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Comment 18 Oct 2016

I have Michigan and OSU Neck and Neck.  I'm hoping to see Bama lose and Michigan and OSU win out.  1 vs 2!

I truly do not believe either team is ELITE, but both are very good:  

Michigan has their flaws, especially with running QBs and shifty slot WRs 

OSU cannot seem to keep contain with Jet sweeps and TE seems. 

I truly believe this game comes down to who is the healthiest by game time.  OSU without JT to bail them out will be in a lot of trouble. He has had to run WAAAY more than Urban likes and will be banged up if this continues to be a trend. A healthy Weber is also needed to change the pace of what Samuel brings to the table. If Michigan loses a LB or another person in the secondary or Oline, they will struggle bad.  They are lacking the depth in those three areas to avoid a major step down in talent

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I think the first few games might be the strongest test.  Navy is not a team we need to sleep on with a QB who has thrown 0-3 passes.  This is a game where having a young QB might not all be about his performance.  The coaches are going to give him a ton of attention potentially neglecting the other facets of the offense.  Lets hope everyone, not just JT et al can step up to the challenge game 1

Comment 19 Nov 2013

Results are everything, and sometimes as a coach you have to show some confidence in your players to execute.  Penn St did the same exact thing to Michigan in the 4th OT, but they were able to covert.  If they didn't, every one would be saying how dumb of a call that was on O'Brien's part...instead, it was genius.

Comment 19 Nov 2013

As long as he is the only guy moving and is moving lateral or backwards it's a legal play (think of a motion WR).  If he was walking forward, it would have been a false start.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

If Michigan's oline could block, I wonder what the score would have been. You could play "what if's" all day long...

Comment 07 Jan 2013

Michigan is the real deal.  Plenty of scorers and play real solid defense. I think we turn it around but a win in Columbus is a must against Michigan.  The focus has to be on Purdue though.  Looking ahead will only have you looking from behind.