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Comment 24 Jun 2019

Another thing about the unorganized sports, we took care of where we played, if we saw a broken bottle on the court, somebody would find a broom and clean it up, if the court was wet, wet got it dry, if the grass on the field was too high, we got it cut, if the field was muddy we got it playable

We respected the equipment, having new balls and bats was rare, a helmet, hahaha, what were cleats.. If somebody needed a glove or a bat you shared. If you had two or three bats to choose from you were lucky.

Comment 07 Jun 2019

keep the network on cable tv providers year round, last summer it was comcast / infinity that went to nearly the beginning of the  football season before a carriage agreement was reached. the comcast system not in the big 10 footprint.was last year, it could just as easily be another provider next time. the negative publicity is not good for the conference

Comment 03 Jun 2019

small world, i own a few acres a couple of miles from there and my brother lives about 5 miles north of Lori's

Comment 02 Jun 2019

I would venture to guess that nearly everyone's first exposure to Leon was his appearances on the early days of Saturday Night Live, I also remember hearing him on the Dr, Demento Show. Seduced is the song I remember the most.

Comment 01 Jun 2019

one that i saw live was Michael Johnson setting a world record in the 200m in 1996 Atlanta Olympics, that being said, watch Usain Bolt run at 100 and 200m was always an exciting event. 3 olympic games and 3 golds at both 100 and 200m, a record that's probably safe. Phelps and Bolt may have been the most dominating individual sports athletes I have seen.

Comment 29 May 2019

The first time in saw Art in person was in basketball, regional final vs Walnut Ridge, double overtime game won by Miami Trace 68-63

excerpt from the highland county press

They would play in the regional title game.
    Columbus Walnut Ridge upset favored Linden McKinley to earn the right to meet the victorious Panthers in the finals.          Like Trace, Coach Jack Moore’s Walnut Ridge squad was a very, very well-coached team.
    The roof of the old Fairgrounds Coliseum leaked in about 25 different spots. As more than 6,000 basketball fans filed into the old facility, they were advised to hold onto their ticket stubs in case the game had to be postponed. Buckets were strategically located in several places on the court.
    Eventually, a large plastic sheet was hoisted up near the roof of the old building, and the game got under way (at about 9 p.m. instead of the announced game time of 7:30 p.m.).
    This was one of the greatest high school basketball games anyone could ever see.    
    After a torrid first half, the score was 31-31 at halftime. At the third quarter mark, it was still tied, 43-43. After four quarters the score was 55-55. It was 61-61 at the end of the first overtime. But the Panthers had a couple of key steals and jumped out to a 68-61 lead in the second overtime. Walnut Ridge hit the final basket to make the final score Miami Trace 68, Walnut Ridge 63. The Panthers would go to the state tournament.

i still remember this game, not for just the game and players also was of the delay in getting it started, one of the most unique experiences ever.

Comment 28 May 2019

I worked basketball and football many moons ago, getting my start with the officiating classes at OSU. While working my way up the ranks I started moving around the country and with relocation and odd work hours I gave it up.  That being said I rarely get made about a missed call, what I do get made about is a rule not being applied properly, walking off incorrect yardage on a penalty for example. The other one that really gets me mad is when an official gets lazy and is out of position to make the call or anticipating a play and making a call before the play is complete.

Comment 26 May 2019

This what can happen when you try to fill the roster holes  from the recycle bin. Hoping a few over the hill guys have one more good year left in them. They have not seen the young outfielders develop, then add in the injury factor they have limited options. Nobody can figure out a solution to Ramirez's problems, Kipnis has been in decline for two seasons, Santana started out very hot but has cooled off, he and Lindor are the only  consistent hitters. Luplow may or may not work out.

Lindor will get Machado type money when he is a free agent, the issue becomes can Dolan  pay what he will get in arbitration leading up to free agency. The catching position remains weak but Gomes started out ok, he has regressed.

Kluber is in decline, too many innings and pitches on that arm, Bieber has been a pleasant surpise, Clevinger was pitching well before injury. Bauer and Carassco are like a box of chocolates. The pen has been a pleasant surprise for the most part, they had to carry some dead weight in Anderson and Ramirez but seem to have addressed those issues.

Francona's stubbornness with the lineup becomes more maddening by the day, last year it was Kipnis in the two spot for too long into the season, this year it has been Ramirez and Bauers, playing platoon baseball too much,not keeping a successful guy in the lineup after a good game or two. He seems to have his favorites that he protects for some reason  There is little consistency with how he uses the pen,I also believe the turnover in the pitching coaches has had a negative effect as well, new Pitching and Bullpen coach and we saw declines in performance.

Trying to win every game 3-2 or 4-3 is not a recipe for long term success.

Comment 23 May 2019

don't recall seeing them listed, the minnesota basketball thugs,  corky taylor, ron behagen, jim brewer, dave winfield,bill musselman, the big 10 commisioner wayne duke and the spineless osu athetic department


Comment 21 May 2019

are you going for just the race or are you coming to Indy on Friday or Saturday.  most hotels are 2 or 3 night minimums. When ever you get over there, go  to the trackas early as possible, plan on showing up at the gate 30 minutes before the start and think you will catch the entire race. Gates open at 6am, i would say you need to be close two hours before the scheduled start

Decide if you want to do the infield or a seat in the stands. The race is not sold out and  are plenty of people outside the track selling tickets, Plenty of big video boards to watch as well

There is a shuttle service form the airport to the track if you want to avoid the parking mess.


Comment 18 May 2019

while not a direct comparable there is an interesting court case taking place in Elyria right now,  Gibson Bakery vs Oberlin College. One of the components to the case was the role of College Administrators and their actions

Comment 16 May 2019

the pro scouts work the college circuit in the spring prior to the draft just before the college world series, many of the drafted players play in mlb summer leagues, this may set players back a year in their evaluation

Comment 14 May 2019

woke up some old brain cells, i remember a couple of drive ins as well, one was at broad and yearling, the other, the ranch, was right next to the kahiki, there was an arby's next to broadmoor market at broad and weyant, across from the mc donalds that for years had walk up service and only picnic tables to eat on.

the ground round at broad and james was a converted howard johnson', blocks bagels  on kellner and broad was take out only with no deli service