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Comment 28 Dec 2018

Kurelic should use his "success" to go (back?) to school and learn how to read and write

Comment 12 Dec 2018

Based on the fact Bill Kurelic is largely a no-nothing hack, I would say his choice to not answer those questions is more indicative of him not wanting to let people in the fact that he doesn't know as much as he purports to 

Comment 09 Oct 2018

He's better than mediocre, but he doesn't look like he's ever gonna come close to the "second coming" predictions that made analysts drool over him in high school. Not his fault, he's a good QB. 

It's like this every year with Michigan. Harbaugh and co. coach up the OL and the QB to paper over the cracks, and they fall apart against good teams. The defense is great against average and bad teams, but they lack the endurance to keep up with anyone halfway decent over a whole game. Maybe Patterson will be able to take advantage of the fact that we arguably have the worst secondary that I've ever seen from an OSU team, but i don't know, man.