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Comment 30 Dec 2018

How the hell are we going to get a competitive 8 team playoff when we can't even get a competitive 4 team playoff?  I have said this for years and will continue.  The ONLY way an 8 team playoff will come about it when the SEC is left out of the 4 team playoff.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

Me and few people started a sports blog about anything and everything sports!  We would really appreciate it if you checked it out. Go Bucks!!

Comment 01 Sep 2018

starts is irrelevant... I am looking at pure skill set within the passing game.  Arm strength, accuracy, pocket presence are all much better than JT. I made this argument last year when he hadn't started a game as did many other people

Comment 15 May 2018

Not sure if you've noticed but with all the guys they have been calling up for bullpen help I haven't seen anyone who would be considered a "power arm"... only chance in house would be Salazar and we all know how that will probably go lol

Comment 14 Apr 2018

He also says "we don't redshirt at Ohio state" and then proceeds to redshirt 70% of the freshman. Just because he wins games doesn't mean you have to believe everything that comes out of his mouth