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Comment 22 May 2019
That's their culture. Their only claim to fame (most all time wins) is based on a fabrication against high schools in the late 1800s. They live back there. Buckeyes appreciate the past but focus on what is ahead.
Comment 15 May 2019
Word from Michigan fans is Coach K is considering the position...
Comment 13 May 2019

My personal favorite is there delusional fans thinking they should go after Brad Stevens.  Yes, Brad Stevens.  On what planet do they think Brad Stevens would leave perennial contender Celtics to go coach at Michigan?  Their Billy Donovan suggestion is almost equally laughable.  It's like they think they are Duke/UNC/Kansas.

Are they now a hockey school?  What is Michigan good athletically other than September Heisman's and pure delusion?  I guess they can always hang their hat on their education being marginally better regarded than OSU.

Comment 30 Apr 2019

It will be difficult to get a second QB but I would think we could find a 3* kid from Ohio who just wants a chance to play at OSU rather than a MAC school.  You are usually an injury away from getting PT at the QB position, may as well take a chance.

Comment 14 Apr 2019
His shot is raw but his post moves look solid and his footwork is really good for a 7 footer. It's always hard to project these big guys but he checks all the boxes on "things you can't teach".
Comment 08 Apr 2019
I feel like this is such a "boy who cried wolf" situation up there. Especially since Harbaugh was hired, it is always a new reason why they will have the advantage or that they have turned the corner. I'll believe it when I see it. They have gone from September Heisman to April OC or the Year.
Comment 03 Apr 2019

OSU winning is definitely the most important thing but Michigan being 0-1000 could most certainly be 1a.

Comment 29 Mar 2019

I have the same hate for them in any sport.  I think it is because my hate for them is not directed at their players but at their fans and alumni.  Oh and Harbaugh, he is a huge tool.

Comment 13 Jan 2019
I would argue that the western side of the state is a very good destination. Silver Lake area is pretty cool. That being said, Ann Arbor is a suburb of Detroit, so yeah.
Comment 10 Jan 2019

If Urban Meyer were still the coach, I have no doubt that Martell would have won the starting job.  Day is looking for a slightly different style of quarterback.  It is not that Martell could not perform well in the system but Fields probably has a better skillset for it.  If he does transfer, hopefully he finds a good spot as I would like to see him do well.  I will root for him.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

It is my sincere hope that literally EVERYTHING is wrong in AA.  That said, coaches are likely becoming tired of Harbaugh's routine.  The players and coaches in San Fran said the same thing.  He is an odd bird.

Comment 01 Jan 2019
The problem is that if they aren't going to perform the most strict testing possible on all players, players doing it clean are in a disadvantage. I'm sure there are plenty of players doing it at all schools, including OSU. You have to wonder which schools are doing it more systematically though. I'd like to see the stats on the % of players with torn ACL, achilles, etc. I feel like it is more but I have no data in support.
Comment 29 Dec 2018
I think it has always been acknowledged by everyone but TTUN fans that Harbaugh has a shelf life wherever he goes. After 4-5 years his weirdness wears on people and get old. It appears that he is getting to that point now. As for Matt Campbell, I think that would be great for them because he would recruit Ohio better than Harbaugh does. I'd prefer that not happen.