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Comment 07 Jan 2019

Didn't I read last week that DMC was going to be in the RB room exclusively? No more back and forth between positions. I love the thought of him running some wheel routes!

Comment 02 Oct 2018

It's kinda hard to see but I'm thinking it looks like he is looking for someone to blame. I believe he is saying "mother, father"....

Comment 19 Aug 2018

...A minute passed. Then another. Then, another minute. Then... another minute passed. Then another minute passed. And another. A further minute passed quickly, followed by another minute, when suddenly, a different minute passed, followed by another different minute. And another. And yet another further different minute. A minute passed. I glanced at my watch. It was a minute past. This was it. A minute passed. After a moment, another minute passed. I waited a minute while a minute passed quickly past. And then, a minute which seemed to last an hour but was only a minute... passed. -John Finlissom

Comment 03 Jul 2018

Wow! I guess I sometimes forget we are dealing with "kids" and seem to project more mature feeling toward them. The "I've matured" remark sounds promising and I hope we do make a push for him. Thanks again, Andrew. I appreciate the job you do, and enjoy reading your pieces.

Comment 01 Jul 2018

Hubbard may not be flat out "fast", at least at this point in his development, but he does look thick & quick. Looks like a big upside to me. I'll have a chance to check out a few of his & JMIII's games again this year as I'm in the neighborhood.

Comment 01 Jul 2018

| I think Miller will be a leader for the '20 class.  That thing is gonna be loaded

I agree TBG, both Jack Miller and Lejond Cavazos have been very vocal about wanting to recruit their class. I believe they are adamant about bringing in the #1 class in 2020.

Welcome to Buckeye Nation JMIII !