high school it would be in the contract. It is a back door way of the veteran players staying in the league longer. The owners could easily go out and sign a bunch of high school kids to fill the roster and not vets while staying within the salary cap window,

Comment 14 Feb 2020

I'll make this really easy

1. Kaleb has to  play without getting a second foul in the first half. He has done a better job than last year, but he is prone to getting that second one in the first half and sitting the rest of the half. The team imploded vs,. Indiana with him on the bench is a prime example. Young and Liddell on the court for an extended period will not work, in addition playing Andre at the power forward for extended period is not good either.

2. Liddell also has to stay out of foul trouble, he has made some really bad decisions costing himself and the team. Depending on Young's injury situation he may be called on even more.

3. Walker has to become the vocal leader at the point, the offense often gets bogged down and the offense forces up a bad shot with the shot clock running out, he has to vary the tempo, I see him too many times just starting the offense with the ball near mid court and 15 seconds left on the shot clock. Problem is he hasn't shown that mentality.

4. Seen several games where Ahren's has one good half and not two halves in the same game. Last game 3-4 shooting for 9 points, second half nothing. The team scored 45 first half points with his contribution and got shut down in the second half. I will admit that Rutgers did a better job on defense in the second half.

5. Luther has little flashes of good play need to expand those, he had one good sequence with a steal and a nice jumper on the next possession, we know he has some ability, he needs to put it together consistently.

6. Outside of another major injury, Washington holds the key to the balance of the season, he has to commit to playing defense, he has a good outside shot and can drive to the basket but has issues turning the drive into points

Comment 13 Feb 2020

they aren't selling out the early games against non marque opponents these days, people has gotten wise to paying $70 a game or more for an opponent that is not that good.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Snyder gets a bye all the way to the finals and Cox gets a bye all the way to semi finals based on there previous finishes

Snyder medalled at an Olympic weight and Cox medalled at a non Olympic weight was the difference in seeding. It is a best of three match


Comment 13 Feb 2020

What I find most  interesting is how some of these multi purpose arena seem to get it right while others don't. I am specifically looking at the cities that host both an nhl team and a nba in the same arena. The design at places like the TD garden in boston, madison square garden, staples in los angeles look good on tv, the fans right on top of the action.. The arena in Cleveland hosts hockey and basketball and seems to be a good fit for both.

I also think it a capacity question, once you get over a certain number of seats, that last 2-3k seats are going to be very far from the action especially if the pitch is fairly flat and not steep.

I think they were more focused on concert seating than basketball seating in the design phase.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Butler just spent 10.5 million on Hinkle, to add air conditioning and some other upgrades


They are talking about a major renovation at the Barn, Mackey at Purdue was recently renovated as well as Crisler.

“The next big project” for the athletic department will be to address venerable Williams Arena, the home of Gophers basketball, which is “coming up on its 90th anniversary,” Cunningham said. That could entail a modernization effort similar to what Purdue did with Mackey Arena, which—among other things—included enlarging the concourses of the raucous home of Boilermakers basketball.

Williams Arena doesn’t have a kitchen, which limits concessions possibilities, and bathrooms need an overhaul, too, he said. Fortunately, “we have the space to do it,” and—even though “it will be an expensive undertaking”—“we are talking about it.”

Comment 13 Feb 2020

From kansan.com- In 2009, thanks to a $42 million renovation, an indoor practice court was added along with new locker rooms, clubhouses, lounges and offices.

Duke has an enrollment of just over 15k students, not comparable to the near 60k at osu. if duke had 60k students they wouldn't be playing in a 9300 seat gym

from goduke

In 2016, a two-story addition measuring 14,200 square feet came online on Cameron's south side. The first floor features a new lobby and exhibit space, as well as two new areas for ticket operations. The second floor of the new addition houses the Champions Club, a hospitality space with a capacity of roughly 250.

so yes, even these iconic arenas have to make upgrades to stay relevant

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Florida did a significant upgrade to their arena


one thing I left out, the tv camera platforms in place now offer a very steep view from the upper level

not sure how much the locker rooms and media work rooms have been upgraded  over the years.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Problem with the St. John is that it would take a significant upgrades. The old arena has no amenities for the sponsor / high dollar donor class. Those loge boxes bring in big revenue. Is somebody paying big money going to want to sit in a wooden seat?. There haven't significant upgrades done to the arena in years.  They would probably have to remove seats somewhere to accomplish these upgrades. I could see them removing seats under the balcony and creating loge boxes, similar to what they are doing to B deck at the football stadium.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

You answered many of your own questions, week night game, poor weather, ride a shuttle bus to the arena. The arena is not really close to any of the student dorms, nice architecture does not mean an environment conducive to a great game viewing experience. A  7p start with the game on tv as well. The casual fan knows there are tickets available, why venture out if you haven't invested in the ticket and parking plus concessions.

Then add in the level of play and style of play right now.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

You also have to look at what the other sports are doing at that time, In march you have the NCAA basketball tournament taking center stage, once that is over you have the NBA playoffs. This year the NFL draft is April 25, and any new league would get less attention as the days to the draft count down. You also have baseball to compete with.

The new league is trying to fit its schedule into a very small window where the networks aren't committed to high profile programming elsewhere. One of leagues best moves was hiring Andrew Luck , who seems to have a very good understanding of what it takes to succeed.