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Comment 2 hours ago
I think they are manufacturing this huge difference between the 1 ansmd 2 seed. There is no big discussion about who gets in. Gotta make a big deal about something.
Comment 3 hours ago
Win or lose, anyone on this board who said we should put in Chug should lose all their helmet stickers...
Comment 5 hours ago
Gotta get some points here. While the D could be better, the O has to have points by this point in the game.
Comment 02 Dec 2019

I think they rely on the blitz for pressure too much and their corners/safeties are not fast enough. 

That works against most of the Big 10 but when they go up against the upper echelon of the BIG 10 or against an SEC, they get housed because they have good O-lines that can hold up to the blitz and fast receivers to punish their slow DBs.

Comment 02 Dec 2019
Exactly, under Cooper it was never "we are being cheated or slighted in some way". It was, we can't win a big game, so lets fix it. I don't recall an outcry from Buckeye nation about institutional biases, tin foil hat conspiracies, or unsubstantiated accusations of better teams cheating. It all is just sour grapes and the reason why they won't figure it out.